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Sinn 103 St Flieger Chronograph Review

Sinn 103 St Flieger Chronograph Review

The Sinn Flieger 103 line is a staple of the brand’s assortment, and highlights various models with wide variety in plan, complication and wrapping up. The 103 St we’re investigating is seemingly the most straightforward and traditionally planned of all, with base Valjoux 7750 development, cleaned case and acrylic gem. Other 103 models develop the line’s center plan to incorporate titanium cases, GMT usefulness, sapphire gem and, obviously, Sinn’s signature innovations like DIAPAL (oil free escapement) and Ar-Dehumidifying which keeps dampness from working inside the watch case as it ages. Indeed, even the 103 Classic, displayed after the first 103 An of the 1960’s now includes exclusive innovation. These more complex improvements have become a calling card for Sinn since the brand was sold in 1994 from Helmut Sinn, its organizer, to Lothar Schmidt. For a complete rundown of in-house advances, kindly see Sinn’s site .

The 103 audited here has solid roots to the vintage pilot chronographs of the 1960’s, and to the beginning of Sinn make. Its is promptly certain that the 103 draws solid motivation from the Breguet Type XX, with which it shares many plan components from the case, bezel and dial. Around the very time that the Type XX was being made, similar to the famous Heuer Bundeswehr chronograph, which Sinn teamed up with Heuer on at that point. This piece, while coming up short on the tastefulness of the Type XX, shares a comparative plan language.

The 103 St has additionally been in Sinn’s setup of watches since in any event the 1980’s, if not longer. In all honesty, record of Sinn’s movement and assortment is scanty from its establishing in 1961 until 1994 when proprietorship changed hands. This may a consequence of the companies theory of carefully creating top notch watches at reasonable costs, investing little energy or cash on promoting and other “superfluous” showcasing. This likewise implied just selling watches straightforwardly to clients. In contrast to the present time, when you can jump on or, in specific regions of the world, head to your neighborhood goldsmith to get a Sinn, under Helmut Sinn’s authority, you needed to manage the company to buy a timepiece.

Now that we have a touch of the 103’s history down, lets investigate the watch itself.


Sinn 103 St Flieger Chronograph Review

Case Stainless steel Movement Valjoux 7750 Dial Black Lume Super-LumiNova Lens Domed acrylic Strap Stainless steel arm band Water Resistance 20 bar/200 meters Dimensions 41 x 47mm Thickness 15mm Lug Width 20mm Crown 6mm x 4.5mm Warranty Yes Price $1880


Measuring 41 mm in breadth and 47 mm drag to haul, the 103’s case includes particularly forceful lines, like those found on vintage pilot chronographs, explicitly the Breguet Type XX accessible all through the 60’s and 70’s. However, the cases most remarkable component must be the black combination bidirectional pilots bezel, likewise common on vintage models. Matte black, the bezel shows silver numerals at five moment/second spans and hash markers in the middle. Along its side is inconspicuous, toothed edging, showing up just over the mathematical pointers. This gives a decent material feel while pivoting the bezel, and furthermore adds to the general feeling of refined manliness that characterizes the watch. When seen from over, the 103’s carries rise up out of beneath the black bezel, cleaned and forcefully calculated, and sloped edging along the lugs’ sides features their math. At the two three and four o’clock positions are the cleaned chrono pushers and screw down crown. Noticeable gatekeepers encompass the screw down crown, yet dissimilar to different models of the 103, the pushers of the St don’t highlight screw down watchmen.

Viewing the 103 St from the side, its precise plan is much more evident, with the drags slanting strongly descending, suggestive of the wings of a contender stream. The case additionally shows up rather tall, and it is at 15.5 mm, supported by the wonderful domed acrylic gem. Review the 103 St from the side, you additionally acquire a full appreciation the different tones and surfaces it joins, from the air pocket of the gem, to the strategic black bezel, to the clean of the mid case and brushed completion of the screw down case back. The mix of these unique highlights is critical to the essence of the 103 St as an apparatus pilot chronograph with clean and class of a vintage extravagance timepiece.


On the dial, the 103 St has a ton going on. Fueled by a Valjoux 7750, it obviously has various capacities in plain view consistently (three sub dials, three enormous hands, day/date window). However, the entirety of this detail is coordinated and organized with spotless, exemplary styling, making for a clear and very appealing bundle. The base of the dial is a profound matte black, and all markings are imprinted in white. Meager hash markings at every moment/second line the external edge of the dial with fat hash markings at every hour. One stage toward the inward dial, you’ll find lumed mathematical hour markers. instead of the six, nine and twelve hour numerals are sub dials, and at three o’clock is the day date window with white content on black foundation, white illustrating and the Sinn logo above. Every one of the sub dials has a remarkable plan. At nine o’clock, the dynamic second sub dial includes little tick markers for each second, with numerals at 20, 40 and 60. At twelve o’clock, the chrono minute counter shows long needle markers at every moment and numerals at 10, 20 and 30. Finally, the chrono hour sub dial has numerals at every hour and has markers at every hour and half hour. The hands of the 103 St give a hint of class all through the dial. Except for the little seconds hand, which is a meager needle, all hands consolidate a broad shape. The little chrono hands have bended sharpened stone tips, and the enormous chrono recycled highlights a lume filled jewel shape at its tip and a somewhat more extensive base. While looking into the 103, I’ve seen its hour and moment hands portrayed as needle shapes, which appears to be very adept. A wide, straight lume filled focus scopes to a needle point at the end.

In expansion to being found all through the dial, lume is likewise present on the 103 bezel with a speck in the huge triangle marker. It ought to likewise be noticed that the lume of the 103 is very acceptable, shining a splendid green.

Straps and Wearability

The 103 St assessed here accompanied an exceptionally appealing two connection arm band with brushed enormous connections and cleaned little internal connections. Changing the measuring is very simple, as the connections are held in palce with two sided hex screw bars, and two L formed hex screwdrivers are incorporated with the watch. The wristband additionally includes a marked deployant fasten. Inside the fasten are various situations for more modest changes of the arm band length, making it simple to locate the ideal fit. On the arm band, the 103 St looks extraordinary with formal and more easygoing clothing. The cleaned case and exemplary dial configuration pair well with a suit or traditional in the workplace, while the 103’s military roots make it comfortable toward the end of the week with jeans.

The 103 additionally looks incredible on an assortment of lashes. Sinn makes the 103 accessible with a black cowhide pilot tie with white sewing, and we tried it on a scope of NATO’s and two piece ties of different materials. The straightforwardness of the watch configuration permit it to match with various tones and surfaces very well. Look at the exhibition underneath and out video audit to see the 103 on a few tie choices.


The 103 St is an uncommon watch. It’s unmistakably Sinn, with attaches tracing all the way back to the brand’s early history making pilot chronographs. It remains as a brilliant illustration of the brands commitment to wonderful, intentional watches at sensible costs. By the by, I’m sure that at $1,880, the critic may (most likely will) call the 103 St overrated. There are unquestionably different watches available with a Valjoux 7750 for well beneath this value point, and most come with sapphire precious stone. Yet, as I trust I’ve clarified in my survey, the 103 offers a degree of value, plan and provenance regularly saved for watches of impressively more prominent worth. To buy a 103 St in the US, look at WatchBuys .

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