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Pairs Well With: Olivier Bronze Diver

Pairs Well With: Olivier Bronze Diver

Our new disagreement with the green-dialed metal cased Maranez Layan gave me a tingle for everything bronze. Much to my dismay that I would be so helpless to the warm and tough appeal of that delicate yellow metal. What I found so engaging about it was that it carried shading into the watch without being boisterous or adding anything valuable. Accordingly, it makes for an extraordinary option in contrast to the more normal steel and dark PVD watches I regularly wear. At that point there is the astonishing nature of patina. Bronze structures a layer of oxidization on its surface, making the watch change and age as you wear it. This is really an element of the metal  that shields it from erosion, making bronze proper for nautical use. Along these lines, for this Pairs Well With, I searched out finding a bronze cased watch with extraordinary styling that could fit numerous circumstances and numerous outfits.

*it has been brought up by different perusers that the Olivier brand is to some degree ancient as of this second, owing loads of watches to clients who prepaid months prior, yet not communicating to them at about the situation… As such, it isn’t to your greatest advantage to get excessively joined to the watch appeared here. That being said, the idea of the Pairs Well With present is on give you a thought of what things look like together, and how to style around your number one watch. The blending here is about bronze watches more than the Olivier watch appeared, which was simply picked as an illustration piece given its stylish worth. – w&w

The Olivier jumper is an especially decent illustration of a moderate bronze jumper. The barrel formed case gives it somewhat of a vintage feel, while the bezel and dial are energetic and useful. Fascinating subtleties like a blue seconds hand, 3-day date window and shaded dials make this watch outwardly unmistakable and even more alluring. They are additionally kind enough to offer their watches with either ETA 2824-2’s for $850 or with Miyota 8215’s for $650…both great arrangements in their own right. I discover my eyes are especially attracted to the “Prussian blue” dial variety, which has a lavishness of shading that is difficult to overlook. Considering this watch, our occupant blending subject matter expert, Dexter Austria, set up an out fit that would commend the bronze and blue combo, while remaining consistent with the nautical foundations of both the watch and the metal.

  • 1. Olivier Bronze Diver with Prussian Blue Dial
  • 2. Community Blue Alpaca Beanie in Navy by Apolis
  • 3. Shades by Persol
  • 4. Dunoon Bonded-Cotton Rain Coat in Blue by Mackintosh
  • 5. Spectator Sweater in Pearl and Royal Blue by SNS Herning
  • 6. Chinos in Dark Gray by Uniqlo
  • 7. Indy Boots in Black by Alden
  • 8. Small Duffle in Orange by Topo Designs