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Stowa Flieger Review

Stowa Flieger Review

By putting out extraordinary watches and giving probably the best client assistance in the business, Stowa , under the rudder of Jörg Schauer, has developed an unshakeable standing inside the WIS community. Schauer, who obtained the striving company from the establishing Storz family in 1996, perceived the inalienable magnificence of the brand’s legacy. In that capacity, he imagined Stowa’s current arrangement by looking to the past, bringing once again into creation present day renditions of Stowa’s chronicled watches. Among the watches to return was the Flieger arrangement. In 1939, Stowa dispatched creation of their flieger (pilot) looks for the German Luftwaffe (aviation based armed forces). They were one of five companies to do as such, the other four being IWC, Wempe, Laco, and Lange & Söhne. In spite of its association with one of history’s haziest periods, the flieger stays a significant marker in horology, and the plan has persevered through innumerable cycles to become perhaps the most unmistakable and homaged styles ever. A fast Google search of “pilot watch” will restore endless hits, going from bad quality Chinese “knock-offs” to probably the most perfectly designed watches in existence.

So, with such countless companies delivering their own rendition of the pilot watch, how does the Stowa Flieger hold up? With a sticker price of roughly $880 for the essential model, is the Stowa worth the cash, or would you say you are in an ideal situation finding a more wallet-accommodating other option? Let’s take a look.


Stowa Flieger Review

Case Brushed hardened steel Movement ETA 2824/2801 Dial Matte dark Lume C3 Superluminova Lens Domed sapphire Strap Leather pilot tie Water Resistance 5atm Dimensions 40 x 48.6mm Thickness 10.2mm Lug Width 20mm Crown Push/pull onion crown Warranty yes Price $880

Case and Crystal

Coming in at 40mm wide, 10.2mm thick, with a carry to-drag tallness of 48.6mm, the advanced Flieger is clearly a lot more modest than its chronicled partners, which were fundamentally wrist times at 55mm.  The quelled estimating, in any case, is an ideal complement to the style of the case, which recommend a significantly more cleaned plan than what the first fliegers were known for. The case sports a finely brushed 3-piece configuration comprised of the bezel, the mid case, and the case back. The bezel has a little indent at the 6 o’clock position, included to encourage the evacuation of the bezel if need be. The hauls bend down tenderly from the mid case and hang somewhat past the case back. This guarantees a comfortable fit, particularly for those of us with more modest or compliment wrists.

One of my #1 plan components working on this issue is the tolerably estimated onion crown. Customarily, pilot watches were furnished with either an overstated onion or precious stone crown so that pilots could without much of a stretch breeze or change their watches while wearing gloves. With regards to that custom, many pilot observes today include correspondingly styled crowns. Precious stone crowns, notwithstanding, tend to delve into the wrist, particularly when combined with bigger watches. The onion crown, with its less forceful math, is an ideal paring. While it might not have the visual effect of a bigger jewel crown, it remains stylishly consistent with a portion of the authentic models and it is undeniably more elaborately intriguing than any standard crown.

The unsigned crown on the Stowa is finely machined and includes an even dab impacted completion (you won’t notice the distinction between the case finish and the crown finish). On the off chance that you settle on the manual model, it will be a delight to work. The case is likewise somewhat recessed to accommodate the crown, and as such there is a minuscule hole between the crown and the case. This isn’t anything to stress over, and Jörg Schauer has consistently guaranteed it is purposeful and intended to be a gesture to the customary design.

The Flieger highlights a domed sapphire precious stone with against intelligent covering on the underside. The arch, however slight, adds an appealing final detail to the general feel of the watch. Having said that, on the off chance that I had to discover one flaw, it would need to be the counter intelligent covering. I may very well be ruined by any semblance of Sinn and Damasko, however the gem on the Flieger is certainly somewhat of a reflection magnet. In spite of the fact that the powerless enemy of intelligent covering is in no way, shape or form a major issue, I do trust that one day Stowa can chip away at this to accomplish what different brands have in this regard.

It ought to be noticed that the situation back displayed here isn’t standard. The Flieger I bought was a coincidental by Stowa as the standard ETA 2824 models ordinarily come with a sapphire case back. It is, nonetheless, still conceivable to arrange a strong case back if that’s your inclination, however you should email Stowa to make the solicitation. The case back, paying little heed to the kind, is gotten by means of 6 little screws, and the sapphire form, not at all like the strong case back in the photographs, includes the brand and model particulars orchestrated around its perimeter.

Dial and Hands

You’re given a great deal of alternatives with regards to the dial. There is the Flieger no logo, Flieger with logo, Flieger Baumuster B, Flieger date without logo, and Flieger logo without date. The choice clearly comes down to individual inclination. Attempting to keep the substance of the watch as near the verifiable models as could really be expected, I settled on the sterile “Flieger no logo.” While there isn’t a lot to say about the dial plan (it’s a generally straight forward design), there is a lot to say about its quality. Stowa reevaluates their Flieger dials to SCHÄTZLE, one of the chief German dial producers whose portfolio incorporates various better quality customers. The printing is decisively done against an excellent matte dark base, and the lume is fastidiously and liberally applied (the C3 Superluminova implies your Flieger can twofold for a night light). For a watch as basic as this, the fiend is in the details.

The hands, made by the loved Swiss company UNIVERSO, are temperature-blued steel. The technique to accomplish such hands is exact and burdensome, and because of the expenses related with such a cycle, most reasonable brands settle on painted or artificially blued hands. Thusly, thermally treated hands are regularly saved for extravagance marks and are viewed as a high quality touch.  Visually, temperature-blued hands are undeniably seriously energizing, and for the most part look dark until they get the light and gleam blue. Conversely, painted and synthetically treated hands have a never-ending counterfeit blue sparkle, the previous of which are now and then lessened by a messy or lopsided utilization of paint.

The pilot hands are likewise sharp and accurate, with conscious lengths that add massively to the clarity of the piece. The moment hand, for instance, arrives at the records, almost hitting the external edge. Likewise, the long recycled runs straightforwardly along the external edge and results in a hypnotizing sweep.


The base development for the customary 3-gave Flieger offered by Stowa is the ETA 2824 (Stowa additionally offers a few Unitas-based hand wind models and a wonderful chronograph). In the event that you like to have a hand wind model and the Unitas model isn’t as you would prefer, you can select to have the 2824 supplanted with its manual cousin, the ETA 2801. The 2824 comes in three forms, the BASIC (which is by all accounts a standard 2824 with an Incabloc stun framework), the TOP rendition, and the TOP adaptation with blued screws. Each move up to the development comes with an extra charge, so that is surely an interesting point when buying. My watch is outfitted with the BASIC ETA 2824, and it has been working stupendously (around three seconds quick a day).


I’ve previously referenced the a wide range of dial and development choices you have when purchasing a pilot watch from Stowa. Since your watches are essentially specially made, Stowa offers a few other potential approaches to alter your watch. For the case, you can decide to have the logo or the first mandate number (FL. 23883) engraved as an afterthought. You can likewise decide on a custom silver rotor, which can be engraved with the Stowa brand, the watch specs, or–and this truly addresses the degree of care and consideration given by Stowa–a completely customized message if you’re hoping to check a unique event with your purchase.


Despite its measurements, the Flieger wears like a 42mm watch because of its slight bezel and open dark dial. The ebb and flow of the hauls, combined with the level case back, guarantees that the Stowa Flieger wears low on the wrist. At 70 grams, it’s likewise a generally lightweight watch, and one of the lightest in my assortment. It’s a simple piece to spruce up, and a great one to dress down. I’ve worn it including a suit to some shorts in the late spring (with a water opposition of just 5atm, nonetheless, I would not match the Flieger with a couple swimsuit). It looks great on everything from a NATO lash to a bolted pilot tie. Talking about pilot lashes, the old style tie from STOWA is fabulous. At roughly $20 each, I’d recommend you stock up on both the light earthy colored and the dark renditions. They’re comfortable, very much made, and they fit the stylish of the watch perfectly.


The Stowa Flieger is a reasonable success, and as I would see it, worth each penny (else, I wouldn’t own one). It’s a fabulous piece that stays consistent with the soul of the first plan, with barely enough refinement to give you that value for your money. Valid, there are different alternatives out there, particularly ones that are more reasonable. Yet, in the event that you’re searching for a 40mm pilot watch that reproduces the verifiable plan and is produced using quality components, Stowa just can’t be beat.

Similar Laco and Steinhart models, for instance, are 42mm and 44mm, individually, and IWC and Glashütte Original are in a completely extraordinary evaluating section. Another brand, Archimede, is regularly promoted as a reasonable other option, however the made right hands decrease the sharp plan the flieger is known for, and the completion working on this issue isn’t close to however perplexing as it very well might be on the Stowa. So if you’re hoping to balance your assortment with a genuine and very much made pilot watch, look no farther than Stowa. You won’t be baffled (indeed, aside from conceivably the feared lead times).