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Raven Deep Tech Review

Raven Deep Tech Review

At the point when last we investigated Raven Watches, they had recently delivered two intriguing models; the Raven Vintage and the Raven Deep . The Vintage was a praise to the Rolex Submariner ref. 6538, broadly worn via Sean Connery as James Bond in Dr. No, that used a domed acrylic precious stone, overlaid hands and other explicit subtleties to make for a pleasant watch. The Raven Deep took components of different recorded models, for example, the 6538 and the 5517 mil-sub, and combined them as one to make a cool delusion with a high water opposition at 4000ft or 1220m. Between the two watches, there was a ton to like, including incredible form quality, outstanding lume and genuinely tame prices.

Following up on these watches, they have now delivered the Raven Deep Tech , which works off the Deep model idea, for another half and half style with an enormous 8200ft/2500m water opposition. The Deep Tech is a crazy blend of components that allude to different Rolex and Tudor models. The case addresses Sea-Dwellers while the dial is adjusted from Tudor Snowflake subs, for something present day with traces of vintage.

The play off of the Snowflake configuration is maybe the most fascinating part of the watch, tastefully. With the notoriety of Tudor cresting since their re-visitation of the US, the vintage Snowflake Sub market has soar, with costs routinely now hitting $5k. At that point there is likewise the extremely famous and ludicrously attractive new Tudor Pelagos, which in our books is the coolest watch Tudor (or Rolex) at present make.

Clearly Raven is playing off of those two realities to make a piece that can ride these patterns. Obviously, they are totally different from the firsts, with enough changes to make them just boundary on tribute watches. Whether or not the look and mass (which we’ll will) interests you, similar to the Ravens previously and the watches of Benarus, the parent brand, the Deep Techs are very much made monsters with passable sticker prices. The Deep Tech is accessible in blue or dark shading ways with either white lume or a yellowed vintage lume, features a thick sapphire precious stone, a Miyota 9015 development and a sticker price of $740 ($840 for DLC models, however those are now sold out). We got an opportunity to invest some energy with blue models with the two kinds of lume, so lets take a nearer look.

Raven Deep Tech Review

Case: Steel Movement: Miyota 9015 Dial: Blue Lume: Yes Lens: Sapphire Strap: Steel Bracelet + Rubber Strap Water Res.: 2500M Dimensions: 42 x 52.5 x 16mm Lug Width: 22 mm Crown: 8 x 4.5mm Weight w/wristband: 250g (no connections eliminated) Weight w/tie: 171g Warranty: 1 year Price: $740


The instance of the Deep Tech will appear to be really natural to aficionados of Sea Dwellers and Submariners. The 42 x 52.5mm steel case has very much like lines and structures, including crown monitors and bored drags, as its Rolex motivations. It’s additionally huge, with a stature of 16mm, which is to a great extent because of the 4.5mm sapphire gem, and 4.5mm strong steel case back. While it appears there are different approaches to accomplish high water obstruction, Raven went for thickness, mass and a plenitude of gaskets to get there.

Once you get over the tallness of these, the general structure is exquisite and in reality somewhat more modest than anticipated. 42mm is sensible in our book for an instrument jumper, so these don’t look excessively ridiculous. The case is stout, however has some style to it, and respectable however not uncommon wrapping up. The top surfaces are daintily brushed, while the section sides are high clean. Coming off at 3 is a properly huge screw down crown that measure 8 x 4.5mm, for simple grasp. Inside, the crown features 3 gaskets for expanded water obstruction. Working on it side by 9 is a helium escape valve.

The bezel on the Raven is very thick, lodging the 4.5mm domed sapphire. It’s a pleasantly fabricated bezel with a solid 120-click uni-directional instrument. Since it’s so tall, the whole level external edge has instituting for hold. One of the hotter subtleties of the watch that addresses the form quality is the consistent change from the sapphire bezel supplement to the sapphire gem. Both are domed, and on the off chance that you run your finger over them, you can scarcely feel the hole between them.


The Raven Deep Tech has a straightforward and clean dial plan that is plainly propelled by Tudor Snowflake subs. The fundamental file comprises of enormous lume blocks with a triangle at 12. One takeoff from the regular Snowflake list are the sharp markers at 6 and 9. An inconspicuous change, yet I guess enough to make this an alternate plan. On the external edge of the dial is a second file of little white lines for the individual minutes/seconds.

At 3 is a date window which replaces the 3 marker. I may have favored a date free dial on this, yet as is it’s not very prominent. All things considered, on the vintage lume variety, it is more observable. One intriguing point of interest is the metal spine that the gem lays on and appears to go about as a maintenance ring for the dial. This is a detail you’ll see on Sea Dwellers also, which outwardly compresses the dial and adds a break between the dial and bezel.

The sapphire bezel embed has a basic vintage format, which appears to be atypical for either Sea Dwellers or Snowflakes, yet looks fitting. There are numerals each 10 and lines between. There are no individual moment markers from 0 – 15, which adds to the retro look. Because of the sapphire trim, the bezel has a decent shine to it, which gives the supplement fascinating depth.

As recently referenced, the Deep Tech is accessible in one or the other dark or blue. We had two blue models close by to inspect. The blue picked is very profound and lovely. It’s a medium blue with a touch of green for marginally greenish blue tint. With the white lume markers, it’s fresh and clean, and against the vintage markers, it’s hotter and more green. In any case, it looks great.

The lume is one of the additional fascinating features of the Deep Tech. The white lume variant, which shines blue, gives the watch a considerably more present day and held look. The lume itself sparkles adequately, taking a charge effectively and holding it genuinely long. The cool blue tone likewise looks incredible against the blue dial on occasion when both are visible.

The yellow vintage lume is by and large weird. Endeavoring to look like matured tritium, the yellow tone is exceptionally acidic and truly changes the vibe of the watch. Ordinarily, vintage/tan lumes are less brilliant than there white or green partners, yet on the Deep Tech, it’s remarkable. The lume shines a splendid green with a trace of yellow, it’s incredibly brilliant and dependable. I unquestionably didn’t anticipate that it should be the more splendid of the two.

The Deep Tech withdraws from the Rolex/Tudor practice for the handset. Rather than the obvious snowflake hour hand and sword minutes, they went with a particular blunted square shape. The hour and moment hand are in a similar style, simply changing in extent. Both are in cleaned steel with lume fillings. The seconds hand is a counter-weighted stick with a lume filled square shape towards the tip. While the hands are not terrible, I don’t think they were the correct decision. I comprehend not utilizing the Snowflake hand, as that would have made this an unmistakable tribute watch, yet I think something bolder and blockier would have been more adept. These simply feel underwhelming.

Straps and Wearability

The Deep Techs come with both a 22mm shellfish style steel wristband with strong end joins and a 22mm dark elastic “Cuda” Isofrane style lash. The wristband is pleasantly made, with a decent strong feel to it. The connections are removable through two screws on one or the other side, which is a cycle of an interaction, yet not repulsive. The fasten is straightforward, with a crease over lock and a jump augmentation worked in. As far as looks, it is fitting for the watch, however given the additional weight (over 50g) I didn’t think that its very comfortable.

The dark elastic lash has a forceful style that functions admirably with the watch. It’s thick and delicate, so it’s additionally very comfortable. In spite of the fact that it dresses the watch down a piece, which is fine, I discovered this to be the ideal alternative. The absence of end interfaces additionally draws out the math of the case, which thusly gives more noteworthy presence to the dial.

The observe likewise looks incredible on a weighty, vintage calfskin lash. I gave it a shot a 22mm nectar Hirsch Liberty, and the watch truly sparkled. The blue and earthy colored are a characteristic pair, and the tough nature of the calfskin seemed well and good with the overbuilt device plan. The unpretentious vintage hints in the plan came out more as well. The lone issue was that due the size and weight of the watch, it moved around when on the calfskin. Maybe a thicker lash would have helped.

Make no mix-up, this is a major, weighty watch and it feels accordingly. The 42mm breadth makes it wearable, yet the tallness is extremely articulated on the wrist and the drag to-haul is genuinely long. On my 7″ wrist, it was average, and subsequent to wearing it around for a piece, I became acclimated to the size, however I don’t figure this would chip away at more modest wrists. I would likewise be reluctant to put it on a NATO or other pass through lashes as that would probably make it very cumbersome.

In terms of looks, the watch has an extremely pleasant, and unmistakably recognizable, style. The blend of scale and snowflake components is strong and fun, indicating vintage however feeling pretty current. Indeed, even the yellow lume variant has a cutting edge feel to it, since the actual watch is so perfect and reflexive. The blue adaptation has a remarkable comeliness to it as well. The tone mellow the general look, and adds some profundity. It’s additionally an exceptionally adaptable blue that is splendid enough not to conflict with dark, yet dim enough to not be overpowering. It additionally looks extraordinary against cowhide. With the two included ties, you have easygoing and dress choices out of the container, however I would include an earthy colored calfskin lash along with the blend too.


The Raven Deep Tech is a cool development to the first Raven watches that brings the brand into a somewhat unique area. It’s simple to fail to remember given its styling that this watch accomplishes specialized triumphs too. 2500m water obstruction is uncommon, particularly at this value point, and keeping in mind that absolutely superfluous, at any rate for a person like me, it adds to the persona of the brand and the watch. Without that, it would simply be a mixed bag of Rolex and Tudor plans without a more prominent reason. With no guarantees, it’s a very much evaluated and completely over assembled instrument jumper with those recognizable plan cues.

The sapphire bezel and gem (which don’t fail to remember is 4.5mm thick) are features similar to the quality lume. The Miyota 9015 inside will take care of business and the blue tone is actually very appealing with either lume choice. The dark rendition, which initially looks a horrendous parcel like the Pelagos, is now sold out, however presumably can be found on discussions sometimes. That form has somewhat even more an extreme look, yet exceptionally pleasant. Along these lines, if the Snowflake-esque plan shouts to you, yet you need something else and a considerable amount more reasonable, the Deep Tech is positively an option.

Review units provided by Raven Watches By Zach Weiss