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No Secret: The Journe Society Chronometer From F.P. Journe | Quill & Pad

No Secret: The Journe Society Chronometer From F.P. Journe | Quill & Pad

Back in the day – by which I mean the mid 2000s, when the main online watch discussions were building up speed – the universe of watch excitement and authority interest was a lot of coordinated by brand.

While there were general gatherings that took into account commentary on subjects of wide interest, the genuine activity was in the brand-explicit subpages (and on account of The PuristS on the Independent Watchmaking page as well).

To a degree, the universe of in-person watch connection reflected this, with now-torpid brand-explicit vested parties like the Lange Owners’ Group (LOG) and the online-disconnected cross breed Hour Lounge and Hour Club, zeroed in on Vacheron Constantin watches, several striking examples.

While nowadays community working in the aficionado domain appears to be progressively the space of brand-skeptic associations like RedBar , there stay old fashioned associations whose individuals are given to the watches of a solitary maker.

One such gathering is the Journe Society: a little, low-profile gathering of aficionado proprietors of the watches of F.P. Journe.

The creator’s Journe Society Chronometer by F.P. Journe

The Journe Society: a club and a watch 

The Journe Society is definitely not a mystery, yet the gathering and its individuals do like their security to the degree that when I endorsed on as an establishing part in 2016, I was needed to sign an articulation saying that I would “keep all touchy data of The Society and its individuals confidential.”

So, you’ll be hearing no disclosures here about who the individuals are, club administration, or the peculiar mystery customs rehearsed at club gatherings – essentially on the grounds that there’s actually nothing that intriguing, and positively nothing shameful, to tell.

I can say that, as other brand-explicit fan associations previously, the Journe Society isn’t essential for the F.P. Journe association or brand, but instead a completely autonomous gathering. Enrollment is by recommendation of existing individuals and requires current responsibility for Journe watches, so it’s very a gatherers’ organization.

Straight-on: the Journe Society Chronometer

It should come as nothing unexpected that sooner or later from the get-go it turned out to be evident that advancement of a “club” watch would be pretty much a predestined conclusion.

Other clubs, for example, the Lange Owners’ Group had commissioned their own private release watches before, and Mr. Journe has throughout the years been very liberal to the two his unwavering authorities and inside the more extensive watch-related world.

Cream and blue tones of the Journe Society Chronometer

For instances of the last mentioned, we can look to the yearly Young Talent Competition coordinated by Journe with the help of the Foundation de la Haute Horlogerie and The Hour Glass , just as Journe’s gift of amazing pieces, every more awe-inspiring than the last, to the biennial Only Watch noble cause sell off .

As for the previous, we have the case of 2014’s issuance of the T30 Historical Anniversary Tourbillon and T10 10 Years Anniversary Tourbillon, both restricted arrangement that were assigned to long-term Journe authorities and sold at very sensible costs (as I would see it, at any rate) comparative with their quality and importance, as a “thank you” to the individuals who had upheld the brand over the years.

Rewarding brand followers: F.P. Journe T30 Historical Anniversary Tourbillon

The history of club-commissioned watches has had something of a checkered past. My perception on what regularly occurs in a gathering buy is that everybody gets a vote (or much more terrible, a denial), there’s a powerful urge on certain parts to “accomplish something truly extraordinary,” and the subsequent watch ends up being a type of most minimized shared variable compromise.

I will raise the shroud of mystery barely enough to communicate my bliss that with the Journe Society Watch there were none of such hijinks. Solid club initiative worked straightforwardly with Mr. Journe, who had his own recommendations, and after a snappy survey of the enrollment on one (and just one) little alternative the last plan was placed into place.

Lead, follow, or move: last plan, Journe Society Chronometer

The result is particularly as I would prefer and sufficiently unique to make it exceptional without being ludicrous. As you may have seen at this point, the case material is a “straw gold” that is somewhere close to yellow and white and that fluctuates in shading tone and force contingent upon the idea of the encompassing light.

The hands and printed files are a pleasantly complementary cream tone, and the actual dial is a mid-dim blue that adds some visual punch without having the clear glimmer of the chrome plated blue dial of Journe’s Chronomètre Bleu.

The base for the development is Journe’s Caliber 1304 from the Chronomètre Souverain (CS), and as you’ll find in the photograph underneath the development of this watch is really named with the Caliber 1304 designation.

Caliber 1304-based development, Journe Society Chronometer

The huge practical distinction between this watch and the standard CS is the presence of a crown-changed moon stage sign, added by Mr. Journe as a recognition for the “crazy people” who make up the Journe Society.

Blue, with a moon: F.P. Journe Society Chronometer

Cosmetically, the development is re-marked from “Chronomètre Souverain” to the English-language “Society Chronometer,” and in an uncommon touch each watch comes from the assembling with the proprietor’s name just as the Society assignment engraved into the back bezel.

Disclosure: the real watch bears my full last name as an engraving; in the pictures of the converse of the watch appeared here I have Photoshopped out everything except the primary letter of my last name.

Customized case and development, Journe Society Chronometer

There is a lovely thing about getting a bundle containing a watch made explicitly for you! There was fairly a hold on to suffer until enough individuals committed to buys to make functional the creation of the second cluster of Society Chronometers to which mine had a place; yet that possibly expanded the fervor when the bundle with my initials showed up on my doorstep.

A glad day at the post box: the creator’s Journe Society Chronometer arrives

For me there’s a great deal to like about this watch. The novel shading combination encourages it to stand apart from the others in my watch box, and the feel are exemplary Journe from the richly meager case to the pink gold movement.

The development completing is the thing that I’d call “exemplary Journe” also: not all that much however entirely workable and more than speaking to the bare eye.

Movement detail, Journe Society Chronometer

As far as bandy go, while this watch wears comfortably I do wish that there had been an alternative to have the watch in a 38 mm width case rather than its 40 mm; on the other hand, having embraced the “solid club administration” model that prompted the plan of the piece, I can’t be excessively basic as I’m certain pretty much every other part would have had their “one easily overlooked detail” to add to the plan had it been invited.

On the wrist: Journe Society Chronometer

And while I totally love the presence of the moon stage and its “neurotic” undertones, in some light conditions the dim blue sky and level gold moon appear to retreat into the obscurity of the moon stage break as opposed to being clearly noticeable as you can find in the straight-on photograph of the watch prior in the article.

All things equivalent, I’d likewise have preferred the shade of the “sky” to be a nearer match to the dial’s hue.

Blue shades: dial and moon stage sign, Journe Society Chronometer

All altogether these are quite unassuming complaints, I’d say. Concerning the selectiveness of the piece, I have blended emotions: for me it’s much more about having something cool to impart to companions with comparative interests than it is tied in with having something that others don’t have.

And I additionally understand that there are numerous individuals out there who wouldn’t be keen on this watch or in joining a club coordinated around excitement for Journe watches in the first place!

Members just, however not for everybody: the creator’s customized Journe Society Chronometer

As a long-term Journe lover and authority, I’m pleased to have this one in my assortment. Furthermore, if there are club-related pieces or mate watches in your watch box, I’d love to hear from you about them in the comments segment. Upbeat wearing!

Parting shot: F.P. Journe Society Chronometer

Quick Facts F.P. Journe Society Chronometer

Case: “straw” gold with front and back sapphire precious stones; 40 mm measurement; unique proprietor’s name engraved on back bezel

Dial: matte blue with finished focus area and round notched seconds subdial; ivory-hued steel hands and printed signs

Development: physically twisted Caliber 1304 changed with the expansion of moon stage sign; 3 Hz/21,600 vph recurrence, power hold approx. 56 hours, pink gold plates and extensions

Capacities: hours, minutes, auxiliary seconds; moon stage changed by means of crown

Restriction: fabricated in little clusters dependent on memberships by Society individuals

Cost: not unveiled

Creation years: 2017 to present

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