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MKII Nassau Review

MKII Nassau Review

MKII is somewhat of an abnormality in the watch world. Their watches are quick religion top choices, they base their plans to a great extent if not totally on exemplary plans from military and device watches from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s and they are fundamentally a company of one. MKII is the task of Bill Yao, a stickler with an eye for the subtleties and over the top devotion to quality and execution. Close by, a MKII has the vibe of a watch worth a lot more. These are not simply dials and developments and cases set up and sold, each piece is deliberately planned, gathered, analyzed and tried. They are totally worked with top quality components, and however their costs mirror this all, they are not ridiculously priced.

Case: 316L Steel Movement: ETA 2836-2 Dial: Black Lume: Yes Lens: Sapphire Strap: Bracelet Water Res.: 200m Dimensions: 39.2 x 47.95mm Thickness: 14.5 mm Lug Width: 20 mm Crown: 7 x 4 mm screw down Weight: 144g on wristband (our measure) Warranty: yes Price: $895.00

MKII’s latest delivery, the Nassau , is on a superficial level a Submariner tribute. The Nassau is a development to their much pursued restricted release Kingston model, which was a reference 6538 “James Bond” respect with a plated dial and brilliant hands that ran for around $1,500. The Nassau uses a large part of a similar plan stylish, alluding to Subs from the last part of the 50’s mid 60’s that had cases with no crown monitors, yet drops the overlaid line and gold hands to come in at around $900. However, it actually includes a multiplied domed sapphire precious stone, rhodium plated hands and an ETA 2836-2 programmed development. It’s likewise the principal MKII to wear the identification of  “Assembled in the USA”, having been fabricated in Switzerland, yet set up by MKII at their workplaces in PA.  

So, while inspecting this watch there are truly two things going on. One is unmistakably that it is a Sub praise. That may end your advantage in the watch not too far off, and that is thoroughly reasonable. Tribute watches can be contentious, we know this very well and have expounded on the theme as of late . Yet, as a praise watch there is the subject of whether the watch is professional, which we will talk about. The subsequent thing going on is the thing that I portrayed previously, and that is the sheer craftsmanship and quality that the watch radiates, making it, past it’s reverence status, an advantageous watch to wear and own.


The Nassau is donning a 39.2 x 47.95 x 14.5mm (precise numbers because of MKII) hardened steel case, including the domed sapphire gem. It’s a magnificently completed case that stays consistent with its Sub roots, however is somewhat bigger than the models from the 50’s, giving it a more present day feel. The top surface has a spotless brushing to it, the sides are high clean, and along the edge is a cleaned line that bends with the case. This is a detail that truly brings the case alive outwardly. The case back is plain, highlighting simply a consider line text around the generally cleaned screw down back. At 3 is a 7mm marked crown, yet no crown watches, which is important for the Nassau’s vintage personality. The crown’s configuration is basic and practical, and highlights a triple seal for water opposition. The watch additionally includes penetrated hauls, which isn’t only a reasonable detail, yet consistent with the Sub look.  

The bezel of the Nassau has a 60-click unidirectional instrument that is exact and has a reassuringly smart feel. It’s a generally flimsy bezel with little however useful teeth around its edge. The aluminum embed points upwards driving into the twofold domed inside AR covered sapphire precious stone that tops off the watch. Despite the fact that maybe the most present day component of the watch, it is exceptionally welcome, and the enormous vault has somewhat of a retro inclination all alone. The progress from bezel to precious stone is likewise amazingly very much accomplished, giving the watch a consistency that addresses the form quality.  


It abandons saying that a Sub respect will have the exemplary Sub dial markings and format, and the Nassau is no exemption, however it has some stand apart itemizing. The dial is matte dark with all white files. Along the edge of the dial is a flimsy white line with little hash marks for every moment, which get bolder for each 5th minute. The primary list has the notorious Sub design with enormous specks at 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10 and 11, square shapes for 3, 6 and 9 and a huge triangle at 12. It’s significant that the Nassau has a date free dial.  

It’s a straightforward, perfect and immortal plan, henceforth its exceptional ubiquity. Around every one of the markers is a flimsy white line, which would have been gold on the LE Kingston. In spite of the fact that it’s a basic detail, the specific position of the lume inside the white layout gives the dial a cleanness and accuracy that addresses the steady eye for detail that is a sign of the brand. Under 12 is a MKII logo and the words “auto-winding”. Over 6 it just peruses “200m ~ 660ft”, which is an exemplary Sub stamping. The general absence of text is valued as it keeps the dial spotless and not excessively referential.

The bezel embed has the normal Sub format too, with markings for the initial 15 minutes and numerals like clockwork exchanging with thick lines. The text style for the numerals is a flimsy adjusted textual style with a vintage feel. At 0/60 is a red triangle with a little lume speck that gives the watch an unexpected shock shading that is cool, and one of my #1 stylish subtleties of the watch.

For the hands of the Nassau, MKII went with rhodium plated hour and moment hands and a strong white seconds hand. Rhodium is a fascinating material that initially seems as though cleaned steel, however has a sheen like silver. It is unobtrusive, however it improves the presence of the hands. Obviously, the hour hand is “Mercedes” style and the moment is a long, slender sword. The entirety of the hands, the enormous markings on the dial and the lume speck on the bezel are loaded up with SuperLumiNova BG W9, which has an icey blue shine. I was exceptionally happy to see that they went with something somewhat unique here. In addition to the fact that it glows viably, it looks cool, giving the watch an advanced twist.

Straps and Wearability  

The Nassau comes mounted on a truly magnificent wristband that truly ties the entire vintage roused tribute topic together. As one would expect, it is a steel Oyster style arm band, but instead than halting there with the essential look, MKII planned it to resemble an exceptionally old form of the wristband. For one thing, it’s a tightening plan that begins at 20mm at the drags, and weakens in strides to 16mm at the fasten. This is more slender than most contemporary wristbands get at the catch, however it looks extraordinary, actually feels tough and is very comfortable. The wristband likewise feels somewhat like the moved connection arm bands you find on old Subs. They have a slight flex to them that the MKII to some degree reproduces by having a touch of additional play between the connections.  

Then, as opposed to having level sides and push through pins, each connection has cleaned plates on the two sides hung on by pins and screws. This has a solid visual effect as the tops of the screws and pins stick out essentially, giving a studded appearance. I happen to truly like this detail, it gives the Nassau a really vintage style, while as yet being an advanced made watch. The solitary disadvantage is that it makes the connections hard to change. Since you need to utilize screwdrivers on the two sides, it is difficult to hold the arm band back from slipping. I wound up utilizing a table-bad habit to hold one of my screwdrivers, and afterward tenderly pushed the wristband against it to quit slipping, which worked. At any rate whenever it is measured you won’t probably need to manage that again.

Naturally, an extraordinary option in contrast to the wristband is a nylon NATO. There isn’t one included, yet considering they generally cost from ten to twenty dollars, it’s worth getting one for a more military and lively feel. I tossed the Nassau on an earthy colored Maratac, and was quickly captivated by the combo. Not that I, you… we haven’t seen 1,000,000 photographs of Subs and Sub praises on NATOs previously, yet when you see it face to face, you truly see how amazing it is. The red triangle on the bezel of the Nassau leaps out against the more obscure material, giving the watch a touch more edge.  

If you like the vibe of a Sub, you’ll love the vibe of the Nassau on your wrist. It’s an extremely agile jumper with a great deal of character and a bit of tastefulness. The MKII’s all around brilliant execution and enumerating truly come through when you put the watch on. It looks and feels perfect and very much fabricated. Normally the plan credit for the Sub tasteful has a place with Rolex, however MKII’s understanding, blending different components, gives the Nassau a novel character inside the class of Sub homage.


The Nassau shows up vigorously secured with tape and vinyl wraps, wrapped up the froth supplement of MKII’s overbuilt case. It’s a huge plastic case with an incorporated handle and 2 snap-tight fastens. Inside, there are various bits of froth, one of which has a few depressions in it. The cavities can hold up to 3 watches, each in its own compartment, just as certain devices and lashes if important. The MKII comes with a spring bar apparatus and a contemptible of additional spring bars for great measure. To the extent bundling goes, this is a straightforward yet exceptionally useful case you can keep around and use for movement that surely will secure your watch on the way. It’s likewise genuinely low profile, making it simple to store in a cabinet or closet.


The MKII Nassau isn’t a watch for everybody, except it’s not actually intended to be. To begin with, it’s a Submariner praise, which unto itself will restrict its crowd. Second, it’s pricy for a praise watch at $895. Be that as it may, while both these things are valid, the Nassau is additionally an inconceivably very much made and wonderfully executed watch. Every little thing about it is basically excellent, from the case completing to the sharp dial to the vintage-styled bracelet.  When you first see the Nassau, canvassed in defensive tape and vinyl, you can quickly tell that the Sub style was a course for MKII to make a fantastic watch.  

And when you take a gander at it from the outlook of execution and components, the watch is entirely decently evaluated. Don’t fail to remember, on top of the completing, and so forth, the Nassau is pressing a domed sapphire, rhodium plated hands and an ETA 2836-2 programmed development, which is regularly viewed as superior to the more commonplace 2824-2 (not something I can by and by address). Finally, the watch is Swiss made, however gathered in the US, which is something I find engaging. Individuals behind this brand don’t simply request their watches and expectation everything works out positively. They, or all the more explicitly Bill Yao, put a ton of care into each watch.

So, in the end I think there several sorts of individuals who will be truly attracted to this watch. First are those of you who are searching for an eminent Sub tribute with vintage looks, and will pay extra for exact enumerating and execution. Eventually, what you are getting is much in excess of a reverence watch. Also are those of you who know Bill Yao from his long periods of making mod parts and custom watches through the development of MKII. Each watch he makes, and it says this some place in his regarding pages, is proposed to be superior to the last, making the Nassau one more accomplishment worth gathering.    

By Zach Weiss