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Reservoir Watch Supercharged Classic: (Relatively) Affordable Swiss Quality | Quill & Pad

Reservoir Watch Supercharged Classic: (Relatively) Affordable Swiss Quality | Quill & Pad

Clean-sheet watchmaking has its focal points. Reservoir Watch was established in 2016, dispatched its first items in 2017, and entered its initial watch into the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève (GPHG) in 2018.

Absent any set of experiences or trick to proper a dead brand name, Reservoir has had the option to channel its energies into imaginative plan, high incentive for money, and a balanced model line.

It’s French. Also, Swiss.

Before talking about the Reservoir Supercharged Classic inside and out, it’s beneficial to audit what Reservoir Watches is and is not.

Reservoir follows the Bell & Ross strategy of Swiss assembling and Parisian arranging. The assembling of Reservoir watches happens in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland; plan and the business office live in Paris.

Officially, Reservoir is a Parisian plan house, and the leader group flaunts no less than three François (François-es?) to pound home the point.

CEO and originator François Moreau, a financier by profession, is the chief power behind the Reservoir brand. He and his group have normalized one bunch of highlights across all Reservoir items: programmed winding, a force hold pointer, a retrograde moment scale, and a bounce hour display.

Five collections are spread more than three subjects: “marine,” “aeronautics,” and “vehicles.” While that cluster sums almost to a spoof of the normal watch gatherer’s premium pool, there is truth in cartoon, and the three François seem to have hit a bullseye from a showcasing standpoint.

Reservoir Watch Supercharged Classic

Peers and value focuses: un-equals

But Reservoir explicitly focuses on a value range and a purchaser far off from the haut-de-gamme likes of De Bethune, Hautlence, and Bulgari (née Gérald Genta) that populate the bounce hour and retrograde presentation specialty. Most Reservoir watches – the Supercharged Classic included – retail for under $5,000, and the reason seems sound; this is a ton of complication for Tudor Black Bay money.

Arguably, only Meistersinger and Azimuth have put as much energy in elective time shows at such a value point, and still, after all that comparable Azimuth watches for the most part surpass the $3,900 MSRP of this Reservoir Supercharged.

Reservoir Watch Supercharged Classic

A diverse interpretation of “auto” dials

Reservoir’s plan is clear in concept yet nuanced in execution. The instrument-propelled dial of the Supercharged Classic owes a gesture to the earlier work of Bell & Ross and Giuliano Mazzuoli in this methodology, yet Reservoir combines the gauge stylish with functions beyond universal three-hand time.

As part of the Reservoir’s skeuomorphic configuration plot, the retrograde hand assumes the part of pointer on a vintage sports vehicle tachometer or speedometer, and the force save copies the fuel gauge. A computerized hop hour show rests between the two and gives a sharp “snap” concurrent with the retrograde at the turn of the hour.

Design of the Supercharged Classic sub-model explicitly depends upon the inside highlights of sports and dashing vehicles worked somewhere in the range of 1930 and 1960. While the 2018 GPHG Challenge classification shortlisted Reservoir Longbridge British Racing Green unequivocally references the speedometer of a 1960s Austin Mini, the Classic isn’t model-specific.

Reservoir Watch Supercharged collection

Details matter: dial profundity and graphics

The external edge of the Supercharged Classic’s dial includes a spine like slant bearing the retrograde moment scale. This concave component, which concedes the dial an additional proportion of profundity, is adjusted only across 240 degrees to remind the proprietor that car gauges highlight a “no man’s land” at their bases.

Jaeger-LeCoultre utilized similar discontinuous dial illustrations, yet at a lot greater cost point, in its 2004-2014 Amvox arrangement .

While Jaeger-LeCoultre was focused explicitly on David Brown-period Aston Martins, Reservoir’s implicit – however vigorously inferred – inspiration has all the earmarks of being the Smiths gauges included on 1950s-1960s Jaguar cars. Alongside the Supercharged spine plan, the vertical orientation and font of the Arabic numerals imply a Smiths instrument without impinging on Bremont’s apparent monopoly on Jaguar watch hybrids .

Smiths gauges on a vintage Jaguar (photograph courtesy

Lending – and expanding – a hand

More attention to detail is apparent at the focal point of the dial. A raised plinth underneath the moment hand matches a similar design underneath the rotate of a dashboard gauge – Smiths again – and assists with separating the generally level territory of the dial place. While legitimate hand length can be a contentious subject among watch purchasers, Reservoir’s plan group carefully decided in favor of great excess.

The Reservoir Supercharged Classic’s games an effortless and liberal bounce counterweighted needle-like moment hand in level dark; its gossamer breadth closes barely shy of the external edge of the minutes sector.

Jump hour and force hold of the Reservoir Watch Supercharged Classic

 At 6 o’clock, the force hold pointer breaks neatly from the dial rib. This might have been a bumping highlight, however the etched transition from spine to metallic bezel keeps the junction of the designs appropriately refined. This merging of shapes mirrors an arrangement – not an accident.

A comparable metal bezel encompasses the bounce hour, and its combined impact with the force hold bezel is to convey the impression of a more costly watch. Inside the hour gap, Reservoir decided on a dark showcase circle with fresh white numerals. Along with a modest bunch of red twists, this contrast assists with breathing life into what might have become an outwardly numb monotone spread of dial varnish.

About that dial stain: Reservoir planned the Classic to convey the walk of years in a fashion that the other Supercharged models don’t. Despite the fact that it’s simpler to enroll in person than to photo, the matte base of this dial is a light grayish crème as opposed to the harsher chalk white utilized somewhere else in the collection. In concert with the dark scales and red accents, the classic white-dark red wearing tri-tone of incalculable mid-century motorsports chronographs echoes on this Reservoir.

A case study

At 43 mm, the hardened steel instance of the Supercharged Classic rests at the midpoint of Reservoir’s size contributions. The pivoting bezel Hydrosphere models measure 45 mm, and the most compact of the Longbridge units range a clean 39 mm. However, shockingly, the plans instead of the extents of these cases give the genuine distinction between collections. 

Crown of the Reservoir Watch Supercharged Classic

Case configuration is the place where Reservoir most unmistakably references wristwatch plan point of reference instead of vehicle parts. By chiseling ambiguously Heuer Carrera-enlivened carries that project strongly from the case band, the Classic’s planners obviously gathered more from 1960s plan than vehicle tropes.

But Reservoir’s interpretation of the classic Carrera haul is topical as opposed to strict; the Supercharged games a more pronounced break among case and carry than the old Heuer.

Lugs, case band, and bezel of the Reservoir Watch Supercharged Classic

As with its dial, drag plan on this Reservoir sports unobtrusive twists that address its makers’ eye for subtlety. The drag tips are angled instead of pointed, and the profile of the tip is wedge-molded as opposed to squared off.

Conventional case finish directs cleaned flanks (e.g., Rolex) or longitudinal silk (e.g., most Omegas); Reservoir decides on the seldom seen vertical silk approach. In the first place, the decision of glossy silk finish on a generally huge watch considers great taste the piece of the creators, since high clean on 43 mm (and greater) cases is terminally 2005.

Second, the vertical glossy silk keenly ranges the mid-case region to the sidelong essence of the bezel, a stunt that outwardly joins the two notwithstanding a perceptible hole between the structures.

Making a move[ment]

If there’s a genuine head-scratching point to the Reservoir Supercharged, it is the Greubel-Forsey-ish overflow of alleviated miniature content on the case back. It’s out and out bizarre.

Given that in-your-face watch geeks purchase crackpot time shows, and these folks – they’re normally folks – will in general photographically review item specs . . . do you see where I’m going with this?

Why promote the watch to the genuine adherent who as of now claims it? Does the purchaser need to see the subtleties of his buy decorated on his skin each time he eliminates the watch?

View through the showcase back of the Reservoir Watch Supercharged Classic

Yawning case back vistas of essential developments feel like a pander as opposed to altruism, so Reservoir did well to keep this presentation window themed and insignificant. Similarly as with the dial-side moment scale, the sapphire gem show traverses precisely 240 degrees. This is an insightful application of equal plan, and it limits observation to the equilibrium, controller, rotor focus, and switching wheels; these are the only intriguing pieces of a standard ETA 2824-2.

Mechanically, the Reservoir switches back and forth among rudimentary and colorful. The real ETA farm vehicle type is a consoling and welcome presence in a generally unconventional item from a youthful brand. Underneath that, in any case, things take a turn for the higher finish of horology. A restrictive complication module – Reservoir claims the rights – from development house Télôs Watch S.A . makes an interpretation of the ETA’s force to the triple complication’s dial-side output.

Télôs, which is maybe most popular for making the Harry Winston Opus 14 of 2015, is an accomplished Swiss expert in complicated watchmaking. Its capacity to make the breathtaking regular solid has been set up at value focuses significant degrees beyond the expense of this Reservoir.

Technically talking, about 50% of what’s inside the case is the 124-section/10-gem Télôs complication, so there is a lot of elite watchmaking inside this Supercharged Classic.

Despite the value purpose of the Reservoir Supercharged, it incorporates adequate Swiss worth and nearby gathering to bear the “Swiss Made” mark on its dial. Starting at 2017, that involves 60% Swiss content by an incentive just as packaging, quality control, and last get together on Swiss soil.

This isn’t to say that peripherals like gems, catches, or arbitrary case components aren’t moved somewhat, yet it offers a comforting distinction among Reservoir and bilingual spending plan miniature brands like Sevenfriday or the most recent iteration of Ikepod.

Reservoir Watch Supercharged Classic

La Chaux-de-Fonds-based Télôs handles module construction just as definite get together and quality control of Reservoir’s timepieces.

Laurent Ferrier, HYT, Richard Mille, and MB&F depend intensely on development designing accomplices to convey brand-selective components, and it’s not difficult to see that Reservoir’s improvement way is both grounded and in great company.

Odds and ends

Technically accomplished, accessibly valued, and mindfully styled, the Supercharged Classic dazzles with its full set-up of peripherals. Start with the boxed set, which incorporates lash apparatuses, a NATO extra band, and metal equipment for the strap.

Reservoir’s guarantee traverses three years; the “industry standard,” which you’ll discover at brands as changed as Tudor and Patek Philippe, stays two years.

Reservoir Watch Supercharged Classic crocodile tie and collapsing buckle

More added esteem comes as the tie and fasten. In the sub-$4,000 value class, material, elastic, or calf cowhide lashes are the standard, so Reservoir shocks with huge scope alligator.

Reservoir Watch Supercharged Classic collapsing clasp

And there are Patek Philippe-style spring tab discharges on this lash so the proprietor can eliminate it without taking a chance with the drag get done with a screwdriver or instrument. Moreover, this value point as a rule involves a pin clasp or NATO-style fastener. A full steel twofold deployant with trigger delivery outperforms expectations.

On the street – and wrist – with the Reservoir Supercharged Classic

The Reservoir experience will fluctuate contingent upon your model, yet all encounters can start on the company’s site, which sells online and direct. This is refreshingly reformist in an industry that actually hates online business and occasionally powers customers to truly visit an approved purpose of sale.

And with Reservoir retail costs more comparable to consumer electronics than most extravagance watches, wrangling feels less basic. Point-and-snap checkout gets the job done. For the individuals who lean toward the in-person experience, Reservoir likewise works through an international organization of approved dealers.

Significantly, Reservoir is setting up nearby assistance accomplices across international business sectors, and this activity should deliver huge profits in overhauling rate and straightforwardness down the road.

Reservoir Watch Supercharged Classic on the wrist

Once on the wrist, obviously the Supercharged terrains on the larger than usual finish of the size range: 43 mm is a marginal dimension that can play “enormous” or “larger than average” contingent upon haul length and shape.

Those extending Carrera-style hauls flare 51.4 mm across the wrist, and their shape doesn’t exactly contour around the edges of the wrist. Consider a wrist periphery of 15 cm or bigger to be obligatory. Any size beneath that ought to entreat an authority to consider the 39-41.5 mm Longbridge collection.

While the Supercharged is wide, it’s shockingly slim. Given an ETA 2824, a particular complication, and a profound dial, the deliberate thickness of 13 mm appears to be out and out miraculous.

For reference, a Rolex Submariner midpoints 12.6 mm across its different metals. On the off chance that you can shake a Sub with your sleeve, you can be a Reservoir dog.

Reservoir Watch Supercharged Classic

Reactions to the watch all around were positive. I experience an unusual number of no-nonsense watch fans over the span of my work, however this difficult to-satisfy segment accepted the watch. Comments concerning the value point, plan, and complication thickness ruled discussion of the Classic.

A not many of these people communicated certified interest in purchasing a model when recounted the cost. For this group, there may have been something remarkably engaging about a beneficial watch that doesn’t include prolonging retirement, Googling the estimation of repetitive organs, or the close home loan money frequently connected with abnormal time shows from Swiss independents.

Functionally, the only astonishment experienced in my experience with the Reservoir was the security framework that permits a client to set the retrograde moment bi-directionally without harming the hop hour.

A 37-hour power save implies that this is a watch to wear day by day or hope to reset. And keeping in mind that the screw-down crown – actually – licenses surface swimming, I can’t resist the urge to feel that there’s somewhat of a thrill seeker factor in doing as such with a 50-meter rating.

Water aside, the only useful constraints were the absence of a constant second showcase and the shortfall of any glowing treatment on the hand or hour disk.

My experience with the Supercharged Classic proposes that the plan makes an interpretation of well to the overall population. Indeed, even without earlier discussion of the auto prompts, one of my standard non-devotee opinion sources made the connection.

Reservoir Watch Supercharged Classic

Overall, the Reservoir’s look was generally welcomed by the non-watch set. The group satisfying retrograde, hop hour, and sliding force save triplet drew general acclaim . . . also, one inquisitive request whether quickly cycling the retrograde and hop hour would “channel the battery.”

For more information, if it’s not too much trouble, visit .

Quick Facts Reservoir Supercharged Classic Reference RSV01.SC/130-21

Case: 43 x 13 x 51.4 mm (carry to-haul), hardened steel

Development: programmed Caliber ETA 2824-2 base, 37-hour power save, 4 Hz/28,800 vph recurrence, ETAchron regulation; Télôs Watch S.A.module, select to Reservoir, 10 gems, 124 sections

Functions: hacking retrograde minutes, bouncing hours; power hold marker

Adornments: one additional NATO tie and tie instruments

Cost: $3,900

Comment: three-year warranty