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Seiko SII NE88 Automatic Chronograph Movement: Look Out, Valjoux 7750! - Reprise | Quill & Pad

Seiko SII NE88 Automatic Chronograph Movement: Look Out, Valjoux 7750! – Reprise | Quill & Pad

There are not many horological stories saturated with as much contention and legend as the story of 1969 and the primary programmed chronograph. Not exclusively do three unique brands have a legitimate case to being the first to have accomplished making the notable complication, however the fleeting satisfaction of said accomplishments exactly the same year, because of the presentation of the quartz watch, make the story deplorably bittersweet.

The acknowledgment of a programmed chronograph was gigantic for the watchmaking scene, yet throughout the next months and years it was pretty much dominated by quartz innovation. To such an extent that five years after the fact in 1974, for all intents and purposes the last new programmed chronograph movement for the following not many years was delivered with little fanfare.

That movement, the Valjoux 7750 , proceeded to be perhaps the most enduring and generally utilized movements at all cost levels of watches in the advanced period on account of being the most practical, dependable and effectively configurable.

Over the years, the Valjoux 7750 has been delivered in many arrangements making it a genuine chameleon and almost cornering the market for moderate mid-range programmed chronographs.

The movement side of the Valjoux 7750

The problem

There is additionally an issue. Presently delivered by the Swatch Group-claimed ETA, what is known as the ETA Valjoux 7750 and its variations have been remembered for the current and extending impediments on parts and ébauches for non-Swatch bunch brands.

Basically, on the off chance that you’re not in their group, you will be unable to purchase 7750s sooner or later. I don’t mean to comment on such procedures here, however this little truth is valuable to know since it makes it clear that the business needs at any rate another player.

Sellitta with its clone Caliber SW500 is a genuine model, however at this point it can’t be made in the volume required by the industry.

There are brands delivering movements, indeed, and companies creating chronographs and programmed chronographs, however not at the volume level of ETA and not at the sweet value purpose of the Valjoux 7750.

The dial side of the Valjoux 7750 movement

The 7750 is a straightforward, cam-driven chronograph that is moderately simple to produce at scale and a strong decision for a little brand to use. With the possibility of looking somewhere else since the Swatch Group declaration that supply would be diminished and in the long run stopped, other movement producers have been in the focus for frantic brands.

Enter the fresh out of the box new NE88 programmed chronograph movement by SII, Seiko Instruments , Inc. It may very well be what the market has been hanging tight for. As a matter of fact, it very well may be superior to one had trusted. Be that as it may, why?

White knight from the east?

That is an inquiry with a complicated answer, and for this geek essayist it is taken from a viewpoint that Swiss isn’t really better; all things considered, better is better.

And then we have the to some degree abstract inquiry of what establishes better. We should begin with the obvious.

The NE88 is intended to be a potential substitution for the 7750 by and large size, work, and, in particular, cost. As indicated by reports, the NE88 is accessible for around a similar cost as an ETA 7750. Furthermore, Seiko is probably going to be a dependable accomplice ready to convey high volumes.

That actuality alone makes it a more secure wager for long haul speculation, regardless of whether you are reluctant about any apparent quality. A brilliant administrator would not wager a brand’s future on something that has just been obviously expressed to before long be inaccessible but to the “picked few.”

Also, the NE88 is accessible for advancement with no pre-conditions like long haul agreements or high volume commitments, or a requirement for the purchaser to experience a confirming cycle; something which I have heard isn’t generally the situation with certain movement makers.

To assist with that improvement, specialized aides with the entirety of the important estimations required when planning around the NE88 movement are accessible. While this isn’t extraordinary to SII, it shows that the producer comprehends what is required and expected to attempt to battle the enormous canine in the yard.

The Seiko SII NE88 movement

Standout highlights of the Seiko NE88

The NE88 has a few highlights that truly stick out and a couple of causing even prepared gatherers and watch geeks to take notice.

First off is an exemplary Seiko highlight: a triple-tipped sledge that all the while and immediately resets all the subdial counters back to nothing. It’s a spotless and successful arrangement previously found on the Seiko 8R28, a better quality segment wheel triple vertical grasp movement used in the Ananta and Velatura models.

However, more significant and educational is the chronograph actuation instrument: a segment wheel. Considered by the business and gatherers the same as an all the more exceptionally pined for instrument, on account of its vertical grasp the section wheel offers a much smoother material feel than the harder snap of the flat cam switch chronograph as utilized in the 7750.

This without help from anyone else makes the NE88 a “more pleasant” movement to use than the one it looks to supplant.

Follow up that all around uncommon for-this-market-portion highlight with the expansion of a vertical grasp and you have a genuine victor. A vertical grasp was developed to tackle numerous issues that chronographs face with bouncing second hands, extreme wear on the middle wheel, and the clearly simple instrument that sees a wheel “stuck” into another when beginning the chronograph.

The NE88 utilizes a vertical hold to maintain a strategic distance from these issues, which goes toward making a first class chronograph movement. Since a section wheel chronograph  is more complex to create, more hard to change and essentially difficult to support, it is an instrument typically saved for simply the best chronographs available. So to discover it as a standard element on a sensibly evaluated movement expecting to surpass the business workhorse is a quite large deal.

A huge deal

Actually, the entire movement is a huge deal.

Also, I am trusting that it tackles some different issues with the 7750, for example, unreasonable commotion and vibration from a somewhat messy metal roller on the rotor. This is a mark component of the 7750, which a few gatherers really appreciate as it makes you sure you have a 7750 on your wrist since you can feel the rotor moving as you wear it.

However, to numerous gatherers that component is an enormous naysayer from the 7750. It very well may be a major side advantage if the NE88 is overall quite calm on the wrist.

Also, the 7750 has never been an especially alluring movement, yet it’s conceivable that the new NE88 may end up being something brands will invest a little energy into adorning since it has a superior possibility of being valued with the section haggle clutch.

Beside these highlights, the NE88 is by all accounts an entirely comparable movement to the 7750 as far as capacities. Furthermore, as far as measurements, the NE88 has a slight edge for being more slender (by 0.28 mm) and more modest in width (by 2.0 mm).

This permits much more opportunity in planning for the NE88 in light of the fact that you have more space to work with and can make a significantly more modest watch than you could with a 7750.

While it is just somewhat more modest, each millimeter tallies when planning a watch for the wrist. A common issue for programmed chronographs has consistently been size and the NE88 might be profoundly valued by brands and gatherers needing a more wearable piece.

Vostok-Europe Mrija chronograph with Seiko SII NE88 movement

The first brand to utilize it

So who appeared this movement? The fortunate brand that had first dibs and one that is a known substance for this essayist is as a matter of fact Vostok-Europe. Indeed, examine my survey of the Vostok-Europe Radio Room here .

What did I say? That is correct, the main watch to hit the market controlled by this amazing, new, and conceivable 7750 executioner was made by Vostok-Europe to pay tribute to its 10th commemoration in 2014.

Inspired by the world’s biggest airplane, the AN-225 Mriya, the Vostok-Europe Mriya is a 20 ATM jumper in hardened steel coming at 50 mm measurement. Not a little watch using any and all means (take a gander at its motivation), yet certainly an intense introduction for a potentially game-evolving movement.

Back of the Vostok-Europe Mriya chronograph with Seiko SII NE88 movement

There is additionally no uncertainty that the Swatch Group has the business in a difficult situation. This may be the movement that changes the future and makes quality, reasonable watches not a thing of the past.

It is certainly too early to know, and the reality of the situation will become obvious eventually, yet I am one geek essayist who will be pretty much as amped up for this as a little cat in a quill pad factory!

Vostok-Europe Mriya chronograph with Seiko SII NE88 movement

Quick Facts Vostok-Europe Mriya

Case: tempered steel, 50 mm

Movement: programmed Caliber SII NE88 with section wheel chronograph

Capacities: hours, minutes, seconds; date, chronograph

Cost: approx. $2,399

Constraint: 500 pieces, comes with two lashes and a tie evolving tool

* This article was first distributed on June 29, 2014 at The Seiko SII NE88 Automatic Chronograph Movement: A Change In The Wind?

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