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Review: Helson Sharkmaster 1000

Review: Helson Sharkmaster 1000

As with the Helson Skindiver and the Steinhart Ocean Vintage Military , it is imperative to know current realities about the watch the Sharkmaster 1000 depends on, to have a full appreciation and comprehension of why Helson even tried to make this watch. The tale of the Omega Seamaster 1000 really starts with the Omega Seamaster 600, conversationally alluded to as the “PloProf” (Helson additionally makes a praise to this watch, as anyone might expect called the Sharkmaster 600). For an incredibly rich and inside and out history of the watch, I recommend visiting , as the story of that watch can’t be completely found a way into this survey, however to give you an outline: the PloProf was created during the 60’s by Omega, Comex and Jacques Coesteau, and delivered in 1970. The watch featured numerous interesting innovative progressions intended for the expert jumper, for example, a monobloc case, locking bi-directional bezel and locking crown. Outwardly talking, the appearance of the watch is striking, strange and gawky, even Omega ran promotions saying, “It may not look pretty on a superficial level, however where it counts it’s beautiful.”

Case: 316L Stainless Steel Monobloc Movement: ETA 2824-2 25 Jewel Automatic w/Date Dial: Blue w/White lists Lume: C3 Lume Lens: Sapphire Strap: Rubber Strap + Steel Mesh Water Res.: 1,000m Dimensions: 44mm, 54 carry to-drag, Thickness: 15mm Lug Width: 22mm Crown: 6.5mm screwdown Weight: 200g on cross section Warranty: 1 year

The Seamaster 1000, delivered in ’71 was a development to the 600 that took a significant number of its tasteful plan features, dropped the outrageous look, and wrapped them up into a “helmet” formed case. Most eminently, the dial, hands and bezel addition of the PloProf were ported straightforwardly into the 1000. The case is really a monobloc transformation of plan Omega had utilized in the last part of the 60’s on their amazingly cool Flightmaster Chronograph. Somely, the plan of the Seamaster 1000 appears to have been planned as a more buyer amicable variety of the PloProf, however by expanding the water protection from 1000m, kept up its situation as an expert jumper. In spite of the fact that I haven’t had the option to affirm this detail, I have seen the Seamaster 1000 alluded to as the primary 1000m appraised plunge watch.

True to shape, Helson remained extremely devoted to the first plan, as such surveying the Sharkmaster 1000 resembles assessing a watch by 2 brands. The plan is ascribed to Omega and the r&d groups that chipped away at the first watch, while the execution and nature of the respect goes to Helson. For not composing the world’s most befuddling survey, I will simply discuss the watch evidently, yet remember, similarly as with any praise watch, that various gatherings ought to get credit. Presently on to the watch…


The 316L hardened steel instance of the Sharkmaster 1000 is really an item to observe. Estimating 44mm in measurement, 54mm carry to-haul, 15mm tall and weighing 150g, the monobloc case is however gigantic as it could be special. From overhead the plan looks straightforward: there is an oval that runs digression to the enormous bezel, stretching just somewhat as it arrives at the drags, that shape is then converged by a rectangular structure with adjusted sides that makes the hooded carries. On the left side, at 9, is the screw-down crown, which is flanked by crown monitors. The watchmen stick out of the case with basically no temporary arch, making an exceptionally unexpected disturbance to the streaming oval shape. Notwithstanding, since the crown is situated at 9, it doesn’t delve into your hand when wearing the watch.

Looking at the watch from the side, the genuine multifaceted nature of the plan starts to show. The entire case has such a pyramidal shape paving the way to the 4.25mm thick bezel, with a tenderly arced underside. The top surface of the case not just shapes up, it is additionally arced around the focal hub, giving the stout case a smooth, streaming top surface. The actual sides are chopped straight down, underscoring the tallness of the watch. Turning the watch 90 degrees, one can see the profoundly scalloped base edge. This detail is absolutely ergonomic, and keeping in mind that crazy looking, is very splendid. While wearing the watch, the scalloped territory floats over the skin, and when one’s wrist is flexed, that negative space forestalls the watchcase from staying into one’s arm and hand. In spite of the fact that I think it loans the watch to being somewhat awkward, the increment in comfort is obvious.

The underside of the watch has no markings, but instead a basic ribbing design. These scores, which cross the underside, help reduce direct contact between the case and one’s arm, taking into consideration air and dampness to go through; an inconspicuous however splendid ergonomic plan feature. The 22mm hooded carries are thick walled and roomy, taking into account simple tie evolving. Helson numbers their watches, and on the Sharkmaster 1000, this number is situated on the underside of one of the hoods, making it just obvious when the watch is strapless.

Though I can’t compare it to the first, I can positively say the Helson worked effectively on the machining of this case. As you can tell from the pictures and the portrayal, the math of the monobloc case is very complicated, with different meeting structures, point changes, cleft, etc… The edges all around are fresh, corners are sharp and the completing is even throughout.

Dial, Bezel + Hands

The dial of the Sharkmaster 1000 model I got is a medium blue shading that has a trace of blue-green in it, with a dark book on silver date wheel. It’s an extremely alluring shading that relax the general feel of the watch, which is welcome given its general size and solid math. The dial has an essential lumed, non-mathematical list comprising of somewhat tightened square shapes for the hours. At 12, there is a twofold hash mark, giving more weight to the highest point of the dial.  Between the bigger hour markers are non-lumed slender white lines for the individual minutes, just as slight lines expanding the hour markers in towards the middle. While the record is occupied, it is even and pleasantly planned. At 3 is a date window that is laid out in white, showing the silver wheel under. The silver functions admirably with the blue of the dial, neither standing apart too strongly nor being difficult to see. By and large, it’s a truly alluring dial plan that feels contemporary and is unique in relation to other jump watch norms, having fairly more modest markings.

The bezel embed, then again, has a significantly more 60’s/70’s look, highlighting a dark acrylic embed with different markings in both C3 and white. At 0/60 there is a lumed layout of a triangle. For quite a long time 5, 15, 25, 35, 45 and 55, there a tall slim lumed lines, and at 10, 20, etc… are full numerals. The individual minutes are set apart in little white “home base” molded markers that point in towards the dial. The text styles, line styles and marker shapes all vibe fairly dated, yet positively, as the to some degree gentler plan diverges from the dial well. The bezel is likewise all around developed, with a 120-click uni-directional system that has a significant and fulfilling click. The steel sides of the bezel, which is generally tall, have genuinely profound and wide notches, making a simple surface to grab.

The hands of the Sharkmaster 1000 are in the notable “plongeur” style, taken from its archetype, the PloProf. This style is characterized by the larger than average roman blade style orange moment hand, little fence post formed white hour hand, and a slim seconds hand with a lumed box. Clearly, it is a plan that is made to stress neatness of the moment hand. It is additionally an extremely striking and forceful look that has made it a go-to standard for jump watches. The splendid orange of the moment hand functions admirably with the blue of the dial and the dark of the bezel, making an amicable tone scheme.

As with other Helsons we’ve experienced, the Sharkmaster has very much applied and solid C3 lume. It gets charge rapidly, and stays charged for a respectable measure of time, sparkling brilliantly at its pinnacle. The use of the lume is even, however the hands do appear to shine brightest.

Straps + Wearability

The Sharkmaster 1000 comes with 2 lashes: a tempered steel network and an IsoFrane style elastic tie. The 22mm lattice is worked to last. At 4.25mm thick, it absolutely is a considerable wristband, yet because of the chainmail development, it doesn’t add a horrendous measure of weight. Besides, the lattice is very adaptable and comfortable against the skin. On the watch, it adds a consistency to the look, broadening the larger than average steel case around the wrist, too adding a dash of refinement, as metal arm bands will in general do. By and by, this has been my favored tie for the watch as the additional unbending nature of the lattice balances out the weighty watch on my wrist. One thing to note is that this isn’t the kind of lattice with removable or customizable connections. It’s essentially one-size fits all, save the augmentation piece, which adds about 15mm to the complete length. I have a moderately little wrist, at 7in, and I found the arm band fit me entirely out of the case. Not certain if the bigger wristed would be in karma. The lattice comes fitted with safety belt like catch, and comes loaded with a more standard organization as an option.

The IsoFrane style elastic lash is delicate, smells wonderful (like cocoa margarine, I accept) and very comfortable. On the off chance that you’ve at any point seen one of these ties previously, which I wager you have, at that point there isn’t anything amazing about what you get. It’s a truly sturdy tie that considers water to go effectively through. It’s long, taking into consideration a jumping suit to fit under… It’s a norm in plunging for evident reasons. It likewise adds a rough look to the watch that is engaging. That being said, I think that its less comfortable on the Sharkmaster never really weight. The delicate quality of the tie permits the watch to move around a smidgen more than I like.

Ultimately, the combo of the ties is by and large what you need it to come with; something more pleasant for everyday wear, and something energetic for being dynamic, or in the event that you favor that look. While I have not given it a shot a cowhide lash, as I don’t have one especially fit to watch, I could envision the correct earthy colored truly drawing out the tone in the dial and hands.  Wearing the Sharkmaster 1000 is somewhat of an encounter. It’s an extremely enormous watch, one that you will constantly see on your wrist. That being said, the 44mm case is okay and the 54mm length is simply under too-enormous. The size is truly supported by the ergonomic features that were planned into the monobloc case. The crown doesn’t jab you, the lower edges don’t cut into your tissue, and the arced base embraces your wrist, permitting the watch to grasp. While it’s not the most comfortable watch to wear, it was never truly implied as an every day watch. Looks astute, it is beautiful and novel. No other watch in your assortment is probably going to have a similar presence as this tank does.

In the Sharkmaster 1000 , Helson has acquired their A-game making truly exact tributes that don’t simply seem as though the watch, however are in reality advanced all around fabricated machines. The enumerating is magnificent, the form is without rebuke, and with components like an ETA 2824-2 and a 4.5mm thick sapphire gem, you realize this watch is going to last. Coming norm with 2 quality lashes, a spring-bar instrument and additional spring-bars, there is no absence of significant worth in the $899 this watch runs. From a practicability stance, this is likely not the ideal watch to get as your solitary watch, or just plunge watch. Yet, in the event that you are keen on 70’s jumpers, vintage Omega jumpers or simply huge and intense watches, this is unquestionably one to consider.

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by Zach Weiss