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MB&F, L'Épée 1839, Massena Lab's T-Rex Bronze: The Missing Link | Quill & Pad

MB&F, L'Épée 1839, Massena Lab's T-Rex Bronze: The Missing Link | Quill & Pad

Clocks can have extraordinary force. I understood this in my teens when my parents bought a vintage Jaeger-LeCoultre Atmos .

Before joining our family unit, the Atmos was first sent to Le Sentier, where Jaeger-LeCoultre’s craftspeople accomplished something astounding: they restored it to its previous brilliance without making it look new. While that’s another story for another time, the clock has since shaped a key part of my parents’ living room.

Most of the time, a clock doesn’t do a lot but sit there and tell time – I never truly took a getting a kick out of the chance to tolling clocks – but timekeepers have a presence that’s almost similar to a personality. What’s more, in my parents’ lounge room, while numerous household items have since a long time ago come and gone, the Atmos stays a timeless constant.

MB&F L’épée 1839 Massena Lab T-Rex Bronze

Talking about tickers with character, this is additionally true of the new T-Rex clock variation that MB&F and L’épée 1839 dispatched in collaboration with Massena Lab .

Evolution of the T-Rex

The T-Rex clock isn’t new. The first was a special piece for Only Watch 2019 , the half-yearly timepiece auction in support of Duchenne solid dystrophy. Named Tom & T-Rex, a little figure “rode” the dinosaur-themed clock, which fetched CHF 85,000 for the reason, substantially more than the CHF 20,000-40,000 estimate.

After that, MB&F delivered three collection variations , each limited to 100 pieces and featuring a body and legs in stainless steel and palladium-plated metal. The Murano glass dials were made in blue, red, and green.

This dial is a distinct feature of the clock, made on Murano, one of the islands nestled in the tidal pond of Venice and acclaimed for its glass-production tradition. For longer than a thousand years, Murano has been prestigious throughout the world for its inconceivably talented glass artisans.

MB&F L’épée 1839 Massena Lab T-Rex Bronze

For the T-Rex, it is both the tone and the liquid state of the glass suspended for the situation that makes it look so spectacular. The “hands” stream with the structure, making it almost resemble a sculpture.

You taking a gander at me? MB&F L’épée 1839 Massena Lab T-Rex Bronze

While the thought for the plan was conceived as MB&F author Maximilian Büsser was playing around with two chicken legs and a Christmas trinket, it was Berlin-based architect Maximilian Maertens who took it to the next level. He took the project particularly genuinely as he wanted the legs of the T-Rex to be anatomically near the dinosaur’s. For this, he studied three-dimensional outputs of fossilized T-Rex leg unresolved issues the right proportions and positioning.

Avian-looking ‘foot’ of the MB&F L’épée 1839 Massena Lab T-Rex Bronze

T-Rex denotes the eleventh time MB&F had teamed up with prestigious clockmaker L’épée 1839, who crafted the clock, including its movement. The 138 movement components are set to shape the mind of the T-Rex.

Winding and setting is finished by key as confirmed by the back of the MB&F L’épée 1839 Massena Lab T-Rex Bronze

While the legs and body are particularly pleasantly completed, the architecture is likewise captivating with the regulator set on top. Setting and winding the clock is finished with a separate key, and completely twisted it boasts a force hold of eight days, which is by all accounts today’s standard for top notch clocks.

Regulating organ at the top of the MB&F L’épée 1839 Massena Lab T-Rex Bronze

The evolution of this top predator continues

While the T-Rex delighted in great achievement, its evolutionary path was a fast one, with the pack recently welcoming another kin . This time a third party joined the team: Massena Lab , established in  2019 by watch industry veteran William Massena, has been known for its exciting collaborations since delivering its first watch. What’s more, this T-Rex is no different.

Massena disclosed to me how they settled on the direction of the project: “Max [MB&F author Maximilian Büsser] and I talked about utilizing bronze immediately. My first collaboration project was with Habring2, we made the Erwin LAB01 in bronze and we had great feedback. I thought that was a material that could be great to use for the T-Rex, and MB&F and L’épée were interested in working with bronze. It isn’t often that you utilize this material with a clock.”

MB&F L’épée 1839 Massena Lab T-Rex Bronze front and back

The project was likewise not without difficulties as Massena first wanted a “vert-de-gris” patina on the clock, the green-shaded oxidation so typical to bronze. Anyway it yielded unsatisfactory results in that the patina grew unevenly and couldn’t be adequately stabilized.

The hand-patina the team at long last settled on offered a substantially more satisfying look, simultaneously making every one of the 15 checks in this edition remarkable. The patina and the bronze are both stabilized, guaranteeing that the clock retains its searches for decades.

MB&F L’épée 1839 Massena Lab T-Rex Bronze

This likewise brings the T-Rex into the domain of what is so pleasantly called – and in recent years wildly talked about – ” artificial patina or fauxtina .”

I likewise put this question to Massena, who had a simple explanation for the street the team took.

“Because of my involvement in the Massena Lab Habring2 collaboration, I realize that bronze maturing and oxidation can be totally different relying upon two factors: topography (close to the ocean or not) and climate (whether it is moist or dry), and that each T-Rex Bronze proprietor ought to make the most of their clock a similar path and for as far as might be feasible. To let it age all alone would open the clock to conceivable premature oxidation and rusting. We didn’t want that to occur. It is not difficult to clean a water-resistant watch and prevent the case from maturing too a lot, but a clock is substantially more delicate,” the longtime watch collector said.

Like the Atmos in my parents’ house, a MB&F L’épée 1839 Massena Lab T-Rex Bronze will likewise have quite a presence in any room. With its white metal body and legs the first T-Rex looked a bit like a sci-fi character to me, but bronze changes this somewhat.

MB&F L’épée 1839 Massena Lab T-Rex Bronze

The Massena Lab T-Rex Bronze appears to be more crude and animalistic, like you can smell the scent of this top predator cautiously traveling through thick vegetation. To me, the true T-Rex has landed. Also, Maximilian Büsser has demonstrated by and by that everything is better with friends.

For more information, if it’s not too much trouble, visit

Quick Facts MB&F L’épée 1839 Massena Lab T-Rex Bronze

Frame: cleaned, satin-completed, and sandblasted bronze, synthetically oxidized to accomplish an earthy colored tone, handcrafted patina

Dial: hand-blown Murano glass

Movement: physically twisted in-house movement by L’Epée 1839, 2.5 Hz/18,000 vph recurrence, 8-day power hold

Functions: hours, minutes

Limitation: 15 pieces

Cost: $27,000 (barring VAT)

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