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Sinn 356 UTC – Hands-On

Sinn 356 UTC – Hands-On

When it comes to double timezone watches there are not many that have shown improvement over Sinn with their 356 UTC Flieger . It is one of those watches that has everything going ideal for it on various levels. It caught my consideration a couple of years prior due to containing my two most loved complications in a single watch: a chronograph and a second timezone. In any case, it is the manner by which the 356 UTC handles the subsequent time region that makes the watch hang out in my eyes.

Make: Sinn Model: 356 UTC (Reference No. 356.025) Movement: Automatic altered ETA (Valjoux) 7750 Dial: Black Complications: Date, screw down crown, chronograph, double time region Material: Stainless Steel Crystal: Acrylic WR: 100M Width: 38.5mm Height: 15mm Lugs: 20mm Lug to Lug: 45.5mm

The first many will see is the fairly (by today’s principles) modest size, at 38.5mm across it appears to be smallish by today’s truly expanding breadths. Still it wears well and its size loans well to various circumstances: easygoing with pants and a shirt or concealed under the sleeve with formal attire. The style of the watch is unmistakably in the pilot/military vein with a simple to understand dial and clear format. The watch has a 12 hour chronograph controlled by an adjusted ETA (nee Valjoux) 7750 development which utilizes the standard dial format. The alteration comes in through the second timezone; the day highlight regularly seen on a 7750 has been changed on the 356 UTC to function as a subsequent hour hand in this way giving an extra time. In any case, instead of the hand pivoting around the dial at regular intervals (as would be given continuously work, since it changes once in 24 hours) the development has been re-outfitted to run like clockwork. This gives the subsequent time, by means of a yellow hour hand, in the more normal 12 hour time as opposed to 24 hour (or as some call it, military) time.

The advantage of this arrangement is the capacity to conceal the second timezone hour hand under the ordinary hour hand, accordingly changing the watch from a double an ideal opportunity to a solitary and back again on a case by case basis. The undeniable model is the point at which you are at home: the hour hand could be covered up and simply your own time in the current timezone appeared. When you are off and about on your movements, the subsequent hour hand can be changed out to show the current time, while the “regular” hour hand shows your home time. An extremely cool element that isn’t regularly seen on double time watches and ought to be a major draw for any successive travelers.

Other stand apart parts of the watch incorporate the high, domed precious stone, accessible in one or the other acrylic or sapphire. The case and accompanying arm band have a dot impacted, matte completion and bored hauls for simpler tie/wristband trades. The crown screws down and the counter attractive case gives 100M of water opposition, so one could undoubtedly wear the 356 UTC in the shower or in any event, swimming. The stock Sinn tie is suggestive of the Hirsch Liberty line that many watch fans will be acquainted with; it is comfortable and compliments the watch very well.

If you are searching for a movement watch the Sinn 356 UTC ought to be one at the first spot on your list. It is an appealing and practical bundle is as yet reasonable, particularly on the optional market.