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Review: Citizen Nighthawk

Review: Citizen Nighthawk


The Nighthawk has a 41mm treated steel case with a gently brushed completed on the body and around the external bezel. The case is built of 3-sections, as is standard, however has an extremely articulated external bezel that houses the inside slide rule. This gives the 12.5mm tall body a somewhat more noteworthy saw tallness. The principle part of the case has a remarkable structure with cruel math and solid faceted shapes. It is an intriguing structure that stresses the flying foundations of the watch, and gives it a novel and present day look. At 8 and 3 are two crowns, working the interior bezel and essential time setting capacities, consciously. The two crowns are straight chamber shapes with a knurled finish and stout crown monitors securing them. The knurling gives both astounding grasp and an outwardly satisfying surface. The two crowns additionally work easily and are demonstrative of a decent quality form. The crown at 3 likewise screws down, encouraging the 200m water opposition, and is enhanced with a Nighthawk logo. The case back is a standard screw down sort made of cleaned steel. It has an exceptionally light drawing with essential data and a Citizen Nighthawk logo in the middle. The case back might have utilized a drop more consideration, in my opinion.

The by and large look of the case is tough and forceful. Its plan is obviously airplane propelled, however while having a remarkable look it doesn’t occupy from the dial or feel excessively finessed. Regardless, it really works effectively of subsiding to the foundation when gazing directly toward at the watch, as the watch will at that point have all the earmarks of being all dial. One thing to note is that 22mm drags are genuinely close into the body, while this makes the watch fit on the wrist well, it can’t handle thick or weighty/calfskin NATO straps.


When you talk about the Nighthawk, you can’t help yet invest a large portion of your energy discussing the seriously data loaded dial and interior slide rule bezel. It is an affection it or scorn it kind of dial that from the outset is puzzling, yet as you look nearer and become acclimated to it, it becomes clear and simple to peruse. I’ll save discussing the capacity of the bezel until some other time, however beginning the external edge of the watch you have the calculated inside slide rule bezel, which is comprised of a logarithmic scale broken into a huge number of markings in white and red, including numbers, tick marks and a couple of change factors identifying with fuel and volume. Venturing down to the dial, on the external most edge you have another logarithmic scale that relates to the interior bezel’s. Notwithstanding the scale there is a second list that identifies with time-distance change. Outwardly, this zone is exceptionally thick and complicated, yet once you get a feeling of where it closes, you can train yourself to overlook it when you need to just tell the time.

The principle hour list comprises of a progression of applied markers that are covered with lume. 1 – 5 and 7 – 11 are rectangular and have a marginally pointed tip, confronting the focal point of the dial. At 12 and 6 there are bigger numerals in a somewhat enlivening text style. Tastefully talking, the hour file, explicitly the 12 and 6, add a dash of retro allure that makes an overall quite all around required disturbance from the generally absolutely educational dial. The additional tallness and lume of the applied markers likewise isolates them outwardly from the dial underneath. Citizen utilizes a cool blue lume on this watch that is genuinely powerful and exceptionally ideal to take a gander at. Other than the roman-blade styled moment and hour hands, the hour record is the just lumed part of the dial, so when the lights are out, the impact is in reality extremely quiet, nearly soothing.

At the focal point of the dial is maybe my #1 part of the watch as far as smart approaches to put together data. The GMT list comprises of two settled circular segments that clear around 98 degrees, from 6 – 12, one in white and one in red. Nearest to the middle is the white list, which demonstrates from 0 – 12 hours. Encompassing that is the red list, which shows from 12 – 24. Both list broaden a little past their end time to make a cover region (thus the around 8 additional degrees). Presently, to peruse this arrangement of bends you take a gander at the GMT hand, which is a twofold sided hand with plane molded pointers. Toward one side the pointer is white, the other red, and you read the curves relying upon which side is presently over them. These lists separate the balance of the dial and gather a portion of the data on the dial. In doing as such, it assists coordinate each snippet of data on the face, making for a simpler initially read. The little-twofold headed GMT hand is likewise an incredible plan that looks great, fills a need and adds a cycle of personality.

The settled circular segments additionally open up territory on the correct focal point of the dial, where there is a Citizen Eco-Drive logo, a Nighthawk logo (as both an image and worked out), and text showing the water obstruction. At 3 there is a date window, which has a white boundary. The date plate under is white with dark content. While that is the converse of the remainder of the dial, which will in general make dates stand apart excessively, given the measure of markings around it, the additional difference assists with intelligibility. The actual dial is a shine dark that has a slight purple hint to it, which I accept is because of the sunlight based energy gathering surface. By and large, the nature of the dial is faultless. The printing, which gets fine at focuses, is fresh and completely clear and the applied markers, which add a drop of important surface, are pristine.


The Nighthawk is an extremely full-featured watch, planned as an instrument for pilots, but on the other hand is helpful for voyaging. The most essential feature, aside from time and date, is the GMT work. This permits you to have double cross zones addressed on your watch. On the Nighthawk, to set the fundamental time and GMT time independently, you put the crown into first position and by dismissing the crown from you, you will make the principle hour hand bounce forward an hour at a time, without disturbing the moment or GMT hand. The helpfulness of this capacity is verifiable and not just with respect to voyaging, maybe your business has a sister office in an alternate time region and you need to monitor when they are open. Or then again maybe you have family abroad and don’t need to call too late…it’s extremely simple to consider circumstances in which this complication can come in handy.

The other primary feature of the Nighthawk is unmistakably the slide rule bezel. I’ll be straightforward, I had never utilized one of these getting my hands on this Nighthawk, and from the outset I was somewhat scared by it. There truly is a ton of data, layered on top of itself, that does everything from changing units over to demonstrating what amount of time it requires to travel X distance at X speed to essential division and duplication. Furthermore, without a guide on the best way to utilize it, it isn’t precisely natural. That being said, with a little exploration one can discover the how-to, and afterward acknowledge exactly how functional of a feature this is to have on a watch. Thus, to give you a head start I’ve incorporated a little video showing you the most essential elements of the slide rule: division, augmentation, change of distances, just as one viable genuine use. For more complicated undertakings, I recommend scouring youtube, as there are a lot of instructional recordings there.

One note on the Nighthawk’s slide rule bezel, it doesn’t line up impeccably. While doing figurings, I found that the appropriate response was generally somewhat off of where it should be (for example in duplicating 30×2, with 30 over the inception, I would discover the arrangement, 60 would be off imprint just barely). While this doesn’t truly influence the manners by which I would utilize the bezel consistently, which would take into consideration a room for give and take, you ought to know that it is there.

Bracelet & Wearability

The Nighthawk comes on a hardened steel arm band that is shockingly pleasant. The wristband has an ordinary 3-interface Oyster-esque plan, but instead than having a generally level profile, it has a genuinely sensational tear-molded profile. This makes such a turning surface over the highest point of the arm band that has a decent surface. Since the surfaces are essentially adjusted, they get and mirror light curiously, that while not being showy, actually has a specific beautifying nature. The form quality is sufficiently good, it doesn’t feel modest or light, and yet doesn’t feel like a costly arm band. It absolutely is all around ok developed to hold up in every day wear for quite a while. The catch is extremely secure and has a twofold bolting framework comprising of a standard marked overlay over lock, and afterward a two-button arrangement mechanism.

As I referenced previously, the hauls are excessively close into the body to consider especially thick lashes or thick/cowhide NATO ties. I had the option to get a vintage styled calfskin Hirsch I have on to it, which has a decent impact. The rosy earthy colored cowhide plays well of a periodic red markings on the dial, and the differentiation grayish sewing works with the rest. I think this is an essential alternative to have for the watch, as it gives it a more easygoing look that additionally alludes to an exemplary pilot watch style. Given the generally energy and extreme specialized dial, the calfskin attempts to make the watch simpler to wear in more circumstances. The wristband looks extraordinary, yet it adds to the seriousness of the plan. Tragically an exemplary NATO style wont fit (*update, more slender NATOs can fit, however I needed to eliminate the spring bars and affix the NATO in, as opposed to fall through), yet marks like Maratac do have 2-piece varieties that would presumably work and be an extraordinary alterative for the hotter months.

The watch wears well indeed. At 41mm it is a comfortable medium-enormous size, however given its all-dial plan, it shows up a lot bigger and truly stands apart on the wrist. The faceted plan of the case coordinated with the data concentrated dial give the watch a genuinely forceful attitude that can be very attractive. Truth be told, this watch has collected more consideration from individuals around me than a large portion of my watches. Given the manly lines, great form, 200m water opposition and striking dial, this is an incredible alternative for wearing in dynamic circumstances, yet it actually keeps a degree of refinement making it welcome at the workplace and other less easygoing places.


There are numerous reasons why the Citizen Nighthawk is an extremely enticing watch to claim. It is rich with valuable features like a GMT hand and a slide rule bezel. It has looks that are novel, present day and eye-getting. It is very much constructed, has great lume, a decent wristband and is sunlight based fueled. Now, I would say that these characteristics would legitimize the acquisition of a watch costing a lot of cash, yet the Nighthawk comes in at just $237. On the off chance that you travel regularly and are searching for a reasonable watch to endure your traveling, in the event that you are dynamic and need an intriguing and distinctive looking game watch, on the off chance that you need an advanced styled pilot to add to your assortment without using up every last cent, the Nighthawk might just be by and large the thing you are looking for. *update As per the comment from Mr. Hubbard, I found a connection showing the numerous various varieties of the Nighthawk, including Titanium, PVD and Sapphire variants. Furthermore, recall that case back I discovered disappointing? All things considered, in Europe and Asia, the watch is accessible with an exceptionally point by point engraved version…hmm

Thank you for providing the audit Nighthawk unit

By Zach Weiss