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Seiko Superior SSA059 Review

Seiko Superior SSA059 Review

It’s difficult to contend with a decent Seiko. Reasonable, all around assembled and for the most part cool looking; they kind of characterize an incentive in mechanical watches. Ordinarily, we’ve investigated watches from the Seiko 5 arrangement, which range from ludicrously moderate to unbelievably reasonable. Today, we’re going to investigate a Seiko Superior, which several rungs higher on the Seiko item stepping stool. Coming in at $250, still very low in the plan of things, the Seiko Superior SSA059 is loaded with highlights, looks wild and is a restricted version of 2500.

The SSA059 grabbed our eye for a couple of reasons; one was the extreme look of the watch. With a dark case and dial emphasized with corrosive green markings, fascinating layering, finishing, compass usefulness and a tough nylon bund tie, this is a hearty watch with an extremely forceful disposition. It additionally is fitted with inward and outer bezels, which is genuinely uncommon. In conclusion, is that this uses the moderately new Seiko 4R37A programmed development, which we were basically inquisitive to find in real life.

Case: PVD Steel Movement: Seiko 4R37A Dial: Black Lume: Yes Lens: Hardlex Strap: Nylon and Leather Water Res.: 100M Dimensions: 44 x 48.75mm Thickness: 13 mm Lug Width: 22 mm Crown: 7 x 5 mm screw down Warranty: 2 Years value: $249


The burly, tank-like instance of the SSA059 has a complex plan with bunches of fascinating gatekeepers and patterns just as a topsy-turvy plan. It’s an enormous watch at 44 x 48.75 x 13mm, however the dark PVD and thick shape make it look dishonestly compact. Taking a gander at the watch from over, the case is overwhelmed by the huge outer bezel, which is faceted and finished differently. The two enormous crowns, one for development change and the other for the inner bezel, extend out of the correct side, which alongside their particular crown watches make a huge mass of dark metal on one side.

The carries at that point are moderately short, however very thick. One cool detail is that the hauls are associated by such an extension that follows the edge of the case, which transcends the edge of the bezel. This fundamentally makes the impact of the bezel being somewhat depressed into the case, giving it a strong and ensured feel. Taking a gander at the watch from the left uncovers another extraordinary and practical detail. The side of the case has a turret shape, with boards going in and out. These line up with the knurled holds of the outside bezel making it simpler to handle and turn the bezel just as adjust it to the mark.

The bezel itself has a 120-click uni-directional instrument that is acceptable quality. It’s tight, smart and apparently lines up. That being said, it’s difficult to figure out where the imprint is since the numerals on the bezel are so enormous and the inside bezel can be adjusted to anything. Along these lines, by adjusting the grasps on the bezel with the furrows on the case, you get a speedy reference that you can both see and feel.

Jumping to the opposite side of the case, you have the two crowns I referenced previously. Both measure 7 x 5mm, however have totally different plans to recognize them and their capacities. The crown at 2 is utilized to wind the watch just as set the time. This crown is a straight chamber with a knurled surface, making it simple to get a handle on. I was shocked to find that it was not screw down considering this is a programmed watch and the style of the watch inclines towards over-fabricated and strong. All things considered, the nature of the crown is generous and given the gatekeepers, I question it would inadvertently oust. The subsequent crown, situated at 4, has a straightforward toothed plan with a line of corrosive green cut into it, which assigns it as being utilized with the interior bezel. The activity of the interior bezel, which is bi-directional, is reassuringly tight.

Despite the way that the watch comes mounted on a bund-style tie, it has a presentation case back. The 4R37A development inside is average looking, with no perceptible beautification, however it’s consistently agreeable to have the option to see the development. The subtleties that would ordinarily be around the presentation window are rather screened onto the window, with an accentuation on a huge “limited edition” at the middle. The version number is then carved in little numerals on the back itself.

The SSA059 is completely PVD covered, aside from the steel segment of the presentation case back. It’s a rich dark covering that is very much applied, as would be normal. On all surfaces with the exception of the highest points of the hauls, which are gently brushed, the PVD is over cleaned steel, giving it a profound yet sparkling appearance. I’m not certain if this was the most ideal decision for this watch, which is unmistakably tough with some military/strategic impacts. The gleam causes the metal to have a plastic quality and furthermore gets fingerprints without any problem. That being said, it’s a cool glancing watch in dark, which I accept is restrictive to the restricted version model.


The dial of the SSA059 has a complexity that mirrors that of the case plan. With different layers and surfaces, it’s anything besides straightforward. The dial can be separated into two areas, the principle dial and the bezels. The fundamental dial comprises of two layers, the two of which are warm dark. The base layer is completely designed with a matrix of little squares. It’s difficult to see with the unaided eye, yet each square is really a minuscule pyramid, giving this layer an extremely intriguing surface. Bisecting the dial from 6 to 12 is a bolt with a dim stem and an enormous green-lined white triangle at 12. Simply over 6 in corrosive green “automatic” and “100m” are printed and at 3 is an applied metallic Seiko logo. There is a great deal going on here, which is the overall vibe of the watch, yet everything comes together lovely well.

Offset at around 10 is a huge 24-hr sub-dial, which is likewise multi-layered. The file of the 24-hr dial is determined to a ring, which is simply beneath the principle dial layer. It comprises of dull dark hash marks for the hours, with green numerals for 6, 12, 18 and 24. On the lower layer of this sub-dial is a cross with bolts, alluding to the compass usefulness of the watch. On the contrary side, and around 4.5 is a little window showing the white on dark date plate. Tragically, this window isn’t precisely at 4.5, yet rather somewhat more like four, which looks somewhat messy. This isn’t a detail you will see consistently as it is minute, however it irritated me nevertheless.

The essential file of the dial is imprinted on a ring, which is a layer over the base dial. The list is comprised of huge trapezoidal states of fluctuating size, each completely lumed, for consistently. Between every trapezoid are exceptionally weak dark lines, to show minutes. To be honest, they are so light you need to strain your eyes to see them, and likely wont see them at all initially. The enormous trapezoids, nonetheless, are very splendid and neat. The shapes all shape towards the focal point of the dial, giving the dial a feeling of movement and added depth.

Moving outwards, you have the profoundly slanted inside bezel. This bezel is really fitted with a compass record, showing every course and the degrees between them in 30-degree increases. This is a beautiful cool element to have on the watch, however you are not very prone to utilize it. By adjusting the watch to such an extent that the 24-hr hand is pointing toward the sun (don’t change the time, move the watch), you can set up north (in the Northern Hemisphere).

You at that point can set the inside bezel to mirror this, giving you a more exact compass to peruse. Obviously, would need to continue to change the compass as the sun moves. Obviously this is a simple compass that isn’t as practical, particularly in a genuine endurance circumstance, as an attractive or GPS based compass, so don’t get one at that point lose all sense of direction in a desert some place. That being said, it has a great time MacGuyvery quality.

The outside bezel at that point gives enormous green numerals in with the general mish-mash. The bezel likewise points down towards the focal point of the dial, attracting the eye. With everything taken into account, the vibe of the dial and bezels is serious. There is a great deal going on, yet it appears to adjust well. Nothing truly overpowers whatever else, and the fundamental list is consistently readable. Likewise, the hour and moment hands truly stick out. Both are green-lined roman swords with lume filling. They are striking and difficult to miss, yet not over-sized.

The seconds hand is a dark and green bolt with a slight needle that reaches out to the edge of the dial, complimenting the hour and minutes. The 24-hr hand, conversely, is very unobtrusive. It’s an intelligent dark, twofold side bolt that scarcely stands apart from the dark of the dial. Not certain why it’s so low perceivability, but rather I’d be lying in the event that I said it wasn’t cool looking.


The Seiko 4R37A development within the SSA059 is a genuinely new type from the brand, just appearing inside the most recent few years. It’s a 24-gem programmed with hacking and hand-winding, date, 24-hr hand and a recurrence of 21,600 bph. The hand-winding and hacking are both extremely welcome highlights and the 24-hr hand is an intriguing expansion. In spite of the fact that not as common in the more reasonable Swiss developments, 24-hr hands are accessible in an assortment of Miyotas, like the 82S7 and 9100 models. Since they are straightforwardly attached to the time, one can’t use them as a subsequent time-region, yet they do have an incentive as am/pm markers and come in helpful abroad.

In the time we’ve went through with the watch, we’ve seen no observable error or issues with the force save, winding, hacking, etc… Using the Twixt Time application, we evaluated the development to +3.9s/day, which is very good.

Strap and Wearability

I genuinely may have seen the tie before I saw the watch when I originally saw the SSA059. Bund-style ties, effectively recognized by the enormous cushion that sits underneath the watch, are uncommon on present day observes particularly non-military ones. Despite the fact that I guess this watch has some military impacts (the sun oriented compass, the hands), I consider it more an adventurer’s watch. By and by, the forceful styling from the case and dial were straightforwardly ported into the fascinating decision. The 22mm tie is made of sturdy heavyweight dark nylon with contrast green sewing. The entire thing is cushioned and cowhide sponsored for comfort and sturdiness. As nylon conflicts when cut, the estimating openings have a defender of dark cowhide as well.

It’s a pleasantly made lash that feels like it will last however the calfskin backing is somewhat plastic. The bund-style is quite intense looking, expanding the apparent size of the watch drastically. It additionally gives the watch a feeling of being a piece of proffesional hardware (not that a watch isn’t). That being said it’s not the most comfortable thing on earth. For one thing, it expands the stature of the watch drastically, adding about 3.5mm of material. Furthermore, it’s simply a great deal of thick material against your skin, which definitely gets hot and sweat-soaked. The cushion additionally makes it genuinely hard to get a handle on both of the crowns.

Luckily, the back cushion is removable. When off, the tie is a more typical two-piece that actually has forceful looks that compliment the watch. You additionally get a more clear feeling of the watch, as it’s not lost against the dark foundation. On the wrist, the watch wears less than its measurements would recommend, however is still very huge. Notwithstanding, it has huge loads of quality. It’s just savage looking and isn’t for the individuals who lean toward nuance. The dark and green are an energetic combination that champion regardless of what you wear it with. Toss in the uneven case and twofold crowns, and you truly have a brutal looking machine. That being said, the exceptional look kind of limits the utilization of the watch to non-formal situations.


The Seiko Superior SSA059 is quite a watch. It’s simple to fail to remember when wearing it, or inspecting it besides, that it costs just $250. It’s constructed like a stone, has loads of incredible and genuinely extraordinary highlights, a quality programmed development with date and 24-hr complications and it would seem that it was intended for a type of Space Marine. Indeed, the lone downside is the force of the looks, in the end they are love it or leave it. Large, cumbersome watches, particularly PVD ones, only aren’t for everybody, except on the off chance that they appeal to you, this is an incredible reasonable option.

*Update: Looks like there are a couple of different forms out there that are somewhat less extraordinary. The SSA053 highlights a denim blue dial and tie and the SSA055 has an olive green palette, the two of which are about $185. At that point there are the SSA047  and   SSA057 , which have a white and dark dials, individually, and steel arm bands for $255. Ultimately, the SSA051 , which is all dark with a dark steel arm band. So… if the dark and green don’t do it for you, however the watch configuration is of interest, there are a lot of other options.

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