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Spin-R Hands-On

Spin-R Hands-On

From the archives of James L Helms, REALwatchreview Watch winders, as they are today, are pretty straightforward.  They turn at different rates and once in a while they utilize very good quality materials.  SPIN-R just flipped the norm on its head. Their new watch winder incorporates everything a watch winder ought to be in one marvelous package.

Design The plan of the SPIN-R winder is very contemporary and will find a place with all your other cool gadgets.  Its open-colored front window pivots at the base to get to within without a door in the way.  within is felt lined, with controls and a LCD at the bottom.  The entire unit remains on rubber lined feet.  It is accessible in dark, white and numerous other colors as well.

Function The best feature of the SPIN-R winder must be the computerized control.  Adjustable with a LCD readout is Turns Per Day, Direction of Turns, Power Source, and Battery Level.  You have movability of the Turns Per Day in increments of 50 just as the direction of the turns, clockwise, counterclockwise and both.

Now here is where the eco friendly comes into play, the SPIN-R winder doesn’t must be connected, it comes with a battery pack.  To charge the battery pack you plug it directly into the wall.  The unit can likewise be powered by the provided AC charge adapter.  When the charge is complete of the battery the unit will naturally switch over power to AC and stop charging.  The LCD screen tells you when every one of these power capacities are in effect.

Something else that this winder does that every winder ought to do is upright stops.  Every time the watch completes a cycle it stops the watch in the upright position.  This is a great little feature that comes is a final detail to the all around planned product.

Overall The SPIN-R Watch Winder does everything that most in the market currently lack.  With all the great advanced control works that we have on pretty much everything, it’s great that a company has ventured up to do likewise in the winder category.  The SPIN-R is priced at about $240USD which isn’t modest, however when you compare it to it’s competition its well worth it with all the extras you get.  You even get a lady’s size watch holder, screwdriver for the battery door, and a very decent delicate case.  Where are you going to get another winder that looks this good?

Make sure to checkout SPIN-R’s site which has perhaps the best turn Per Day reference by brand available.

Thanks to SPIN-R for providing the review winder.