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Lüm-Tec Combat B16 + Super Combat B2

Lüm-Tec Combat B16 + Super Combat B2

The Combat B line of watches by Lüm-Tec appeal to that macho side of our feel; the side that takes a gander at a mud covered truck or a covertness plane in flight and can’t help however think “cool”. They are intense, striking tanks-of-a-watch that allure you to test their capacities. Conceived from a past filled with military plans, they figure out how to accomplish more than imitate the stylish; they satisfy the name “Combat”. Yet, they are not stupid beasts, but instead refined watches that can be worn in or out of dynamic conditions. The Combat B16 and Super Combat B2 address the current best in class for the arrangement. The B16 is the mechanical 3-hand variant of the standard Combat style and the Super Combat is another bigger titanium adaptation with a hand wound development. On the surface, they show up fundamentally the same as, and the two of them appeal to a similar stylish, yet contrasts, both unpretentious and huge, make them altogether different watches.

In this one next to the other survey we investigate the watches, comparing and differentiating their different subtleties, from the dial plans to how they wear, trying to both completely explain each plan and pin down the basic contrasts between their personalities.

Case: Bead impacted St Steel w/dark PVD covering Movement: Miyota 9015 programmed development Luminous: LUM-TEC MDV Technology Lens: Sapphire with twofold sided against intelligent covering Case Back: Display with strung sapphire gem Strap: 2 hefty check NATO nylon and shaped elastic tie Water Res.: 200 M Dimensions: 43 mm Thickness: 12 mm Lug Width: 22 mm Crown: Screw down with twofold jewel fixing framework Warranty: 1 year restricted with free lifetime timing changes Limited version of 888

Case: Titanium w/gunmetal PVD covering Movement: ETA Unitas 6498-1 Luminous: LUM-TEC MDV Technology Lens: Sapphire with twofold sided hostile to intelligent covering Case Back: Display with strung sapphire gem Strap: 2 weighty measure NATO nylon and water safe bolted calfskin tie Water Res.: 100 M Dimensions: 45 mm Thickness: 12 mm Lug Width: 24 mm Crown: Screw down with twofold precious stone fixing framework Warranty: 1 year restricted with free lifetime timing changes Limited release of 999


The dials of the Combat B16 and Super Combat B2 are both established in military watch plan, with an accentuation on neatness and straightforwardness. The being said, as one of the essential stylish components of the watches, they have an enormous effect in the general looks of the two models. The B16 has a clear and strategic look that adds to the energetic and rough disposition of the watch, while the B2 has a more vintage styling that addresses contemporary patterns and fashion.

The dial of the B16 is unadulterated data. The fringe hash mark file and huge moment record are practically not aestheticized unto themselves; they are straightforward, fresh and clear. The markings are fundamental square shapes that are separated into three sizes, the biggest and thickest imprint quarter hour or 12, 3, 6, 9, the average sized show 5 minutes or different hours and the littlest markings communicate singular minutes. The markings are strong by and large and estimated to be not difficult to peruse. The mathematical moment file is broken into 5-minute stretches with a bolt checking 00/60. The textual style Lüm-Tec utilized for the minutes is plain, yet with the conspicuous aim of being just about as decipherable as could be expected. The dainty mathematical types of the numbers function admirably with the somewhat thicker and bolder incubate marks. In general the look is deliberate and suggestive of a check, giving the watch a “tool” tasteful. This supports the idea of the watch as a tough and forceful game watch. The entirety of the markings on the face are lumed just as the hands.

The B2, conversely, is very aestheticized. Initially, the vintage pilot format of the numerals leaps out. The curiously large 12, 3 and 9 are practically all you see at first, offering away to the more modest numbers for different hours, all of which have a little dab next to them.  The adjusted text style utilized for the numerals is especially all around picked, as it not exclusively is extremely clear, it adds to the retro sensation of the dial. In contrast to the unmistakable text style on the B16, the text style on the B2 really helps the temperament a piece. Like the gunmetal PVD of the case, the text style diminishes the forcefulness of the watch compared to the B16, making it a simpler watch to coordinate with an outfit.

Around the outside of the dial is brief record that comprises numerals for 5 – 60 at five-minute additions and little bring forth checks for different minutes. This record is minuscule, yet at the same time figures out how to be entirely neat. There is really a slight rise change and an impression of concentric circles under this file, which the two isolates it from the fundamental part of the dial and goes about as a pleasant detail. At the 6 position is the little seconds subdial, which has an extremely straightforward plan. In spite of the fact that it isn’t particularly utilitarian for telling the specific second it is an extremely satisfying plan detail. The essential numerals of the watch, the hands and the little ring of specks all have weighty uses of lume. In general, the B2 has a more noteworthy spotlight on stylish itemizing that loans it to being a more adapted watch than the B16, forfeiting the strategic for a retro look.

Now, you can’t talk about a Lüm-Tec watch without discussing the lume, and both of these watches have sound portions of their “MDV Technology”. This is probably the most strong lume I have at any point seen, getting juice from any encompassing light and clutching it for a long-lasting. In this office, the two watches are equivalent, keeping up clearness and convenience in the dark.


The instances of the Super Combat B2 and Combat B16 are indistinguishable in appearance when seen from the front and side.  Both component an authored outer bezel, common to the vintage pilot watch tasteful, huge screw-down crown with Lum-Tec logo, and carries that bend to a fine point, giving a comfortable form and particularly forceful appearance.  But that’s where the similitudes end and the extraordinary character of each piece start to shine.

The Super Combat B2’s case is developed of titanium, and measures 45mm in width with 24mm lugs.  By building the B2 out of titanium, Lum-Tec has made an exceptionally light and wearable watch that shares the entirety of the advantages of a bigger timepiece.  This size, notwithstanding taking into account the imperative space to fit the bigger ETA 6498-1 development, gives the proper stage to show the B2’s excellent dial.  On the back of the case, you’ll likewise locate a curiously large 30mm presentation window showing the exquisite enhanced hand-wind ETA movement.  Both the back and front showcases highlight sapphire precious stone, with the front including a twofold sided against intelligent coating.

Amidst the entirety of this magnificence, the Super Combat B2’s gunmetal titanium carbide PVD hard covering figures out how to not just consummately complement the aestheticized appeal of the watch, it additionally stands apart all alone merits.   The PVD covering is even, smooth and rich in color.  It absolutely stands apart in the midst of the horde of matte PVD medicines that we’ve seen.  Simultaneously, the milder dim shading offsets well with the dark dial, delicate adjusted numerals and sprinkle of red hue on the dial text and little second hand.

Moving onto the Combat B16, you can truly summarize its case in single word, stealth.  Constructed of globule impacted tempered steel, and estimating 43mm in distance across with 22mm drags, the B16 shows up far more modest face to face (particularly close to the Super Combat B2).  This is expected in incredible part to the case’s wonderful dark titanium carbide PVD hard coating.  It’s pitch dark, and fits impeccably with the B16’s utilitarian dark dial, which sits under a similar sapphire gem with twofold sided hostile to intelligent covering found on the B2.  Turning to the back of the case, you’ll discover a showcase window that is fittingly more modest than that found on the B2.  The B16’s top of the line Miyota programmed development is positively alluring, and I’m glad that it’s obvious on the B16, yet a more grim window would be unseemly in this situation.

I think it’s likewise important the water obstruction of the B2 and B16, which estimates 100 meters and 200 meters respectively.  Neither are ocean inhabitants as it were, however I think it’s fascinating that the more tough, utilitarian B16 is a smidgen more fit in the water than the B2, particularly given the way that the two watches include fundamentally the equivalent case.


Perhaps the greatest contrast between the Combat B16 and Super Combat B2 exists in, at the actual center of the two watches. Clearly, I am discussing the developments driving the watches, however the distinctions run further than simply the brands and the specialized subtleties. The actual developments fill in as DNA for the contrasting characters of the watches. On one hand you have a programmed watch that coaxes to be utilized in dynamic circumstances and makes progress toward tough landscape. On the other you have a hand wound end of the week fighter, a watch that is harder than normal, yet at the same time comes across as refined.

The always famous Miyota 9015 24 gem programmed development, Miyota’s answer to the ETA 2824-2, controls the Combat B16. Flaunting comparable specs to the ETA, like 28,800 BPH, 40+ hour power hold and hacking seconds, the 9015 is implied as a workhorse development and is right at home in Combat watch. Bringing a look into the showcase case back of the B16, you can really see that the development has some surprising, yet exceptionally welcome, beautification as Geneva Stripes. The 9015 appears to be a characteristic fit for the Combat line, the 3-hand development needs vainglory, the exactness is supposed to be acceptable and the hacking seconds alludes to a military ancestry the watch is unmistakably conceived from. In particular, the programmed winding fits being dynamic. Indeed, programmed developments are not consigned exclusively to dynamic way of life watches, yet there are some significant impacts of having a programmed that advantage one. For instance, a screwdown crown in addition to a programmed development assists with guaranteeing water opposition, consequently why most jumpers are cars. That is to say, envision being submerged and your watch halted. You unquestionably can’t wind it. Considering the strength of the Lüm-Tec lume and the B16’s 200m water opposition, I believe that this is a watch that welcomes some submersion.

Conversely, an ETA Unitas 6498-1 17 gem hand wound development controls the Super Combat B2. This previous pocket watch development highlights 18,000 BPH, little seconds at 6, blued screws, cleaned pinion wheels and Geneva Stripes. The B2 has an extremely enormous presentation ease that shows off the irrefutable magnificence of the 6498-1, which is a blend of beautification and the way that everything is so huge and clear. It’s like a living full scale of a watch development. Furthermore, here the distinction in character is now becoming clear. Despite the fact that the 9015 is noticeable, and is more embellished than foreseen, it is the Swiss made Unitas that coaxes to be taken a gander at. Fundamentally, it is utility versus feel. The best distinction, nonetheless, is in the hand winding.

I’ll be straightforward, inside the primary day or two of wearing the B2 it passed on my wrist. At the point when I hoped to check the time my heart sank, concerning a moment I thought the most exceedingly terrible. At that point I promptly acknowledged I just had not injury it since a few days ago. The explanation I failed to remember however is on the grounds that the forceful and lively stylish of the Combat arrangement made me think it was an auto. That is to say, the demonstration of winding a watch is practically fragile, yet the rough outside and military styling just doesn’t network with “delicate”. This is additionally stressed by the screwdown crown, which acts nearly as a boundary to winding. That all being said, when I became accustomed to it, I didn’t care any longer. Winding the watch turned into a custom I appreciate as it powers commitment on a level past perusing the time.  But I think the theoretical contrast this makes between the B16 and B2 is exceptionally clear. The B16 is a game model that self-sustains; the B2 is a game styled watch with desires of refinement that requires some consideration. It doesn’t improve one than the other, a long way from it, yet it makes the experience of wearing them


Both the Super Combat B2 and Combat B16 come with three lashes each, including one green NATO, one dark NATO and one mark strap.  The NATO’s that are incorporated with the Super Combat line are of the greatest quality.  The nylon utilized is thick, firmly woven and worked to last.  In our experience with these ties, we’ve saw no extending or fraying of the clasp holes.  The tie equipment is steel and highlights a similar titanium carbide PVD covering found on the watch cases.  You’ll likewise notice that these ties include join development, as opposed to warm sealed.  This makes for a more exact, sturdy and quality feel.  These are extraordinary NATO ties, and luckily for us all, they are accessible from Lum-Tec independently for $39.50.

The Super Combat B2’s signature tie is a water safe dark calfskin pilot style tie that highlights dim sewing, PVD equipment (bolts and clasp) and a tightened design.  The development of the tie feels strong and tastefully it fits impeccably with the B2.  The dim sewing matches the gunmetal PVD covering very well, and the dark cowhide is even and rich in appearance.  Unfortunately, we discovered wearing this tie to be somewhat undesirable, as the PVD bolts that sit near the watch situation when worn, keep the piece from wearing flush to your wrist.  They make the segment of the tie nearest to the case unbendable, and fairly abnormal to wear.  For those intrigued, this tie is accessible from Lum-Tec for $44.95.

The B16 then again, comes with an enemy of static shaped elastic tie that is absolutely the most comfortable elastic tie I’ve worn.  most of the tie is somewhat adaptable as you’d expect, yet at the part of the tie that associates with the watch case the elastic is fairly hard and formed to the forms of your wrist.  This makes for an extraordinarily comfortable wear.  The tie additionally includes PVD equipment and Lum-Tec’s logo along the exterior.  It is elite to the Combat B line, so it will tragically do you no decent with another watch.  For those of you with a compatible Combat B arrangement watch who are on the lookout, the shaped elastic tie is accessible from Lum-Tec for $49.95.


Both the Super Combat B2 and Combat B16 wear very nicely.  The B16 is positively enormous, so for those of you with more modest wrists, this might be a concern.  However, given its titanium development, it feels lighter that most different watches of this size.  It’s more style arranged stylish makes it the ideal watch to wear to work or out at night.  The B16, fits pleasantly on wrists both huge and little when worn with either the shaped elastic tie or nylon NATOs.  Given its secretive, utilitarian appearance, it is most appropriate for a more easygoing workplace, and is more than at home on the weekends.  Frankly, both of these watches are so alluring, you’ll presumably need to wear them constantly, and we’re fine with that.


When Chris Wiegand, Lum-Tec’s President, proposed worn&wound do a next to each other audit of the Super Combat B2 and Combat B16, we were obviously eager to have not one but rather two special pieces in for survey from a company we previously had a ton of deference for.  Zach’s experience of the M33 gave us a brief look at the company’s quality work.  We additionally had a ton of inquiries that we were anxious to find the appropriate responses to.  Is the B16 worth its almost $1,000 cost tag?   Would the hand-wind development of the B2 bode well in its energetic body?  How extraordinary can these watches truly be, having come from a similar line with such apparently comparable looks?

Having invested huge energy with two of Lum-Tec’s best in class watches, the entirety of our inquiries have been answered.  The B16, with its drop dead beautiful and overly covert appearance sucks you in and won’t let go.  The Miyota 9015 development is a workhorse with a kick of shine, coordinating admirably with the B16’s utilitarian aesthetic.  $925 may hit the roof of what bodes well for this watch, yet once you have a B16 in your grasp, you might have the option to let it go.

The Super Combat B2 then again brings components of refinement and style that far surpass your assumptions, and the consideration of a hand-wind development just further its exemplary aesthetic.  The ETA Unitas 6498-1 is lovely, the dial is perfectly tuned, and the titanium case makes the B2 all around simple to wear.  This is a genuinely one of a kind watch, most likely not at all like whatever else in your collection.  For these reasons the B2’s $1,295 list value fits just fine.

Taking a glance at the Super Combat B16 and B2 next to each other has assisted with featuring the really particular characters of the two pieces.  Born out of a similar line, and both sharing excellent grades for quality plan and development, the B16 and B2 recognize themselves.  If you’re on the lookout for an exceptional and refined pilot to stand apart from the rest, the Super Combat B2 might be for you, yet in the event that tough covertness is more your style, you can’t miss with the Combat B16.

Thanks to Lum-Tec for giving these two watches to review. 

by Zach Weiss & Blake Malin