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Sunday Morning Showdown: Rolex Air-King

Sunday Morning Showdown: Rolex Air-King

In this Sunday morning segment, two of our journalists clash in an epic confrontation for the ages. Solid conclusions and insane metaphor are welcome (so don’t hesitate to participate with the fun in the comments segment beneath). What’s more, remember to tell us which best replica watches you’d prefer to see destroyed/unreservedly lifted up one week from now. We’ll attempt to highlight as large numbers of our perusers’ decisions as we can. This week, the young Rolex Air-King is the subject of this macho back-and-forth twixt RJ and Jorg. Enjoy!

When Rolex presented this Air-King reference 116900 out of 2016, it essentially befuddled me. I even composed that in this article on Fratello sometime thereafter . It appeared to me that Rolex utilized their 40mm Milgauss case and put in the Explorer dial with some extra printing. Confounding, I’d say. Be that as it may, as times cruised by, I began to get used to this idiosyncratic Rolex.

Designwise, it very well may be somewhat of a wreck. That’s most likely going to Jorg’s approach. His expert foundation in the plan business may well give him a ton of ammo, yet not all things have to bode well to appreciate it. A few group like the Fiat Multipla. Others like feet. What’s more, I like this Rolex Air-King 116900. Yet, it took me some time to warm-up to the reach. Let’s investigate exactly why I did.

Rolex Air-King 116900 — Showdown!

A little foundation on the dial however, before we start our Sunday Morning Showdown on the Air-King 116900. Both the shaded Rolex wordmark and logo and the twofold digit numbers on the dial are roused by the instruments on board of the supersonic record-setting vehicle, the Bloodhound SCC. Rolex has been supporting this undertaking since 2011. Eventually, the brand furnished the Bloodhound SCC project with a speedometer and a chronometer. These board instruments look fundamentally the same as in plan to this Rolex Air-King 116900 we have here today for you.

Interestingly, that makes this best replica best replica watches maybe significantly more beneficial researching. The Bloodhound SCC project reached a conclusion and proceeded as Bloodhound LSR, without Rolex as a support. Notwithstanding this, Rolex is as yet showing this Air-King unmistakably on its site. It probably won’t stay nearby for long, though.

So, Jorg, advise me. What’s not to like about something so recognizable yet so unique in relation to all the other things the brand has been doing in the Oyster assortment? I realize the vast majority are pining for the GMT-Master, Submariner, and additionally Daytona, yet in the event that you try to appear as something else, and like the particularity, why not pursue this Rolex Air-King 116900? Indeed, even our own associate and senior best replica best replica watches master Gerard Nijenbrinks added one to his assortment. Or on the other hand is it just for those, as Gerard, who have or have had everything already?


Good ruler! The Fiat Multipla and feet! What pictures! What repulsiveness! You realize we agree on both of those things. There must be disdain bunches for both of those on the web some place that we can become energetic allies of. If not, you and I have another reason throughout everyday life. In any case, let’s talk about that later and center around the Rolex Air-King for a minute.

You were directly in speculation there is a ton to say about the plan of the current Air-King. Don’t stress, I’ll get to that. However, my despising of the best replica best replica watches isn’t simply founded on the plan. It’s the absence of a steady story,  the shortfall of any specialized differentiation, and the muddled plan that makes the Air-King a completely superfluous Rolex. I will go similarly as saying that if the name Rolex wasn’t on the dial, this would have been delisted by any brand other than Rolex quite a while ago.

RJ: You likewise didn’t like the film Freddy Got Fingered, so I think my inclination for particular stuff goes maybe somewhat farther than yours.

Jorg: Haha, I realized that needed to spring up some place in this story. However, that’s a meager line however. Where does idiosyncratic really become straight-up insane? At any rate, in the event that you are picking a Rolex from the current assortment, your best option could never be the Air-King. I simply find that thought incomprehensible. Alright, in the event that we limit the decision to Rolex best replica watches inside a similar value range, let’s say between 5K-7K, the Air-King would be slap blast in the middle.

And it leaves out the Milgauss on the grounds that its greater sibling additionally has the greater value which makes it an out of line comparison. Be that as it may, the value reach will give you the alternative of an Oyster Perpetual, an Explorer I or a Datejust. Goodness and the Air-King obviously. Obviously, it’s so natural to fail to remember in light of the fact that the other three are not kidding choices and the Air-King is not.

Which carries me to the motivation behind why it very well may be for a few? (Obviously, I’m sincerely attempting here). The narrative of the Air-King name is one loaded with history as a component of the Rolex “Air” arrangement that was motivated by aeronautics and dispatched toward the finish of World War II. So the Air-King has consistently been important for Rolex’s association with flying with a genuine history returning decades.

Why the brand would choose to present a best replica best replica watches whose plan is propelled by the installed instruments of a hustling vehicle as a feature of a brief cooperation with an auto group is past me. Furthermore, it’s likewise not what we know from Rolex. In the event that there is one brand that has consistently been predictable with the narratives joined to their best replica watches it’s the Crown. In the event that you take a gander at the Rolex site today, the brand showcases the Air-King as a “homage to aviation.” We all know that’s an exceptionally temperamental story, without a doubt. That makes it an unsuitable promoting effort for the Rolex brand.

RJ: Not all things have to bode well constantly, that goes for plan, yet in addition for stories. half (generally) of the best replica best replica watches marks out there come up with some BS stories on how a best replica best replica watches is imagined. Now and again, a terrible story (or no story) is important for the fun.

Jorg: I completely concur with that. Great plan doesn’t consistently need to feel comfortable straight away and appropriate narrating is regularly elusive. In any case, Rolex is a brand that by and large does that well overall. Also, as far as I might be concerned, the Air-King misses the mark on both. Particularly the plan. Nothing is just about as precarious as the plan of the Air-King for Rolex guidelines especially.

The one thing I comprehend is that Rolex needed to take care of the plan of the Air-King. At the point when Rolex chose to reassess the past age Air-King (ref. 114200), there was never the alternative of going from 34mm to 40mm and keeping a similar plan exchanges, That would mean you would wind up with a best replica best replica watches that looks basically like an Explorer I. But I’m positive that Rolex heads and originators might have come up with a preferable thought and better execution over the current Air-King.

Its configuration is made more irregular by utilizing two scales on the dial in various executions. The combination of the green Rolex wordmark and the yellow Crown isn’t outwardly satisfying. Furthermore, moving the Air-King wordmark to the lower half of the dial is a break from custom that likewise feels constrained and unnecessary.

One last expansion is that in fact the Air-King utilizes a similar case and development as the Milgauss. What we end up with therefore is, to be completely forthright, a squashed up wreck. The best thing I can say about the Air-King? It is peculiar. That is to say, we both offer a limitless measure of adoration for eccentric stuff, however this is the place where I need to pass. I’ll readily pay the extra €1,800 for the Milgauss on the off chance that I need an eccentric Rolex.

At least the narrative of the Milgauss looks at and it is way preferable investigating the current Air-King. So I might dare to dream that you are correct Robert-Jan and that Rolex will come up with a best replica best replica watches that can wear the Air-King name with satisfaction. So we can return to looking at peculiar stuff we both like. Since I realize that will be significantly more fun than taking one more glance at the current Air-King.


The past Air-King never truly merited a prize for inventiveness. In those days, Rolex had various 34mm best replica watches like the Oyster Perpetuals and Oyster Perpetual Date models. They all kinda seemed to be comparable, including the Air-King. I loved a portion of the later forms with various dial tones, yet it didn’t truly stand apart from their assortment. You can say what you need about today’s Rolex Air-King 116900, yet that’s a discussion creator right there.

With the 40mm case, it is at any rate somewhat modernized and wearable by positively fabricated men. Furthermore, it has the counter attractive development from Rolex, the type 3131 (with a Faraday confine, which the later type 3132 hasn’t). Rolex ensures a normal precision of – 2/+2 seconds per day, which ought to be sufficient for everybody except if you are in Japan racing to get their train (they are considerably more spot-on).

The thing is — and here’s maybe where you turn out badly with the restriction of the decision to Rolex best replica watches somewhere in the range of 5 and 7K Euro — this Air-King is not for individuals who simply need to get one great best replica best replica watches for the remainder of their lives. As you most likely are aware, I’ve been purchasing and auctioning different Rolexes on and off since 2003, and I’ve had GMTs, Subs, Sea-Dwellers, Yacht-Masters, Datejusts and so on Furthermore, actually, I would pick a Sub or GMT on the off chance that I could just have “one Rolex” over an Air-King (and I did). Be that as it may, as a “extra” Rolex to the assortment, I wouldn’t mind possessing an Air-King 116900. I wouldn’t mind at all.

Jorg: But you don’t and you haven’t possessed one. There should be an explanation behind that. For what reason would you adjust your perspective now?

RJ: Well, there are days I have no 6000 Euro in my pockets, in all honesty. Nonetheless, on the grounds that the story on the Air-King 116900 is somewhat precarious, the plan is a gnawed off, it makes it much more alluring to me. The remainder of the assortment is a piece too perfect. The very best replica watches are results of cautious development. Rolex so seldom goes insane that it’s worth observing when it does. Think about the King Midas or the Prince re-version, or even the Daytona Rainbow and Leopard (or whatever the thing is called). They are frantic, however they are maddeningly attractive as a result of it. I imagine that set of experiences will be kinder to these pieces than we might suspect. What’s more, I’m not in any event, discussing the conceivable worth expansion in a system (far) away, yet about the fun of claiming a Rolex that is a gnawed off-base.

Yeah, I am burrowing this one. What’s more, if Gerard and our companion of-the-show Kristian Haagen both got one final year, it should be idiosyncratic and cool enough to claim one.

Jorg: I disdain do differ with both Gerard and Kristian as they unquestionably have been around adequately long to perceive a best replica best replica watches that is cool and eccentric. Be that as it may, I’m adhering to it, it’s unequivocal “no go” for me. Yet, I’d love to discover what our perusers need to say about it. Will they back up you and our “Masters Of Cool & Quirky” or is it a hard pass. Let us know!

Rolex Air-King 116900

    Rolex Air-King 116900