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The Davosa Stratosphere Flight

The Davosa Stratosphere Flight

Everybody likes to realize that their watch is extreme. We accept as much with generally jumpers and game watches. On the off chance that you’re wearing them, they ought to have the option to take somewhat of a beating. Yet, realizing it can basically withstand my every day treatment isn’t generally very certainty moving as I don’t do excessively. Thus, it’s ideal to realize that a watch can take what I will dole out, yet in addition some ludicrously more extraordinary circumstances, ones that I won’t ever wind up in. All things considered, Davosa (whose Vanguard we explored for the current week) just put one of their watches through such a test. Why? Fun and to demonstrate that in spite of being a little and moderately calm player, their watches are made to an exceptionally high standard.

The test, named the Stratosphere Flight, took as much time as necessary watch up to 33,000 M through inflatable. In doing as such, in addition to the fact that they tested it for exceptionally low pressing factor, yet additionally for it’s capacity to withstand extraordinary cold, getting down to – 60 Celsius. The watch utilized is their essential apparatus/jumper, fundamentally the same as the Argonautic we evaluated, however with an ETA 2893 double time development and 24-hour bezel.

The explore is a significant cool little venture similar to the video they produced using it. They joined the watch to a helium ballon with a camera pointed straightforwardly at it. As the contraption climbs, the video shows the watch keeping time like nothing’s strange. When the inflatable arrived at 35,400m, giving the camera a perspective on the watch, yet additionally the curve of the Earth, it pops, sending the watch plunging down. This drop triggers a parachute to open, easing back the tumble to a protected rate, until it arrived back on the ground 100km from its inception, no more awful for the wear.

As they say, a photos worth 1,000 words. Thus, appreciate the video of the DAVOSA Argonautic Dual Time: Stratosphere Flight. I recommend putting it up to 720p and full evaluating it for full impact. Enjoy!