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Review: Seiko 5 SNZH53 Diver in Blue

Review: Seiko 5 SNZH53 Diver in Blue

I referenced it in my article about the Timex Andros , I alluded to my affection for it in my underlying impressions , Blake put it close by a Rolex Submariner and now I need to get down to it; the Seiko 5 SNZH is kind of an ideal watch. It is all around made, it is pleasantly definite, it has a programmed development, it looks incredible, it is adaptable, it is one of a kind and it is very affordable.

The audit is finished; go purchase one… But truly, a few overlookable issues, the SNZH53 is actually what I needed it to be.


Review: Seiko 5 SNZH53 Diver in Blue

Case Stainless Steel Movement Seiko 7s36B Dial Metallic Blue Lume Yes Lens Domed Hardlex Strap Bracelet Water Resistance 100M Dimensions 42x45mm Thickness 14mm Lug Width 22mm Crown 6 Warranty Yes Price $210

I purchased the Seiko 5 SNZH53  because I had been pining over different legacy jumpers I was unable to bear or find, similar to the Helson Skin Diver . I in the long run found out about the SNZH while I was searching for a moderate option in contrast to these watches, and I discovered a gathering post in regards to the  Seiko “Fifty Five Fathoms” mod . For those ignorant of what that implies, this DIY alteration, which comprises of introducing a post-retail face on the watch, depends on the popular and to-kick the bucket for Blancpain Fifty Fathoms . The Seiko 5 shares some unmistakable actual attributes practically speaking with the Blancpain, while not being a knockoff, which loans this mod an exceptional look that makes it extremely well known. Additionally, it will run you about $10,000 less to make or purchase a “modded” version.

But, I wasn’t searching for a DIY project (however that may be fun further as it were); I simply needed a pleasant legacy jumper. So I investigated the SNZH line. The “Fifty Five Fathoms” mod is regularly made with the 57 form , which is dark with gold subtleties. I think the 57 is flawless and most likely best embodies the vintage feel that attracted me to the class, however for wear-ability’s purpose, I was not searching for something with gold. So when I saw the 53, with its blue and silver décor, I realized I had discovered the model for me.

For $165, there truly was no discussion. I definitely realized that Seiko 5’s are extraordinary watches, given my involvement in the SNK803k2 , and after the burrowing I had done I realized this was the most reasonable choice for me. Notwithstanding, a programmed with day/date and hardlex mineral gem for $165 is continually going to sound great, such is the enchantment of the Seiko 5. As I talked about in my underlying impressions, the look, feel and development of this watch doesn’t let down.

The 42mm x 14mm treated steel body is hefty and strong. It is cleaned around the sides of the watch and softly brushed over the highest point of the carries, which is a pleasant finish that separates the sheen of the steel. The sculptural breadths of the carries and slight swelling sweep of the sides of the body intently look like that of the Blancpain’s. In this detail, I need to say, the SNZH out sparkles a few its more costly brethren that have straight sides. The additional bends make a specific polish that guide in the adaptability of this watch, allowing it to progress from a decent energetic jumper to an elegant dress watch.

The 120-click unidirectional bezel is pleasantly proportioned to the watch, however it doesn’t have all the earmarks of being just about as wide or stout as that of the Fifty Fathoms. It turns with a fantastic snap and has significant opposition, in other words you wont unintentionally turn it. The bezel is inlayed with a dark blue acrylic embed that has markings in a brilliant dim. The markings are marginally abnormal in that they mark each 10 with a numeral instead of each quarter, which is more ordinary of the style. This is really one of the distinctions that, in my eyes, truly separates the SNZH as an exceptional watch as opposed to a copy.

The text style they utilized is likewise fascinating and diverse in that it is substantially more lengthened and mathematical than expected. The edge of the bezel is cleaned steel with 60 minimal square teeth for holds that are both deliberate and embellishing. Given that jumpers are so frequently characterized stylishly by the style and size of the bezel, it is a significant element to be very much definite and in this occurrence I accept that Seiko worked effectively. Frequently I discover bezels to be cheap and over done, which may really be what attracts me to the legacy jumpers the primary spot; their bezels are consistently minimal.

The face of SNZH is basic, simple to peruse and very ideal to look at.  The actual face is a metallic blue “sunburst” that sparkles radially from the middle out. There are 60 markers around the edge, which supplement the markings on the bezel. At each quarter hour, aside from 15 where there is a the day/date window, there is an enormous inclined metal supplement with a somewhat tightened shape and at regular intervals there is a more modest angled metal addition. The three dimensionality and cleaned look of the supplements is extremely alluring and gives the face an amazing measure of embellishment, like these were little steel jewels. There are likewise slight white lines denoting the remainder of the minutes. On the inward edge of the entirety of the metal supplements is a little square shape of lume that lines up with the tip of great importance hand.

When the lume is charged this ring of square shapes looks cool. Sadly the lume is powerless, so you wont see it without physically accusing it of a light source. This is most likely the greatest disadvantage of the watch, frankly. I love it when lume gives a face a second character in obscurity, and I accept this plan would have done that, however eventually, around evening time you just see the hour and moment hands, which are huge roman blades with lume filling. The seconds hand is a dainty cleaned steel square shape with a lume filled triangle most of the way from the middle to the long edge. The enormous day date window is equivalent to it is on all Seiko 5s. Despite the fact that I appreciate the additional usefulness and benefit of having a day/date, I discover it to be a piece outwardly problematic in the present situation. Criticizing aside, I love the essence of this watch. I think Seiko adopted an exceptional strategy to catching a vintage tasteful without coming excessively near any current or acclaimed designs.

The precious stone of the SNZH is a domed hardlex mineral that estimates 28.9mm in breadth. The vault of the precious stone, which is actually a welcome expansion to any watch, slopes down forcefully prior to arriving at the bezel edge. Despite the fact that I have just analyzed photographs, I accept the shape is very much like that of the Fifty Fathoms. The rear of the watch shows the 23-gem 7S36B programmed development, which however undecorated is still very ideal to take a gander at. Up until now, I have seen no precision issues with the development, as is not out of the ordinary from a Seiko. Why the SNZH has a 23-gem development and the SNK803k2 has just a 19 is obscure, yet outwardly they are fundamentally the same as. I have not seen the rotor commotion, as I did with the SNK, on this model. Regardless of whether this is because of it being an alternate development or the main part of the watch, I don’t have a clue, however a presume it is the bulk.

As I referenced previously, the metal arm band that comes on the watch fails to impress anyone. It is conventional, metallic and fails to help the vibe of the watch. Hello Seiko, transport these with a decent blue ZULU tie and set aside everybody some cash, much obliged. At any rate, getting a decent lash for the 22mm hauls is adequately simple to do, thus far I have cherished the manner in which it looks with changed ties. The first I put on it was a blue and dim NATO bought from Gnomon . The stripes increment the liveliness of the watch and complement the blue and silver range. I’d call this my easygoing alternative for the watch. To expand wear-capacity I likewise got a straight dark blue ZULU from Holben’s , for times when the stripes of the NATO may conflict with the example on my shirt: by and by, a fruitful combination. My number one approach to wear it, notwithstanding, is with a Hirsch “Natural Line” Golden Brown lash . The delicious earthy colored cowhide blended in with the cleaned steel and blue face is only a genuine champ that looks extraordinary with about any garments combination you can toss at it…I mean, earthy colored and blue simply sing when they are close to each other.

I realize I grumbled a smidgen about the lume, date and wristband, yet have confidence, this is one of my #1 watches. To such an extent, that I am really considering getting a SNZH57 and modding it and furthermore getting the all dark SNZH59 model, since it is simply beautiful. Something other to note…Though I have been nonchalantly alluding to this watch as a jumper all through the survey, I wouldn’t really go close to water with it. By and by, the most profound I plunge is the point at which I accidently step in a puddle, so this is of no outcome to me, yet in the event that you are searching for that work, this isn’t the watch for you. It is appraised to 100m, which sounds startlingly profound to me, however considering it doesn’t have a screw down crown, I would not be slanted to test that. Lesson of the story, in the event that you need a route into the legacy jumper scene without burning up all available resources, are searching for an in vogue programmed with great form quality and vintage looks or simply need another Seiko to pivot in, I think the SNZH line is an incredible method to go.

BTW, in the event that you are searching for a Fifty Five Fathoms mod, yet are not slanted to dismantle a watch, they do appear pre-collected on the gatherings here and there… this one  was sold, however you can get the image. Simply search seiko FFF and see what you find.