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Pairs Well With: Steinhart Racetimer

Pairs Well With: Steinhart Racetimer

Summer is going full bore, and in the event that you resemble me, you are attracted to wearing vintage dashing chronographs. Lively, lithe and fun, vintage chronos, regardless of whether by Heuer, Tudor, Hamilton, Seiko or others, have that energetic soul that characterizes a great summer. Toss them on nylon NATO and you have a watch you can wear the entire day that looks great and has a ton of demeanor. Sadly, vintage hustling chronos can be very costly, so an extraordinary moderate option is the new Steinhart Racetimer . With a Valjoux 7750, extraordinary plan and a cost wavering around 1K, this is likely the advanced watch that will fulfill that vintage itch.

The Racetimer is an unquestionably cool watch with a complex, yet reasonable dial. Orange lines, huge trapezoids and applied markers cause this watch to feel like it was brought into the world in an alternate decade, yet the 44mm titanium case adds something huge and present day. For this PWW we picked the black colorway and matched it with a couple of summery things that can withstand a blistering day at the track.

  • Steinhart Racetimer Black on a Crown&Buckle Nylon NATO
  • Timeless in Snow by  Han Kjobenhavn
  • Making Waves in Navy by Benny Gold
  • Men’s Chino Shot in Beige by UNI-QLO
  • Chukka in Gray by Common Projects

pairing by Dexter Austria words by Zach Weiss