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Raven Vintage and Deep Review

Raven Vintage and Deep Review

The Raven Watch brand sprung up a short time prior with a lovely solitary mission: make reasonable, very much made watches with looks roused by exemplary Submariners. Their first watch, which was a restricted release with a 42mm case, sold out quickly do to fruitful promoting on gatherings. Their subsequent creation, which comprises of 2 watches, additionally sold out promptly by pre-request. Fortunately, in any case, they have created more than the underlying run this time, making them accessible to the overall population. The models presently accessible are the 40mm Vintage  (with and without date) and the 44mm Deep . While both have styling establishes in the Submariner family, they are in reality altogether different watches considering various objectives. One is a reverence watch that honors quite possibly the most notorious Submariners at any point made, and the other is a husky device jumper with configuration signals taken from a couple of various exemplary Subs.

Specifically, the Vintage model alludes to the Submariner Ref. 6538, which was a model from the last part of the 50’s that was put on the map in 1962 via Sean Connery when he featured as Bond, James Bond in Dr. No. This is recognizable several distinctive plan signs that Raven utilized on the Vintage. In particular, the bezel embed, gold hands, overlaid line dial and absence of crown monitors. They likewise utilize a domed acrylic precious stone to give the watch all the more a vintage feeling. That all said, nothing is an incredible same, making it not a 1:1 homage.

The Deep model is kind of a montage of Subs. The dial, hands and bezel address Mil-Subs, which we examined in our survey of the Steinhart OVM, however the bezel likewise leaves a piece by having a red triangle at 0/60 and by being made of sapphire. The case, which additionally needs crown monitors, addresses a small bunch of models from the last part of the 50’s mid 60’s, yet its sheer size makes it altogether different. Taken the watch one more way is the 1220m water opposition, which is the thing that an ordinary Rolex Sea-Dweller has. Eventually, it comes together pleasantly, yet isn’t as explicit of a homage.

One thing these watches certainly share for all intents and purpose is extraordinary worth. Both element Miyota 9015 programmed developments, solid C3 Super Luminova and come with steel Oyster style arm bands just as other lash. The 40mm Vintage model comes in at $580 in addition to delivery, while the 44mm Deep is $700 in addition to transportation. In both cases, they are extraordinary arrangements, however the Deep, given its sapphire bezel, domed sapphire precious stone and water opposition, feels like a certified take.

Case:  Steel Movement: Miyota 9015 Dial: Black Lume: C3 Lens: Acrylic Strap: Steel wristband, Nylon Zulu, Leather Nato Water Res.: 200m Dimensions: 40×50 mm Thickness: 14 mm Lug Width: 20 mm Crown: 7 x 4.5 mm screw down Weight: 155g (on arm band, our measure) Warranty: 1 year

Case:  Steel Movement: Miyota 9015 Dial: Black Lume: C3 Lens: Sapphire Strap: Steel wristband, Leather lash Water Res.: 1220m Dimensions: 44×54 mm Thickness: 18 mm Lug Width: 22 mm Crown: 8 x 4.5 mm screw down Weight: 248g (on arm band, our measure) Warranty: 1 year


The Vintage and the Deep have comparable case plans that contrast for the most part in scale. The Vintage model estimates 40 x 50 x 14mm with 20mm carries, and the Deep estimates 44 x 54 x 18mm with 22mm drags, making them fundamentally extraordinary. The case has an exemplary plan that while suggestive of the Oyster Perpetual, has a generally unique shape. Both cases highlight section sides with clean brushing on the sides and the highest points of the carries. The completing on the cases is very first rate, which can be found in the cleaned line that runs along the top external edge of the drags. In spite of the fact that an unobtrusive detail, it is one that lifts both cases past a common steel case while alluding to a detail of the Submariner case. Another unpretentious utilitarian detail is that the carries are penetrated, which additionally alludes to the Sub case and makes changing lashes considerably simpler. Ultimately, the Deep model additionally includes a helium get away from valve on the left half of the case at 9.

Neither case has crown monitors, which is one of the outwardly characterizing parts of the two watches, giving them an unmistakably mid 60’s Sub style. The Vintage model highlights a 7 x 4.5mm screw down crown, that while enormous isn’t relatively equivalent to the “big crown” of the ref. 6538. By and by, it is a pleasantly machined marked crown that works with the watch. The crown on the Deep has a similar plan, yet is a drop bigger at 8 x 4.5mm, to suit the bigger case.

Both watches include pleasantly produced bezels with fresh and exact instruments and toothed sides for simple grasping. The Vintage model has an aluminum embed with markings that allude to the 6538 and other early submariners, with numerals for 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50, substituting with single lines and a red triangle at 0/60 with a lumed pip. The Deep has a sapphire bezel embed that alludes to Mil-Subs, with markings for consistently, however it additionally has a red triangle. The entirety of the markings on the bezel for the Deep are lumed, which is a decent utilitarian touch.

Another purpose of separation is in the precious stones on the two watches. The Vintage has a hello domed acrylic gem, which is both dazzling and befitting of the watches name. Acrylic adds a touch of bending around the edges and has an unexpected sheen in comparison to sapphire or mineral, which gives it a smidgen more character. The Deep has a high domed sapphire gem. It’s really perhaps the most “domed” sapphires I’ve come across, with a smooth adjusted shape and a huge sweep. Obviously, it’s a component that enhances the watch.

Dial and Hands

  • 40mm Vintage

The dial of the vintage has a few fascinating subtleties that are both appealing and allude to the source watch. In the first place, it has the exemplary Submariner markings, with enormous lumed dabs for 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10, and 11, square shapes for 3, 6, 9 and a triangle at 12. The date model, which we had available, substitutes the square shape at 3 for a date window. While the down to earth disapproved of refined man in me is attracted to having a date window on the watch, the idealist in me finds the no date form all the more stylishly satisfying. The external record, which comprises of a border line and has marks for the individual minutes is shaded to allude to the overlaid, gold-leaf, lined dial of the 6538. Every one of the lumed markings additionally has a dainty plated line around it. The plated line isn’t, in any case, genuine gold, which is not out of the ordinary given the cost, but instead a metallic gold print. In any case, it gets the stylish across of a more refined and formal plunge watch. Under 12, additionally in false overlaid is the logo and name of the brand, or more 6 it says programmed in gold and afterward “200m = 660ft” in red. The utilization of red content here additionally alludes to vintage Subs. The imprinting on the dial is very first rate with sharp lines, text and incredible lume potency.

The hottest element of the watch, both new and old, to my eyes is the gold plated handset. The Vintage includes the exemplary Sub handset with a blade minute hand, Mercedes hour hand and a meager stick second hand with a lumed circle. All element C3 Super Luminova. The gold plated hands are unadulterated style, adding a dash of bling to the dial (not an expression I use regularly, but rather it’s adept here and appreciated). The gold hands are additionally set off against the dark dial, making them a focal point of the design.

  • 44mm Deep

The Deep has a comparable dial, with a similar fundamental plan, save the overlaid line. Rather than gold, the external border, which comprises just of bring forth stamps, is brilliant white. Since the actual watch is a lot bigger, the different markings have been scaled up to be bolder and more noticeable just as more suitably proportioned to the huge case. The Deep additionally includes a date window at 3, with white on dark date, yet rather than no lumed marker, is accompanied by a little lumed square shape on its correct side. The date window coordinates the stature of the marker at 9, so by adding the little square shape to one side of the date, they have made the dial balanced, which was a shrewd move. This way the date window doesn’t upset the tasteful much.

The hands on the Deep allude to the Mil-Subs of the mid 70’s. The common Mercedes hour hand has been traded out for a bold Roman blade style hand and the moment hand is as yet a slim sword. While the style is right, I do think the hour hand is somewhat little relatively, however that’s parting hairs.  The seconds hand is really not equivalent to is on the Mil-Sub, which would have had a bolt tip, but instead a straightforward stick with a lumed spot close to the end. The hands are completely cleaned steel with C3 filling.

Straps and Wearability

Both watches come with various ties, however various sorts. The 40mm Vintage comes with 3, a brushed steel clam style wristband, a dark and light dim 5-stripe “Bond” Zulu lash and a chocolate earthy colored cowhide NATO. The 44mm Deep comes with a comparable, however bigger, steel wristband that likewise has a jump augmentation, and a delicate dark cowhide 2-piece tie. In general, the lashes are exceptionally pleasant. The arm bands are very much made and have pleasant completing, while the 2-piece calfskin tie that comes with the Deep is particularly comfortable. The extra tie alternatives are incredible to have, as the arm bands are extraordinary, somewhat formal, however add a ton of weight, so the lighter choices are very welcome.

On the wrist, the Vintage is truly comfortable and extraordinary to wear. The 40mm size is okay for wearing throughout the day, and the look simply works with everything. The blend of vintage components, exemplary sub looks and a drop of surprising gold makes it an exceptionally powerful watch that is amusing to wear in any circumstance. It’s likewise one of those watches you can’t keep your eyes off of during the day, having bunches of little components to gaze. On the wristband, the watch takes on a marginally sterner look that may work better in a work place, yet I ended up attracted to wearing it on nylon for the most part. In spite of the fact that the nylon Zulu and the calfskin Nato the watch comes with are extraordinary increments, I was shocked that the Vintage didn’t come with a dark, red and green Nato/Zulu, as that is the thing that Bond wore the watch on… Luckily I made them lounge around, so I wore it on that to complete the look.

The Deep is a colossal watch that feels gigantic on the wrist. The 44 x 54 x 18mm case isn’t for the little wristed, yet in the event that you can deal with it, it’s an extraordinary looking watch. It likewise weighs a lot, coming in at 229g on the arm band subsequent to eliminating 2 ordinary connections and 2 half connections, so it’s not a watch you’ll fail to remember you have on. The extra cowhide lash, notwithstanding, makes the watch commonly lighter and more comfortable. To the extent a muscular instrument jumper goes, the Sub-propelled looks make this exceptionally attractive and misleadingly formal. Unquestionably a watch one can wear out and to the workplace, too under water.


There are a ton of incredible things going on with both the 40mm Raven Vintage and the 44mm Deep. They are all around made with decent completing, durable crowns and bezels and dependable Miyota 9015’s inside. Both are likewise all around evaluated for what they are and what they come with. As a decent advantage, they likewise both come with 5 pocket watch rolls. Between the two, I found the Vintage model more wearable essentially in light of the fact that it is adapted and more modest, at the end of the day, they are totally different watches with various thought processes. The Vintage is a respect to a notable Submariner, while the Deep is a practical jumper with a composition of components alluding to different vintage Subs. Regardless, if you’re not a Sub fan, these watches will be useless to you, however in the event that you are a fan, particularly of the ridiculous models like the ref. 6538 and ref. 5517, these will hit a chord.

Review units provided by Raven Watch

By Zach Weiss