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The Christopher Ward C900 Mono-Pusher Chronograph

The Christopher Ward C900 Mono-Pusher Chronograph

Last year, when we inspected the C9 Harrison Jumping Hour , we made sure to put an accentuation on how huge it was for a brand like Christopher Ward, who is known for reasonable watches offered direct to shoppers, to develop an exclusive in-house complication. In doing as such, they demonstrated to a genuinely divided watch world that precisely sharp watches, watches with highlights regularly left for the top of the line, can be made at reasonable costs. They additionally demonstrated that their stake in the watch business is more noteworthy than individuals probably anticipated. Numerous brands would be satisfied with simply having a line of fruitful moderate watches for people. In any case, Christopher Ward decided to go past that and delve into genuine watch making. Getting into the mechanics of the watches, revamping things with the guide of a youthful expert watchmaker, Johannes Jahnke, and making pieces that are one of a kind inside and out.

And the C9 was just the start. To follow up that accomplishment, Christopher Ward has declared the arrival of the C900 Mono-Pusher Chronograph . For those ignorant of what a mono-pusher is, it’s a moderately basic idea that takes a great deal of mechanics to accomplish. Typically, two separate pushers, a beginning/stop pusher and a reset pusher, control chronographs, which are a common sight on watches (however precisely no stroll in the recreation center to make either…far from it). Indeed, on a mono-pusher, as the name proposes, the entirety of the capacities are controlled through a single pusher. On account of the C900, the pusher goes through the crown. Logically talking, a mono-pusher chronograph is less down to earth as a stopwatch, as one can’t pause and restart without resetting. However, from the point of view of a watch geek, mono-pushers are uncommon, fascinating and regularly very unique.


An intensely altered Unitas 6497, a hand-wound workhorse development that we’ve seen previously, powers the C900. The new type, named the JJ02, was designed by Johannes Jahnke not exclusively to accomplish the chronograph work, however to introduce the components and elements of the development so as to be understandable when being used. This is a huge point, as the estimation of this development isn’t just in the cost, however in that it was designed to be valued and understood by the client. As you can find in the photograph, the larger than usual showcase case back considers the parts to be introduced unmistakably. To make this remarkable type, Johannes Jahnke looked for the guidance and mastery of another watchmaker, one who has been chipping away at watches and chronographs since the 1940’s, Jean Fillon, who is the expert designer at EPOS.

The C900 itself is an exquisitely designed bi-compax chronograph with ahead of schedule to mid 20th century looks. The dial is a perfect white with dark markings and an in general curbed feel, set in a steel case. They definitely went for lively dress stylish, something that is refined at this point manly, and appear to have pulled it off. The case gauges a sizable 43 x 15.7 mm, making this a genuinely enormous watch, yet that is normal given the development inside. The watch, which is a restricted version of 250, will be accessible for pre-deal toward the finish of this current month, transporting in mid October.

Now, as far the cost goes, this watch is affordable… for a mono-pusher. At £2,450, or about $3,900 (update: official US estimating at $3,365), the C900 is definitely more costly than anything C. Ward has offered previously. Also, more costly than what we commonly highlight on w&w. That being said, it’s about a large portion of the cost of the following most moderate mono-pusher, the B&R WWI Mono-Pusher, which doesn’t have an in-house development (however it runs off of an extremely very good quality Le Joux Perret). Hell, there are watches with ETA 2824-2’s that cost over 5k, just to place things in context. What you are getting in the C900 is something really collectible and truly reasonable for what it is. For us actually, it may stay in the watch desire classification, yet on the off chance that you are searching for watch to put resources into, I dare say this may be an incredible decision. Regardless of what you look like at it, it’s an energizing development from the brand. We plan on getting some time with this and giving you a direct gander at this amazing creation. In this way, anticipate that in the coming months.

Images graciousness of Christopher Ward

by Zach Weiss