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Obris Morgan Nevon Review

Obris Morgan Nevon Review

Movement : Miyota 8215 Case : 316L Stainless Steel-Brush – Blasted – PVD Black Coating Bezel : 120 Clicks uni-directional bezel Dimensions : 43mm measurement, 14mm thickness Lug width : 22mm Lug to Lug width : 49mm Water Resistance: 20 ATM/200 meters Crystal : Sapphire(Single side enemy of intelligent covered) Bracelet : 5 connections 316L Stainless Steel (5mm thickness) Weight : 240g Price: $249 (brushed)  $259 (impacted) $269 (PVD)

Case In planning the Nevon, Obris Morgan expected to bring “the style and constancy of a vintage top of the line jump watch”, and they unquestionably appear to have accomplished that with the watch’s case.  Designed in the style of vintage jumpers, the Nevon features a lugless barrel case configuration estimating 43mm in distance across and 49mm start to finish. This size and shape promptly strikes a vintage plunge watch chord.  When seen from over, the instance of the Nevon changes easily from one finish to another, and the base segment of the case lines up impeccably with the bezel.

When saw from the side, the tallness of the Nevon is obvious. Estimating 14mm tall, the sides of the Nevon’s case are level and sudden, giving it a particularly machined, manly look. The marked screw down crown at three o’clock quantifies roughly 8mm in width and has a very much machined feel. The crown’s outfitted plan gives a simple grasp and it secures tight absent a lot of exertion and doesn’t turn too unreservedly when unscrewed.  The programmed Miyota 8215 development that controls the Nevon takes into consideration manual twisting, however the seconds are non-hacking.

On the front of the case is a sapphire gem with single sided hostile to intelligent covering, a striking an incentive on a watch that costs under $300. In the mean time, going to the back, you’ll discover a screwed down case back with the Obris Morgan logo and minimal other data (brand name, reference number, case material).

The instance of the Nevon is tempered steel and comes in your decision of three completions – brushed, impacted or dark PVD – with cost differing for each. We were adequately blessed to have two models in for survey, one with an impacted completion ($259) and one with PVD ($269).  Both completions were uniformly applied and matte, making a tough look reliable with the hard lines of the case.  All told, the instance of the Nevon feels and looks strong and has a lot of essence. At the point when worn with the wristband gave, the Nevon tips the scales at around 240 grams (contingent upon measuring), which just adds to its manly style.

Bezel The plan of the Nevon’s bezel is among its most striking features. Significantly wide and tall, with gear tooth edging and clear addition, the bezel truly stands outwardly, and is seemingly the most present day plan component of the whole watch. To a degree, it outlines the dial and draw your consideration internal, in any case, its absence of markings might be viewed as a utilitarian inconvenience for some.  Frankly, this might be the represent the deciding moment detail for some thinking about the Nevon. All things considered, we like its perfect plan, and appreciate that it carries a particularly remarkable look to the watch.

The bezel of the Nevon is likewise pretty much as responsive and exact as you anticipate that it should be, if not more. While marginally excessively unbending now and again, the 120-click, unidirectional bezel has an extremely pleasant machined feel to it, and seems to fix up definitely with the hour markers on the dial. The bezel shape and completing considers a protected grasp while turning, notwithstanding being on top of the other plan components of the watch case.

Dial The dial of the Nevon is another territory where Obris Morgan has combined the old with the new. You indeed have your selection of shadings here, with the dial coming in naval force, dark and grey.  The two models we audited featured the dark and naval force dials, and it is significant that the naval force is somewhat lighter than anticipated, however still attractive.

Interestingly, the dial of the Nevon is spotless and straightforward, simply hash markings at every hour, and three-sided tips to each hash marker at twelve, three, nine and six o’clock.  You will likewise discover the Obris Morgan name and the well used mechanical printed at twelve o’clock, and the model number, 200 meter profundity rating and the word sapphire printed at six o’clock. While this dial absolutely isn’t smooth, it gives a more contemporary, basic look that is conversely the vintage jumper stylish of the case.

Also in juxtaposition to the dial configuration are the hands of the watch, which are, supposedly, regarding those hands found on certain vintage jumpers, for example, the Zodiac Super SeaWolf plunge watches ( a model ).  First delivered in the 1950’s, the Super Sea Wolf featured an enormous orange hour hand of a similar shape as that found on the Nevon. Both the hour and moment hand are in this unmistakable shape, and for the hour hand, you have your decision of yellow or orange.

Blue lume can be found all through the dial on the hour markers while the lume spot on the bezel sparkles green. While it shines adequately splendid, the lume on the Nevon isn’t the most brilliant we’ve seen. The differentiation of blue and green lume is positively cool looking however.

Straps and Wearability

The Nevon comes with a pleasant 5mm thick, five connection treated steel arm band with marked organization fasten. The completion of the wristband coordinates impeccably to the completion of the watch case and has a similarly smooth and all around completed feel. It connects to the Nevon case by means of two sided screw down drag bars, and the connections of the wristband can be effortlessly eliminated or added utilizing the single sided screw sticks that hold them together. As a rule, the wristband that accompanies the Nevon is an extraordinary worth. We’re glad to see Obris Morgan decide to incorporate one exceptionally quality tie choice, instead of a few second rate pieces.

When we previously got the Nevon’s in for survey, we quickly realized they would likewise look extraordinary on nylon military straps.  And gratitude to our companions at Crown&Buckle, we can show both Nevon’s on some executioner coordinating lashes. We were given three of Crown&Buckle’s substantial NATO’s in dim with spotless equipment, green with PVD equipment and orange with PVD equipment. As you can tell from our photographs, the Nevon’s are comfortable on a military style nylon strap.

Conclusion As Zach noted in his survey of the Obris Morgan Branco, its practically difficult to contend with its worth. This is no less the situation with the Nevon. The combination of components (Miyota 8215, sapphire precious stone, stunning arm band), finish and construct quality found with the Nevon is sufficient to request an altogether greater cost tag than $249 to $259. In any case, further mull over the genuinely one of a kind and insightful plan, and the Nevon rapidly becomes a flat out steal.

At the extremely least, the Nevon ought to get you amped up for what more Obris Morgan has in store.  This denotes the company’s second significant achievement, in our eyes in any case, accomplished with an unmistakable voice, fashion awareness and commitment to genuine value.  Whether the Nevon addresses you or not, it ought to get you keen on what Obris Morgan has in store.  We absolutely are.

by Blake Malin

Thanks to Obris Morgan for giving the Nevons to review

Thanks to Crown&Buckle for giving ties remembered for the photos