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Review: Bulova 96A102 Commemorative Hack Watch

Review: Bulova 96A102 Commemorative Hack Watch

Having worn this watch for half a month at this point, I would straight be able to up say that it is an extraordinary and pleasurable watch to wear. As I said in my underlying impressions, a piece of what attracted me to this watch was essentially the general estimation of it. Great brand, incredible look and a seconds-sub dial (which one doesn’t see regularly in this value range) for under $100. How might you turn out badly? All things considered, obviously the form quality could be unremarkable. That’s not the situation here; the Bulova is a pleasantly fabricated and strong watch. Possibly the strap is a piece of trash? Probably not. I love the strap that it accompanied. It is consummately styled for the watch, pleasantly built and very comfortable. Umm…maybe it keeps terrible time? By and by, no: it is controlled by a Japanese quartz (Miyota) and is as solid as possible at any point need.  Basically, everything comes down to looks, and I love the way it looks.

Case: Sandblasted  A9 Stainless Steel Movement: Miyota Quartz (subtleties obscure) Dial: Black with White Index Lens: Domed Acrylic Case Back: screwdown Strap: Black Green Canvas with Metal Rivets and Leather backing Water Res.: 30m Dimensions: 40mm, 50mm haul to-carry Crown: 7mm x 3mm Push/pull Thickness: 11mm Lug Width: 20mm Warranty: NA

In a market soaked with military watches, this one stands apart since it harkens to a more established age of the military watch, in other words the 40’s as opposed to the 60’s. As such you can see traces of the craftsmanship deco development in the hands and face, as opposed to the overly sterile styling of later ages. This tad of enrichment makes the watch more wearable as an easygoing watch, since the undeveloped eye will simply think it is pleasant looking, and will likely miss its military side. Obviously, that could be a drawback as well, if military is the thing that you are going for. I love the manner in which this watch looks with some pants and a short sleeve or moved sleeve shirt. It simply feels loose and easygoing, without being reckless or ailing in style. Accordingly, you can without much of a stretch wear it when drinking brews with companions, or at the office.


The body of this watch is sandblasted steel and it sits pleasantly on the wrist at 40mm. In any case, as I said in my past post, haul to-drag is longer than you would expect at 50mm. I have moderately slight wrists and still think that its entirely comfortable, however in the event that your wrists are especially little, or you basically lean toward more modest watches, you should give this a shot before you get it. In any case, the lengthened carries, which are inadequate in any unessential itemizing, add a specific strength to the watch. Maybe it is their obvious calculation, or maybe it is only the extra metal, whichever way it works in the watch’s favor. The crown is 7mm wide by 3.5 mm profound and has a straightforward scored surface. It sits against a slight level in the side body, which holds it back from jutting into your hand, yet its size makes it simple to grasp if needed.

The focal point is produced using domed acrylic, which adds to the 40’s feel. Generally, it has extraordinary lucidity, however at a point some mutilation happens around the edge. Actually, since this doesn’t influence the utilization of the watch, I like the bending, yet it probably won’t be for everybody. The acrylic is likewise profoundly intelligent, which you will see in the event that you are in splendid light…it additionally makes it harder to photo (yet that presumably doesn’t concern you). At last, acrylic may have been a value choice, where case I’ll take it, however the danger of placing a profound scratch into it is consistently at the forefront of my thoughts. I realize a few group incline toward acrylic, since it is simpler to buff, yet it makes me a little weary.

On to the face…Not that the face is the solitary thing that is important on a watch, yet it will positively represent the deciding moment it for you. For this situation, I think the face sings, and would likewise on a watch 5x or 10x the cost. First things you notice: the foundation is matte dark and the numbers are big… fail, colossal. The numbers are probably huge without swarming one another, and they are painted in that light pistachio lume green that functions admirably on a dark face. You won’t ever think about what time it is the point at which you see this face since the numbers are for all intents and purposes leaping out at you. Then, you likely notification the white seconds sub-dial at the 6 position. The record of the sub-dial is genuinely nitty gritty, thinking about its size, with internal and external rings, tick marks for consistently and digits each 10. However the fine printing makes it simple to peruse, and however it is thick, it doesn’t out gauge the remainder of the face.

The external ring of the face is a 24-hour file, beginning at 13, that additionally has marks for every moment. This takes into account simple recounting 24hr time and furthermore the moment while giving a visual support between the enormous hour numerals and the case. Just under 12 is the standard Bulova logo with the Accutron tuning fork image, which should have not been on the first, since the Accutron was presented in the 60’s.

The moment and hour hands on this watch are additionally of unique note, as they truly feel like they are from some other time. Essentially, the moment hand tightens outwards from the focal point of the watch and afterward rapidly comes to a stretched point. The hour hand is slim and straight and afterward abruptly swells into an enormous oval, and afterward comes back to a meager point. Two hands are made of cleaned steel with lume filling. These kinds of hands are a style from the workmanship deco period. For instance, look at this Illinois watch from the 1920’s…same thought. In spite of the fact that they stand apart somewhat from the remainder of the styling, since they are more nitty gritty and mathematical, they actually work and are actually the tasteful highlight of the face.

All that said and done, one of the genuine reasons I continue to float towards this watch in the first part of the day is essentially that it is truly comfortable. Notwithstanding its size and material composition, the watch is a spritely 41 grams, which will not secure down your arm during the day. On top of that is the incredible strap that it comes with, which I examined in my underlying impressions. Possibly it is on the grounds that it is summer at this moment, yet I find that strap doesn’t adhere to me however much other cowhide or elastic straps do. That being said, no watch ought to be bound to just one strap, so I chose to search out an earthy colored cowhide NATO to substitute in. I found an incredible and modest one at Holben’s , which, I need to say, super looks extraordinary. The cowhide accentuates the tastefulness of the face and the dark earthy colored blend makes it go with pretty much everything, similar to turtle shell glasses. This will most likely be the strap I utilize all the more once the climate is colder again.

So, what else can I truly say? The Bulova Hack Commemorative is the sort of watch that you should get simply to have around. It is an extraordinary and modest everyday watch. I wouldn’t consider it a mixer, fundamentally, since you likely could wreck it accomplishing something rough, yet a specific measure of patina does a military watch great. The way that this is under $100, has the features talked about, has pertinence in watch and world history, and is popular truly makes it an easy decision. The watch is additionally accessible in a dark PVD release for more than $100…Personally, I think the one I have is more exquisite and versatile.