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Pebble Watch Review

Pebble Watch Review

When I previously held the Pebble watch after it showed up, I didn’t know the amount I planned to like it. Truly I incline toward mechanical watches these days having grown up wearing only advanced and simple quartz watches. Yet, the Pebble is extraordinary. It’s not simply an advanced watch, it’s an association with your computerized life. That is the reason the creators of the Pebble needed the watch to be at its center. It lets you un-tie yourself from your PDA, yet still have the option to know when something needs your consideration. However, how well does it do the entirety of that and still work as a watch?

(Please note that this audit depends on blending with an iOS gadget; I am sorry for the shortcoming yet I don’t have an Android gadget accessible for comparison.)

Dimensions: 30mm Lug width: 22mm Lug to Lug width: 50mm Water Resistance: 5 ATM/50M Crystal: Scratch and break safe with hostile to glare covering Weight: 18 grams (head just); 36 grams (with stock tie) Supports: iOS 5 and up; Android 2.3 and up Price: $150


The Pebble utilizes a rectangular case shape with an elliptical screen to show the time and warnings. The case is plastic and lightweight, coming in at 18 grams for the head in particular (26 grams with the stock tie). Diverse completion tones are accessible: Jet Black, Cherry Red, Arctic White, Orange and Gray. Being all the more a conservative I picked the dark model which is an extremely lustrous, ebony. The completion of the plastic is perfect and in reality the watch glances preferable face to face over it does on the Pebble website.

There are four catches on the Pebble case: 3 on the correct side (up, select and down) and an enormous back catch on the left side. Any of the three catches on the left will actuate the backdrop illumination feature too. Beneath the back catch on the left is a progression of four little dabs, two dark and two gold, which are for the propietary attractive accusing link provided of the watch. The link snaps on like how a mag safe link clicks into a MacBook and was the means by which they had the option to accomplish 50M of water opposition. The case is somewhat adjusted at the hauls which holds it back from having excessively blocky of a plan and not looking a lot of like a chunk of plastic on the wrist. It estimates 30mm across and 50mm from one drag to another. My wrist is 6.5″ and the Pebble actually looks fine. It’s not by and large a dress watch configuration, obviously, but rather it very well may be spruced up a piece with a decent strap.


The Pebble’s show is a 144 x 168 pixel high contrast e-paper show. It is sufficiently huge to be handily perused and show a few lines of data. The vast majority of the content looks very great from an ordinary perusing distance one would use with a watch; a portion of the clock faces show some pixelation yet insufficient that it looks modest. You can set the warnings show at either a little or huge content size, contingent upon your vision. The entirety of the accessible watch faces are not difficult to peruse in direct light and a backdrop illumination is accessible for more obscure settings. The backdrop illumination can be consistently on (which will all the more rapidly channel the battery), off or set on auto, what they call Ambient Light Control. The Ambient Light Control peruses the accessible light in the room and decides whether it is sufficiently dull to warrant initiating the backdrop illumination. With the backdrop illumination on this auto setting a flick of the wrist will enact the light. Obviously you can squeeze one of the catches too. You ought to have the option to initiate the backdrop illumination with a touch to the face of the watch, yet I have discovered this to be discontinuous, best case scenario, it will every now and again take a couple of taps to actuate the light. While exploring the menu in more obscure setting the backdrop illumination will break rapidly which can make perusing somewhat of a test (the engineers know about this bug and chipping away at a fix). A future improvement the Pebble group ought to consider is adding a menu to set the backdrop illumination show time.

The included watch faces are Text Watch, Fuzzy Time and Classic Analog. Each give an interesting method of showing the time. Unfortnuately just the Classic Analog shows the date and day of the week; there isn’t an approach to get to this data through the Text Watch and Fuzzy Time faces. You can introduce about six different faces through the Pebble iOS application that give some other extremely extraordinary methods of showing the time, including a spasm tac-toe watch face and one that hopes to utilize double. My undisputed top choices are the Fuzzy Time, which shows in content the rough an ideal opportunity to the closest five minutes (“five after nine” for instance) and the Text Watch, which shows the time as text (“nine fourteen”). The simple face is sufficiently pleasant and features a seconds hand with the standard quartz tick of once each second. I might want to see a face with a seconds hand that has a smooth compass which I envision could be very conceivable since the watch faces are all product driven.

Pebble states the watch has a scratch and break safe “lens” with an enemy of glare covering to consider better decipherability, in spite of the fact that I figure out how to get a lot of glare when under the bright lights at work. To the extent scratch opposition I’ve previously put that one under a magnifying glass because of a rec center storage, the two impacted really well and luckily the Pebble emerged from the knock without a scratch. I envision after some time it will procure it’s portion of fight scars, much the same as any watch. One glaring exclusion from any showcase screen on the Pebble means that your battery life. They guarantee it will last as long as seven days on a solitary charge, however you won’t know precisely where you are until it’s past the point of no return. A new update gives a notification when your battery has between 12 – 24 hours of charge remaining. The best propensity is allowed it to charge for the time being in any event once a week.


The draw of the Pebble are the extra features it offers past that of a customary watch, anyway at dispatch there are not that a considerable lot of those accessible. The first and most clear capacity is that of simply a watch. As clarified over the Pebble does this well overall, albeit again it is ideal to approach the day and date in more watch faces for absent minded individuals like myself. That little criticize aside, it shows the time well and gives the wearer the choice to change how it does as such. The Pebble has a caution feature that when set will buzz the watch on your wrist; there is no discernible alert so you should have the watch on for it to work. There is no choice to set the alert by means of 12 hour or 24 hour mode, it is 24 hour mode in particular. When a caution is set it is on and the solitary choice after that is to erase the alert: there is no alter choice or an on/off switch. When it is in there the alert is either dynamic or erased. This appears to be somewhat of a shortcoming as anybody that has claimed a computerized watch knows about having the option to set an alert and afterward switch it on or off depending on the situation. You can set various cautions, despite the fact that I didn’t test the number of were available.

Since the Pebble is matched to your cell phone through Bluetooth the two can communicate to and fro, which is the thing that controls different capacities and where you get into the truly cool stuff. One of the essential features of the Pebble is to show warnings from your advanced mobile phone (iPhone, iPod Touch, Android) to your wrist. This incorporates SMS messages, calls, arrangement updates; basically anything that you are informed of on your telephone will show up on the Pebble. For what reason is this cool? In the event that you resemble me you may frequently take off from your telephone somewhere near the house while you are doing different things. Up in the kitchen is a mainstream spot or down the stairs around my work area, for instance, while I am off somewhere else. Previously if my significant other sent me an instant message and I was not close to my telephone I wouldn’t realize she required something until I at long last got my phone.

With the Pebble the notice is pushed to the watch through Bluetooth and shows up on the watch face alongside a vibration from the watch. You can perceive what sort of alarm it is, who it is from and a few lines of the content; with instant messages typically being more limited it is very common to have the option to peruse the whole message on the watch. Calls can be replied or excused on the watch; whenever addressed you clearly must have the telephone with you so you can converse with the other party as there is no speaker or amplifier on the Pebble (a genuine Dick Tracy watch this isn’t). You can likewise pick which notices you get on your Pebble; on the off chance that you need just calls or SMS that is not difficult to do. It took me a short time to stop instinctually going after my telephone to check it when a notice came in. When I moved beyond that Pavlovian reaction I built up another one to check my wrist. Practically speaking it is valuable to know whether you need to address what is coming in by means of the telephone or it very well may be excused for some other time. Warnings break following three minutes, or you can tap the back catch to get back to the watch. However smooth and cool as it could be, it isn’t flawless.

The greatest warning issue I ran into was the point at which the Bluetooth connect between the iPhone and Pebble was dropped. In testing I ensure I didn’t change my typical telephone propensities. For the duration of the day I am regularly away from my telephone as it is either around my work area at work or a comparative circumstance. The two would reconnect effectively enough, yet I found that somewhat often the warnings would not push to the watch. I would need to return into the iOS settings and re-flip the notices I needed to utilize. This is a serious problem and makes me less certain that I will see everything on the watch that I ought to. While trying to fix this I dropped the association between the telephone and the watch, rebooted the telephone and afterward reconnected the two by means of Bluetooth. Lamentably this fix didn’t completely fill in as certain notices were as yet broken when they re-matched. Ideally this is something that will be fixed soon by means of a product update. The other deficiency I found with the warnings is you just see the latest one. On the off chance that few come in on top of one another it is extremely unlikely to look back to see past messages. Ideally this is something they will execute sooner rather than later as it is an unmistakable gap.

The other underlying capacity at transport time is the capacity to control a few parts of your music playback through the Pebble. Fire up your number one music player and the music application on the Pebble and you are all set. The watch will show the as of now playing track (as long as it has the appropriate metadata) and enables you to delay or resume and avoid forward or in reverse. Helpful on the off chance that you have your telephone in a speaker dock or even in your pocket. True model: I took the Pebble shopping for food and was getting a charge out of a webcast while I did as such. At the point when the time had come to checkout at the register, I left the iPhone in my pocket and stopped the music rather with the Pebble. I tried the music application with a few music administrations and it worked with all that I attempted. A portion of the content is shortened for longer titles, yet there is still sufficient data there – and you are tuning in to the melody – to understand what it is.

Presently those are the features the Pebble conveys at dispatch: watch (with alert), notices and music control. Some more customary advanced watch features are absent from the Pebble, like a chronograph, commencement clock, world time, and day-date show. Ideally these features will be accessible later on as extra applications to fill in the extra usefulness. Past these conventional watch capacities, Pebble expects there to be numerous different sorts of applications once their SDK (Software Development Kit) is accessible. A few prospects incorporate running or trekking applications that show speed and distance; climate applications and a golf rangefinder to give some examples. Once application advancement removes the handiness of the Pebble will be far extended.

Staying associated with your telephone the entire day and utilizing these capacities has a downside: the Bluetooth association will include an extra channel your keen phone’s battery. I found that on normal before the Pebble my iPhone 5 battery by the day’s end was typically between 25-40% when I headed to sleep. This is with no extra charging during the day and use like SMS, email, Twitter, perusing and perusing. Since being connected to the Pebble throughout the day I have been hitting the sack with between 10-15%, so unmistakably an extra use of force. This should come as nothing unexpected to anybody acquainted with advanced cells and how they work; extra things like GPS, Bluetooth and wi-fi will all require extra squeeze from the battery.

The Menu

The Pebble menu is a straightforward undertaking where you look up or down to explore the accessible choices. The look and feel of the menu help me a considerable amount to remember an old fashioned “feature phone” (otherwise known as “dumb phone”) where you utilize the four-route switch on the keypad to explore a book menu. Indeed, even as old school as it looks it actually works well and I truly don’t understand what other alternative they have. The menu things start with the introduced watch faces, at that point Music, Set Alarm, Settings lastly any applications or watch faces you have introduced from the telephone. One abhorrence about exploring the menu is whenever you are done and need to return to your watch face the back catch just takes you to the primary menu; you at that point need to choose again the watch face you need, instead of the back catch returning you to the face you were on. Beside that the menu is clear and simple to utilize. Choices are restricted so there isn’t that a lot to learn or wreck in the event that you don’t understand what you are doing.

The Strap

The Pebble has a standard drag size of 22mm which considers an extraordinary assortment of tie alternatives. The stock lash that comes with the watch is a straightforward silicone cowhide tie that is utilitarian, if nothing else. It feels alright on the wrist and looks alright, yet the watch can be spruce up a piece with a calfskin tie or even given an energetic look with a NATO. Numerous proprietors have just picked to eliminate the lash and put all alone to give the Pebble an alternate look. The elastic tie would be fitting for sports exercises like running, trekking or swimming yet in most different situations I would select to trade out the strap.


The savvy field is little and still exceptionally new. The Pebble is so far the most amazing aspect these watches to hit the market and has a huge load of potential. There are disadvantages as of now, that ideally will be tended to by the engineers and the formation of future extra applications for the gadget. In spite of the current shortcomings I am extremely satisfied with the Pebble and anticipate what it will actually want to do soon. Truth be told, when the watch was not on my wrist and a notice sprung up on the telephone I hoped to perceive any reason why I didn’t feel it on my wrist; following a couple of days I was at that point molded to search for my notices on the Pebble first. At the current cost of $150 it any tech-geek ought to firmly consider picking one up.


  • Lightweight, comfortable design
  • Customizable appearance
  • Standard 22mm lash width
  • Easy set-up
  • Music controls
  • Phone warnings on your wrist


  • Inconsistent backdrop illumination execution (engineers mindful of the bug)
  • No battery life pointer
  • Constant Bluetooth association channels telephone battery
  • Limited watch faces at dispatch
  • No extra applications at dispatch
  • Day and date just on certain watch faces
  • Occasional “broken” notices (designers mindful of the bug)

by James Enloe