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Schwarz Etienne Fiji Floral Seconds: Such A Good Daily-Wear Watch, You May Not Realize It Was Designed With Women In Mind | Quill & Pad

Schwarz Etienne Fiji Floral Seconds: Such A Good Daily-Wear Watch, You May Not Realize It Was Designed With Women In Mind | Quill & Pad

The essential improvement philosophy of many, if not most, women’s watches is SAJAD (Shrink And Just Add Diamonds), in which a men’s watch is given a more modest case and sprinkled with precious stones. Now and again a brand goes “the additional mile” by adding a mother-of-pearl dial.

This is the significance of the number of women’s watches appear to be made. Somewhat it functions as these watches sell  —on the grounds that there are not many other options. Watches deliberately planned from the beginning in view of ladies will in general be both more uncommon and a cut above.

Schwarz Etienne Fiji Floral Seconds with salmon dial on the wrist of supervisor in-boss Elizabeth Doerr

Schwarz Etienne built up the Fiji Floral Seconds from the beginning to be a women’s watch, and it’s a particularly sliced over that it’s probably going to draw in the consideration of numerous men as well.

Schwarz Etienne Fiji Floral Seconds: so great it hurts

Firstly however, attempt to fail to remember the word “Fiji” in the name as it will undoubtedly place pictures in your mind of the most lovely tropical islands. Schwarz Etienne doesn’t need that relationship for the Fiji Floral Seconds, and it’s elusive much in the watch’s configuration to justify the “Fiji” moniker.

I’ve been censured in the past for being too sure about the watches I expound on, and the facts confirm that I’m generally sure, yet that is on the grounds that I have the advantage of picking my own points to expound on and I detest squandering energy on things I don’t like.

That said, the Fiji Floral Seconds is perhaps the best watch for ladies that I have found in ongoing years.

Schwarz Etienne Fiji Floral Seconds with salmon dial on blue strap

With a case breadth of 38 mm, the Fiji Floral Seconds features the way that that Schwarz Etienne comprehends that numerous ladies like to wear a largish,  but not larger than usual, watch. What’s more, a stature under 11 mm guarantees comfort on the wrist.

But it isn’t just the elements of the case that make the Fiji Floral Seconds so great, it is additionally how it is built. While the case may appear to be somewhat plain head on, it is a long way from that. The drags and the rear of the three-section case are associated through a furrowed waist that flares out. This unpretentious detail adds a huge load of character to the watch without competing with the dial for attention.

Schwarz Etienne Fiji Floral Seconds: only one diamond

The same goes for the crown, which is fascinating and beautifying without being exaggerated. What’s more, it is here we additionally locate the lone precious stone set into the sequential models: a splendid cut diamond inserted in the crown.

Fluted case band and precious stone tipped crown of the Schwarz Etienne Fiji Floral Seconds

All of these components set up for that shocking dial with its tear formed applied hour markers, which Schwarz Etienne sequentially offers in one or the other dark or salmon-pink. The last tone is as I would like to think the more expressive of the two, maybe on the grounds that the salmon is coordinated with blue subtleties and hands.

Both staggered dials have similar highlights, including a focal bloom theme that is complemented by a vivid movement at 6 o’clock that is the running seconds display.

A beautiful Schwarz Etienne Fiji Floral Seconds with mother-of-pearl dial, precious stone setting, and incredible blue strap

Here Schwarz Etienne cut a brightening design into the subdial behind which another, distinctive shaded plate makes insurgencies. While it can barely include the seconds in a decipherable way, it gives the data that the watch is running (similar as the running seconds on a chronograph dial) and adds a lively touch to the watch.

Useful cowhide bag packaging

Talking about perky, Schwarz Etienne additionally picked to swear off customary watch bundling; all things considered, the company united with Noleti, a Swiss brand situated in La Chaux-de-Fonds that makes refined, rich bags.

So extremely helpful: Schwarz Etienne Fiji Floral Seconds calfskin bag bundling and guarantee pouch

The handbag/bundling that comes with the Fiji Floral Seconds is made from graceful grained cowhide and decorated with the Schwarz Etienne logo. The watch comes in a calfskin pocket discovered inside the handbag produced using the equivalent leather.

This is without a doubt a lot more pleasant and more valuable choice than a box that winds up in a closet.

Schwarz Etienne likewise offers the Fiji Floral Seconds with a snappy lash change framework and conveys the watch with two ties so the new proprietor can start wardrobing immediately. For the dark dialed rendition, the brand picked a delightfully differentiating ruby-red lash notwithstanding a dark stingray strap.

The Fiji Floral Seconds with the salmon dial comes with light blue and earthy colored calfskin straps.

Schwarz Etienne Fiji Floral Seconds with dark dial and stingray tie on a male wrist

Join the development: Schwarz Etienne Caliber ASE 200.00

One of the pleasant things about Schwarz Etienne is that it is an out and out assembling. Schwarz Etienne utilizes its developments in the two its own watches and supplies different brands, including Ming and Chopin .

Caliber ASE 200.00 is a strong and dependable programmed miniature rotor development offering a noteworthy force hold of 86 hours and, at a tallness of 5.35 mm it is neither excessively thin (delicate) nor cumbersome (inelegant).

Reliability appears to be an easy decision, however it is a necessity that not all developments meet. The completing is very significant level, with round graining on the fundamental plate and snailing with a sunray impact on the extensions. Once more, all with limitation and elegance.

Perhaps that is additionally what makes the Fiji Floral Seconds a particularly decent watch: it radiates a humility that intensifies its characteristics. It is a thoroughly considered creation where no detail is left to chance.

Caliber ASE 200.00 of the Schwarz Etienne Fiji Floral Seconds

The Fiji Floral Seconds doesn’t owe its appeal to an extravagant utilization of gemstones (non-sequential pearl set models barred) and it additionally doesn’t take after one of Schwarz Etienne’s men’s watches. It is a creation made particularly considering ladies, one that is however genuine as it seems to be fun loving, with an assembling development and vivid seconds indicator.

A pink gold Schwarz Etienne Fiji Floral Seconds on a bizarre red python strap

It is surely too early to apply the term benchmark to the Fiji Floral Seconds as I feel that another watch needs to substantiate itself after some time, however the Fiji Floral Seconds can well fill in as a persuasive model for different brands of how a top of the line every day wear women watch could look.

For more data, if it’s not too much trouble, visit .

Quick Facts Schwarz Etienne Fiji Floral Seconds

Case: 38 mm x 10.76 mm, tempered steel, VS 0.02 ct splendid cut precious stone set in the crown

Development: programmed miniature rotor Caliber ASE 200.00, 21,600 vph/3 Hz recurrence, 86-hour power save

Capacities: hours, minutes, running seconds liveliness

Cost: 7,150 Swiss francs (barring taxes)

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