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Pairs Well With: Raketa Big Zero

Pairs Well With: Raketa Big Zero

For this version of PWW we investigated a particularly styled Raketa, the Big Zero. From the last part of the 70’s – mid 80’s this model is a straightforward 3-hand manual injury watch with a particularly striking dial plan. The absolutely larger than average numerals and similarly forceful teeth are love-it or leave-it details,

however the watch has a special allure, similar to a textual style weighty banner or pleasantly planned menu. These are not the most common of Raketas that one can discover on the cove, just springing up to a great extent, yet they by and large go for under $100, making them very reasonable. In this way, when pondering dress the possibility of the “urban photographer” rung a bell. Regardless of whether a traveler or only one of those individuals whom continually has a camera, and sets aside effort to see little minutes and things of incidental charm.

  • 1.  Raketa Big Zero
  • 2. Suit Jacket by Oliver Spencer 
  • 3. Plaid Shirt by J. Team
  • 4. Shades by Rayban
  • 5. Broken In Chino by J. Team
  • 6. Brogues by Alexander McQueen
  • 7. X-Pro 1 by Fuji Film
  • 8. Abingdom Messenger Bag by J. Group

Pairing by Dexter Austria

Words by Zach Weiss