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Pairs Well With: Stowa Antea Small Seconds

Pairs Well With: Stowa Antea Small Seconds

As a development to the dress watch direct we set up for yesterday, this release of Pairs Well With will be centered around one of the watches from that rundown, the Stowa Antea Small Seconds , and what to wear it with. Anyway, what’s an ideal circumstance to wear a dress watch? What about a prospective employee meeting. You are meeting a likely new chief, at a particular employment you truly believe will be an incredible fit for you. You don’t get it… There are 1,000,000 reasons why that might have occurred, however we are going to preclude one: a wrong outfit or ostentatious watch. Presently, in the event that you are truly searching for the how-to on dressing for a meeting, head over to Styleforum’s 101 segment, as they will train you on the correct suit, shirt and shoes for an exemplary look that would never be taken wrong.

Here at w&w we are keen on something that may address our characters better, and all the more critically, the quite exquisite looks of the Stowa Antea. Presently, what’s extraordinary about the Antea is that it’s a shared benefit. It looks incredible, is made by a truly trustworthy brand with a long history, has an exemplary plan that identifies with a whole school of feel and is made of top notch components…that is to say, it is an extraordinary watch by any norm. What’s more, in the event that you wear it to a meeting, either they’ll notice and say, “hey future worker, pleasant watch” or they’ll notice it and ponder internally, “this guy’s got great taste, I could utilize a person like that”. They won’t think “hmmm… This person is attempting to flaunting, and fizzling miserably.”

So to make the Antea sparkle, Dexter set up an outfit that is exemplary, however with a slight contort. Also, as usual, consider the PWW a springboard, one thought of numerous on the most proficient method to wear this watch.

  • 1. Stowa Antea Small Seconds
  • 2. Dark Fine Wool Suit by Richard James
  • 3. Shoes by Giancarlo Morelli
  • 4. Kitts Plaid Tie by J.Crew
  • 5. White Shirt by Uniqlo
  • 6. Calfskin Belt by Paul Smith
  • 7. Red Chambray Pocket Square by J.Crew
  • 8. Meisterstück Classique Fineliner by Montblanc  (to sign the agreement)

pairing by Dexter Austria

words by Zach Weiss