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Mühle Glashütte SAR Rescue-Timer Review

Mühle Glashütte SAR Rescue-Timer Review

For those of us that adoration watches, Glashütte has uncommon significance. This modest community in Germany contains a couple of the best watch marks presently in activity, marks that appear to accomplish horological accomplishments that different brands overall can’t very compete with. On one hand, you have a brand like A. Lange & Sohne making probably the most epically complicated, completed and costly extravagance watches, and on the other you have Nomos , who make the most accessibly valued watches with make developments. And keeping in mind that these brands, and a couple of others, may stand out enough to be noticed of those in Glashutte, there are a few others there that likewise do an amazing job to make extraordinary watches. One brand that we here at worn&wound have consistently delighted in, however appears to go under the radar, is Nautische Instrumente Mühle-Glashütte … all the more commonly alluded to as Mühle.

Mühle has an exceptionally long history as a maker and as a family in the area, having been in some structure for 5 ages. Beginning in 1869, they initially created exactness estimating hardware for the nearby watch industry. By the 20’s they delivered vehicle tickers, fire up counters, speedometers and different counters for logical and specialized purposes. In the 70’s, they were the main maker of “dial trains for pressing factor and temperature estimating instruments in East Germany”. It wasn’t until the fourth era of Mühle, in 1996, that they started creating wristwatches and marine chronometers. The current cycle of the brand, presently worked by Thilo Mühle, makes looks just as different Marine frameworks and instrumentation. The subject of the family and the brand isn’t that they are watchmakers, yet rather creators of exactness instruments, which is available in both the ideas and style of the pieces they create.

I end up being adequately fortunate to claim, and have for at some point, maybe their most notorious watch, the S.A.R. Salvage Timer, which fills in as an ideal acquaintance for what Mühle has with offer. This watch was not conceived of a stylish craving, nor of a pattern in the watch business. Or maybe, its initiation was the point at which a need emerged in the German Maritime Search and Rescue Service for a dependable and powerful watch that could withstand their outrageous requirements. All things considered, ordinary watch configuration was abandoned and a watch conceived of need and capacity emerged. A watch that is rock solid, extraordinarily clear in light and dim and ready to deal with off-road. It packs a 1000m water opposition, a 4mm thick sapphire gem, an elastic guard, a case you could take an etch to, strong lume and an altered programmed development with extra stun security (more on that later).

As such, it doesn’t very resemble some other watch you’ve seen previously. That’s not to say it isn’t alluring, it is, but rather in the way that specialized instruments, with clean depiction of data and components that are absolutely useful are appealing. For the S.A.R. administrations that utilization it, it’s a significant instrument that can’t come up short. As a customary purchaser who doesn’t end up in numerous problematic circumstances that call for S.A.R. grade hardware, it’s a go-anyplace apparatus/sport watch with a one of a kind look that I realize will endure any infrequent abuse my day by day life may dish out.

The S.A.R. Salvage Timer is accessible on an elastic lash for $2,390 or an arm band for $2,490 . While unquestionably not economical, for what it is it’s all around evaluated, putting it side by side with watches by brands like Sinn. It’s critical to recollect that very intense watches with tweaked developments by bigger retail brands would go for well north of $5k, and not at all like a considerable lot of those, Mühle really adjusts there developments in-house with components they make themselves.

Case: St Steel Movement: Selitta SW200-1 Mühle Modified Dial: Black Lume: Super LumiNova Lens: Sapphire Strap: Rubber Water Res.: 1000M Dimensions: 42 x 49mm Thickness: 13.5 mm Lug Width: 20 mm Crown: 7 x 3.5 mm Warranty: Yes Price: $2,390


The sandblasted tempered steel instance of the S.A.R. Salvage Timer has a modesty that misrepresents the complexity of its structure and the toughness of its design. Estimating 42 x 49 x 13.5mm, it’s a medium measured watch that feels exceptionally compact and with respect to itself. The shape, while not complex for visual interest or style, is very remarkable. From overhead, the watch has a focal round zone with enormous rectangular covered carries (the drags are associated up and over, making a solitary mass) and a helter-skelter crown. What grabs the attention however is the dark elastic bezel that encloses the dial. While numerous bezels may unexpectedly acts a guards, this ring of hardened elastic is intended to secure. Outwardly, it gives the case a touch of two-tone look just as highlights the dial.

The see from the side uncovers that no surface working on it is level, but instead everything bends delicately. The entire case at that point also has a conelike shape that is more extensive at the base than the top. In spite of the fact that the matte completing makes things look compliment, the bending adds an extra feeling of mass and design to the watch. Indeed, even the covered hauls bend upwards, mellowing the section of metal and adding some thickness for structure.

The unbalanced crown at 4 is genuinely huge at 7mm in distance across, yet given the point it comes off at, has no discomfort or catching issues. The crown configuration is clear, with instituted edge for hold and a Mühle windmill logo on the level end. Strangely, the crown is cleaned, which doesn’t coordinate the remainder of the case. Regardless of whether this was useful or stylish is obscure, yet it’s really the one detail of the watch that bothers me now and again. I wish the crown was either matte to coordinate the case, or dark to coordinate the bezel. Around the crown is a little naturally molded gatekeeper the envelopes the base edge. While not necessarily defensive, it changes the crown into the case nicely.

As all aspects of the watch’s configuration is intended to add strength and sturdiness, the drags include screw bars as opposed to spring bars. To change the lash, one necessities to two screwdrivers, one for one or the other side. While this does surely add sturdiness to the watch, it makes lash changing substantially more difficult. All things considered, I question the S.A.R. groups are trading ties time after time, so this plainly was not a worry in the design.

One of the amazing highlights of the watch is the 4mm thick sapphire gem that includes an inside ground Cyclops (magnifier for the date). While one sometimes runs into watches with exceptionally thick precious stones, particularly when discussing 1000m water opposition jumpers, they generally come to the detriment of expanded thickness for what it’s worth. The way that this watch is a smooth 13.5 mm is great as that additionally incorporates the development and the rotor just as the actual metal. So many jump watches are monstrous and cumbersome that it’s simple to connect size with water opposition; this watch demonstrates something else. All things considered, the S.A.R. doesn’t have a commonplace jump bezel as it’s anything but a plunge watch, so it is saving space there.

Overall, the case radiates assemble quality. It’s a stone. It’s steadily strong. While I don’t deliberately smack my watch into things, I have no dread that the S.A.R. can take it. To the extent completing goes, there truly isn’t a lot to discuss as it’s simply matte, yet the blend of metal and elastic is novel and engaging unto itself.


Mühle is about accuracy and capacity, which is evident in the plan of the S.A.R. Salvage Timer’s dial. Readability is the main component, so every choice was made to build up this. In that capacity, the dial is basic, specialized and without unnecessary components. The dial comprises of a couple lists on a matte dark surface. The essential list is composed of enormous triangles at 3, 6, 9 and 12, each flanked by a little square, and more modest square shapes for different hours. The 3, 6 and 9 triangles point in towards the focal point of the dial, while the 12 triangle face up, with little spots on one or the other side of its tip. I accept they drew motivation from exemplary Flieger watch plan here, which had unique accentuation on the 12 marker to rapidly recognize it from different components on the dial.

Between every marker are white lines for moment or second reference. To help a speedy and exact read of the minutes, on the inward surface of every one of the enormous square shapes is a twofold digit numeral in white. Despite the fact that little and barely noticeable, they are useful for initially perusing of the time. They likewise add a measure like quality to the dial. Text on the dial is restricted to a Mühle logo under 12, which is in reality lovely tedious, and 1000m over 6. I accept on more up to date models of the watch it says 100atm all things being equal, alluding to pressure instead of depth.

At 4 is a round date window through which the dark on white date is noticeable. As I referenced previously, the watch includes an inside ground cyclops for underscoring the date and making it all the more simple to peruse. While it’s not a gigantic measure of amplification, likely 1.5x, it does perceptibly build the size of the date. The execution of the cyclops is truly smooth, adding capacity while additionally being prudent and unobtrusive.

The hands of the S.A.R. are clear too, with cleaned steel fence posts for the hour and minutes, and a long steel stay with a marginally larger than usual bolt tip for quite a long time. The entirety of the hands and the principle list include light green shaded lume. I’m not certain what they do when they apply it, yet you can see that the markers on the dial are somewhat raised from the layering of Super LumiNova. The outcome is some unfathomably solid lume that charges rapidly and keeps going quite a while. This is one of those watches that appears to consistently be glowing.

The work driven tasteful of the dial is calm, spotless and specialized, however is by the by appealing. I see references to exemplary Flieger looks just as vintage plunge watches, for example, the Eterna KonTiki. Along these lines, it’s not without specific components of appeal. The unfathomable decipherability of it, while not looking like it’s implied for the outwardly hindered, is pleasant, as one can truly peruse the time rapidly with it. Frequently at this value range one may hope to see really finishing, completing and profundity on a dial, yet that would sell out the expectation of the watch.

Movement: SW200-1 Mühle Version

The most current cycle of the S.A.R. has a Mühle tweaked Selitta SW200-1 programmed development. The SW200-1 highlights 26-gems, hacking seconds, hand winding, date, 38hr force save and a recurrence of 28,800 bph. It’s frequently utilized now as a trade for the again accessible ETA 2824-2, yet is not the slightest bit a lesser item. Also, on account of Mühle, has been given an extraordinary calibrating that sets their watches apart.

Mühle doesn’t simply request top evaluation developments, pop them in a watch and consider it daily. All things considered, they take the development, completely dismantle it and reconstruct it to their specs. This incorporates introducing blued screws that they, at the end of the day, make, which ensures against erosion, a novel rhodanized Mühle Rotor, and adornment all through. Maybe the most practically huge expansion is that they trade in their own, licensed “Woodpecker” neck guideline and equilibrium cock.

This is basically the framework by which the development exactness is finely tuned, so if a stun containers it, it can influence the timekeeping of the watch. Their framework is intended to have more prominent stun opposition than the standard parts by forestalling vertical movement of these pieces. Ultimately, they control the development in 6 situations to ensure the watch is keeping incredible time. I recommend perusing their innovation area for a more noteworthy feeling of how they deal with make their watches special.

As referenced in the introduction, this isn’t a modest watch, yet the work and scrupulousness portrayed by their customization of the SW200 truly starts to legitimize the expense. In spite of the fact that on the S.A.R. one can’t see the development, knowing it’s better than normal and basically one of a kind to the brand adds to the satisfaction in the watch.

Straps and Wearability

There are two lash alternatives at acquisition of the S.A.R. Salvage Timer, an elastic lash and an arm band for $100 contrast. The form I gained had the elastic tie, however had I purchased the watch new, I probably would have gone for the wristband. In any case, the elastic tie is very much made and generous. It’s a formed elastic with fascinating shapes that add something energetic and forceful to the general plan. The shape proceeds with the progression of the case, making a smoothed out structure. The lash is gotten by a steel organization fasten that additionally includes an inherent jumper augmentation. In general, the quality is awesome, my one scrutinize being that since it’s the sort or lash one slices to estimate it may not generally fit. For my situation, I bought the watch off of somebody with somewhat more slender wrists, accordingly making the tie excessively close. The fasten additionally is somewhat nonexclusive, and might have been worked to coordinate the case a piece more.

Do to the drag plan of the watch, putting simply any 20mm lash on it wont very look right. They will fit, yet the elastic tie, and I picture the end connection of the wristband, augment to 25.5mm to meet the sides of the carries. Fortunately, I found a calfskin tie that does something comparative, the Di-Modell Chronissimo . Additionally made in Germany, the Chronissimo had a pilot style that has the abnormal detail of having calfskin “wings” that make the tie more extensive than the drag width. This makes it fit into the S.A.R.’s hauls all the more easily. The tie is additionally very thick, which helps similarly. The dark calfskin and white sewing function admirably with the dial and elastic bezel configuration, maybe dressing things up a piece. All things considered, it’s likewise deliberate looking and like it was worked to withstand outrageous circumstances.

On the wrist, the S.A.R. wears pleasantly. It’s an agile watch given how rough it is because of brilliant plan. The bending of the case, the 13.5mm stature and helter-skelter crown all add to making it truly wearable. The 42 x 49mm case is a decent size for a watch this way, and it really wears somewhat more modest than that do to the conelike state of the case. It’s very simple to fail to remember that this watch is intended for such extraordinary conditions and can go down 1000m. Likewise, given that it has a guard and a particularly intense form, it’s planned shrewdly to not have anything standing out that may obstacle or collide with something.

As far as style goes, I discover the S.A.R. to be like wearing a pilot’s watch. It’s energetic however perfect and unpretentious, so it can work much of the time. With the discretionary wristband, I envision it would be much more adaptable. At it’s heart it’s a lively/instrument watch, however it doesn’t appear to be excessively manly or under designed.


Well, there plainly is/was a ton to say about this watch, and all things considered. Such countless brands endeavor so hard with advertising, adding extravagant accessories to their watches to cause them to appear to be harder, yet the Mühle S.A.R. Salvage Timer simply is that intense, and doesn’t need to display it. This probably is on the grounds that it was made for a need not a longing. Mühle doesn’t need extra promoting, on the grounds that they as of now have the ideal ministers for the watch, the S.A.R. groups that needed it in any case. From within to the out, the S.A.R. has been assembled well far in excess of the necessities of a typical buyer, which thus ensures the watch will keep going you a long time.

While the S.A.R. costs a chunk of change at $2,390 or $2,490 , the cash unmistakably is going where it ought to, or, in other words into the creation of the watch. Other than the screw-bars and possibly a couple of different things, nothing is stock and nothing has been forfeited. That is to say, they even introduce their own components into the movement…that’s uncommon. Let’s additionally not fail to remember that the watch is made in Glashütte, what while not as large of a superior viper as Swiss Made, adds to the expense. In any case, I think about that more the manner in which I consider Made in America, for Glashütte, it’s about supporting nearby business, and I can generally get behind that.

by Zach Weiss