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Stanton Watch Co.

Stanton Watch Co.

It’s consistently ideal to see new companies in the watch making industry. Regardless of whether it’s some huge Kickstarter way to deal with make a “smart” watch or a good old “build it and they will come” kind of mindset, new watch creators implies one thing for us watch enthusiasts–more watches to pick from.

Today we’re investigating the Stanton Watch Company , a purposeful venture of author Michael Stanton that worked out as expected distinctly in the previous year or something like that. In a brief timeframe he’s gotten heaps of buzz around the web, dispatched a women’s line of watches, and has just sold out 2 of the 4 men’s restricted release models he’s as of now offering. With cases from Germany, developments from Switzerland, collapsing steel fastens from California, and lashes from France, Germany, and Florida, he’s found a triumphant combination of sourcing parts from everywhere the world for Stanton Watch Co. So right away, let’s look at a portion of the pieces.

The Ludlow and L.E.S. (Lower East Side) Edition watches are traditionally exquisite. First thing, you can tell these would look incredible with a suit. Their 38mm and 40mm stainless steel cases, individually, ought to sit pleasantly on the wrist and under a sleeve, while the accompaniment of calfskin lashes and Roman numeral dials on the two models gives a gesture to more exemplary watches. The two models highlight sapphire precious stones and show case backs to look at the 25 gem Swiss developments pressed inside. These early models are now sold out, yet were selling for under $1000.

Which gets us to the uplifting news that there are as yet two models accessible from Stanton Watch Co. The Mercer and The Grand releases are both 38mm watches pressing comparative specs–stainless steel cases, sapphire gems, calfskin ties, and show case backs. They likewise keep with the mark Stanton Watch Co. tasteful of having clean dials with Roman numerals; anyway the Grand Edition offers something new in the method of a light metallic shaded dial, dark steel hands, and a gold plated bezel. It is maybe the most rich of the bundle and features the watchmaker’s creating ability in plan and get together. It’s likewise the main watch to break the 1k imprint at $1245, yet on the off chance that it’s any sign of where things are going for Stanton Watch Co., it’s exciting.

The Stanton Watch Company was established in New York City and is right now settled in Hoboken, New Jersey.  Founder and lead watchmaker, Michael Stanton, credits a great deal of the motivation for his watches coming from the city that never rests and offers his advancement in making and amassing Stanton Watch Co. items on the company’s blog . I’m inquisitive to perceive what he comes up with next, yet for the present I’d say he’s off to a decent start.

By Tom Caruso