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Nomos for Doctors Without Borders

Nomos for Doctors Without Borders

Not regularly enough watch brands commit to giving a part of benefits to noble cause. Of course, there are barters to a great extent that go towards establishments, yet as a rule it’s not common enough practice. That is essential for what makes the Nomos Doctors Without Borders (Medics San Frontieres) observes so exciting.

This restricted release of 2,000 watches will contribute $100 per deal from the Nomos and retail end to this extraordinary cause, for a sum of $200k. What’s more, this isn’t a one-time bargain by the same token. Nomos has given both German and UK variations of the watch, so the aggregate sum being given is much higher.

The other part?.. All things considered, essentially that these are incredible looking watches by one of our number one brands, and despite the fact that this is a restricted release with one of a kind plan components they don’t cost more than the standard model. The Doctors Without Borders US release will comprise of 1,000 Tangente 38’s and 1,000 Tangente 33’s for $2,140 and $1,840 respectively.

The special plan highlights of this version incorporate dark oxidized hands as opposed to blue, an inconspicuous “Doctors Without Borders” engraving under 6 and, most conspicuously, a red 12. The presentation case back is additionally carved with “Doctors Without Borders” and the version number. As usual, the watch includes the lovely in-house Alpha type under a sapphire showcase window.

We had the joy of seeing the both the 33 and 38mm forms face to face when we were in Basel. Appealing as usual, the red 12 and dark hands add to some degree to the gravity of the watch, being higher difference components. The 12 grabs the attention promptly, giving the watch an alternate visual equilibrium and filling in as a token of the foundation. The utilization of red is fascinating as it obviously alludes to medication and the DWB logo, however could be viewed as alluding to mid 20th century watches and pocket watch change, which now and then included red or periodically blue 12’s (more on that here ). This just adds to the general allure and story of the watches.

Special releases are frequently exceptionally enticing because of their shortage and likely worth. The way that the Nomos Doctors Without Borders Tangentes can be had for no extra cost and add to a decent aim makes them even more alluring. Ideally, this is a methodology that more watch brands will take with their restricted releases. What’s more, should you not be on the lookout for another watch Doctors Without Borders is as yet an extraordinary reason that can utilize your donations.

by Zach Weiss