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Squale 101 Atmos Ref 2002A Review

Squale 101 Atmos Ref 2002A Review

In 2010, the brand started to deliver observes once more, adhering to changing of their celebrated watches from an earlier time, a considerable lot of which fit right in with present day jumpers as far as style and features. The 101 Atmos ref 2002A is one such watch, and is a diversion of that well known watch from the last part of the 60’s mid 70’s. It’s a major and strong watch with a special look that certainly addresses an alternate age of watch plan. The new form runs $1,229 and remains consistent with the firsts from various perspectives, in particular in keeping the helium get away from valve free plan and utilizing the exceptional pushdown Bakelite bezel. It likewise features an ETA 2824-2 programmed development, a 3.5mm thick sapphire gem and “Swedish” tempered steel. We were adequately fortunate to get our hands on the dark and orange variant, because of our companions at Long Island Watch , so let’s take a nearer look.

Case: Swedish Stainless Steel Movement: ETA 2824-2 Dial: Matte dark Lume: yes Lens: 3.5mm Sapphire Strap: Orange and Black “real” elastic Water Res.: 1000m Dimensions: 44x51mm Thickness: 14 mm Lug Width: 22 mm Crown: 5 x 6 mm screw down Weight: 145g (our measure) Warranty: 2 year


The case of the Squale 101 Atmos ref 2002A is very huge, estimating 44 x 51 x 14mm. The plan is very 60’s/70’s with a lugless barrel shape and a general liquid look. There are some extremely pleasant sculptural subtleties to the case, in particular on the rich sides of the watch, which have a marginally curved line stumbling into them. The look is extremely refined and a pleasant takeoff from today’s more norm and mathematical device divers.  The entire case is cleaned “Swedish” tempered steel, which is professed to have less defect than other spotless. The clean additionally works pleasantly with the smooth lines of the case, giving it a fairly dressier feeling.

A enormous screw down crown is situated somewhere in the range of 4 and 5, which is an ideal situation on a case this size. The crown is about 5mm long, making it simple to get a handle on. It is additionally endorsed with the Squale “Von” logo. On the left half of the case, scratched in a little content, is a chronic number for the watch. In spite of the fact that barely noticeable initially, it is a decent detail. The screw down caseback is exceptionally straightforward, including a drawing with the Squale shark logo and different insights regarding the watch. Housed inside is an ETA 2824-2 programmed development. It’s a norm for dependability and quality, so one can have confidence that the watch is keeping precise time.

Overall, the form nature of the case appears to be extremely high. The clean is extremely even, the lines of the case are perfect and all that seems to fit together very well…which one would positively expect on a 1000m jumper. The crown strings quite well and has a for the most part smooth activity. Finishing no longer working on this issue is a 3.5mm thick sapphire gem, which makes no contortion when taking a gander at the dial and plainly is a top of the line feature.


One of the remarkable features of the first Squale 101 Atmos was the one of a kind bezel plan, and Squale cleverly kept that feature completely unblemished. Simply taking a gander at the plan alone, the bezel is enormous, running the full 44mm distance across of the case with a genuinely wide addition zone. The cleaned steel edge has a wide tooth to it that makes it extremely simple to control. The genuine activity of the bezel is not quite the same as most, as it has an underlying locking framework. To turn the bezel, one should push down on it while turning. At that point, the bezel can be handily turned one or the other way. This considers exceptionally brisk setting, as it has less opposition than an average tightening bezel, however it does “click” into place when delivered. I discovered this to be a decent option in contrast to other bezel systems, as it’s quick and apparently exact, however I saw that one can in any case turn the bezel without pushing down… There is a sizable amount of protection from recommend that the bezel could never turn incidentally, yet it is a digit astonishing that it doesn’t really secure. The bezel is additionally supposed to be removable, through unscrewing from above, however I have not tried this function.

The other intriguing point of interest is the dark and orange Bakelite embed. Bakelite is an exceptionally old type of plastic, created in the mid 1900’s. It’s not something you see on current articles frequently, as there are “better” plastics out there for customer items. I discover the shading that is available in the Bakelite to be warm and wealthy such that acrylic or ABS doesn’t appear to have. That’s likely in light of the fact that the “bakelite bezel is hued in a multi-stage measure. First the luminous material is applied by hand, trailed by shading with stains invulnerable to seawater corrosion”. Obviously, it makes the dark and orange bezel of the Squale 101 Atmos ref. 2002A truly gorgeous.

The file on the bezel is separated into little white specks for singular minutes, numerals for at regular intervals and thick lumed lines that run the full width of the bezel at 5, 15, 25, etc… At 0/60 there is an internal confronting triangle that is additionally lumed. The bi-hue is extremely cool and adds a ton of character to the vibe of the watch. Generally, the look remains consistent with the 60’s/70’s design.


The dial of the 101 Atmos is matte dark with enormous applied steel markers for the hour file. The markers are multi-faceted and exceptionally cleaned, causing them to mirror light strangely. While somewhat atypical for a game watch, they work pleasantly here, as the to some degree more dress components functions admirably with the cleaned case. On the external edge of the markers are little lumed square shapes. Circumventing the external edge of the dial is a straightforward moment file comprising of slight white lines. In spite of the fact that the dial needs numerals, I do discover it very neat. At 3 there is a standard rectangular date window, which offers view to the dark content on white date wheel. While remaining consistent with the intelligibility of a jumper, the white date wheel separates the by and large look.

Written on the dark dial are different Squale logos. Under 12, there is an advanced styled logo in italic covers, with the “von” logo strangely coasting simply above it. Over 6 is the Squale shark logo, with “101 ATM 2002A” composed above it in little letters. It’s sort of peculiar, truth be told, that there are basically 3 logos for a similar brand on the dial, however the measure of text doesn’t feel overpowering. This additionally holds consistent with the first plan of the watch.

The moment and hour hands on the watch are basic straight blade shapes. The hour hand is white with lume fill and the moment is hand is fluorescent orange with lume fill. The orange of the moment hand is uncommonly brilliant and truly contrasts the dark dial. In addition to the fact that this increases intelligibility, clearly, it likewise functions admirably tastefully with the orange bezel (and tie). The seconds hand is a dainty white stick with a bigger lume filled square shape near the end. Generally, the lume on the watch was somewhat more fragile than anticipated on a jumper. There basically isn’t especially lume present on the dial, simply the little square shapes behind the steel markers, so the absence of shine power is justifiable. The lume on the bezel is additionally kind of faint. There is more present, which can compensate for the need on the dial, yet the force only isn’t there. The hands, in any case, gleam splendidly and with fair duration.

Straps and Wearability

Make no misstep about it, this is a huge watch. The 44 x 51 x 14mm case has a commanding presence on the wrist, yet it’s not uncomfortable. The watch gauges an average 145g (our measure), which doesn’t go about as a catch 22 on your arm. In combination with the off kilter crown and smooth drags, the watch is wearable, on the off chance that you have a wrist that can deal with the breadth. The vibe of the watch is cool, blending components of dress and game in a bundle that has vintage request. The dark and orange hue is intense, however not very ludicrous. The cleaned steel case and genuinely rich dial temper the orange to make something that is fun as opposed to obnoxious.

The watch comes with two thick 22mm “real” elastic ties, in orange and dark. The ties are 4mm thick and feature a jewel surface on the external surface just as marked arrangement catches. These are the sort of elastic lash that you need to slice to estimate, so tragically I didn’t have the chance to wear the tie for a drawn out period. The nature of them is evident in the look and feel, however the comfort is problematic, as is consistently the case with thick elastic. One could without much of a stretch put a nylon lash on for a more breathable alternative of a steel cross section to dress the watch up a bit.


The watch comes in a progression of blue boxes that address the amphibian goals of the brand. The external box is a basic slip over style in naval force blue with a silver Squale shark logo on top. The inward box is a coordinating naval force blue fake calfskin introduction likewise with a silver logo on top. Inside, still all naval force blue, the watch is introduced in an ordinary style. The blue box truly makes the orange in the watch leap out when the crate is first opened, which is a pleasant touch. The watch support territory likewise lifts out to uncover a compartment under that houses the guarantee card. All things considered, it’s a decent box with a retro vibe that quickly makes you consider water and plunging. The quality is normal, maybe under what one may expect for watch at this cost point.


The Squale 101 Atmos ref 2002A is an outwardly dazzling diversion of an exemplary late 60’s plunge watch. They’ve kept up the look, the first 1000m water opposition and a portion of the cool features of the first too, for example, the Bakelite push-down bezel. At $1,229 this is definitely not a cheap watch, however it offers a ton at that cost. It has a thick 3.5mm sapphire precious stone, an ETA 2824-2 development, it’s made of Swedish hardened steel and is an authentic Swiss Made watch. It additionally has a respectable measure of history connected to it, which adds to the general allure. I do wish the lume had been more splendid on the dial and bezel, however that doesn’t really impact my normal everyday wearing of a watch. At last, it’s the vibe of this watch that I find so engaging. The barrel case is absolutely smooth, and the utilization of orange and dark is cool. In the event that you approve of the 44mm measurement and are searching for something with a 60’s/70’s vibe, yet doesn’t penance work for style, the Squale 101 Atmos ref 2002A may be an incredible choice.

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review unit provided by Long Island Watch

by Zach Weiss