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New Glycine Airman Lines at Basel 2013

New Glycine Airman Lines at Basel 2013

For pilot watch fans, Glycine addresses something unique. Their watches, consistently characterized by capacity and decipherability are special among the crowd, and stay consistent with their unique plan and standards. Their watches are strong and manly, regularly very enormous (however this year they appear to be evolving that) with clear military roots and an affinity for vintage styling. Basically, they are very attractive and keeping in mind that they aren’t modest, most over the 2k imprint, they do address a fair an incentive in the retail Swiss mechanical watch market, compared to different brands popular for their pilot’s watches.

With lock down bezels, various timezones, 24-hour developments and dials, the Glycine Airman, the most celebrated of their contributions, is a genuine pilot’s instrument watch that has scarcely changed in the course of the most recent 60 years. To stress this reality, Glycine has delivered the 1953 Vintage Airman , a change of their unique and popular watch. Wearing an alluring cream dial, a 24-hr “purist” development, red date with cyclops, vintage three-sided markers, vintage hands with orange lume and am/pm/early afternoon sign, the 1953 oozes exemplary style. This restricted version of 600 comes in at 2,350 CHF (about $2,500 US).

If the legacy looks aren’t very your thing, don’t stress, Glycine has new Airman contributions with exceptionally present day subtleties. The Airman 17 and 18 SPHAIR models, which are accessible in gigantic 46mm (the 17) or a smooth 38mm (the 18) cases, offer fascinating tone and material choices. The unmistakable star was the new and altogether different steel with dark elastic trim bezel. The matte dark elastic adds a forceful edge to the watch that brings it into to some degree strategic region as it needs reflection.

The elastic isn’t just used in the bezel, however in the crowns also, adding grasp and capacity. The new 38mm case is additionally extremely welcome, not just for those of us with more modest wrists, however the individuals who appreciate more compact extents and more tight dials. In an unexpected way, there are alternatives with more rich dress styling that incorporates rose gold trims and shading blurred dials. Accessible in 24 or 12-hour renditions with GMT complications for up to 3 time-regions (when utilizing the bezel for a third) the Airman 17 SPHAIR will cost 1990 CHF ($2,100) and the 18 will cost 1,890 CHF ($2,000).

Next year is 100th commemoration of Glycine, so anticipate some fascinating new improvements from this brand. We know beyond a shadow of a doubt they have some creative chronographs arranged that will turn some heads.

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by Zach Weiss