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The New C. Ward C11 Makaira Pro 500

The New C. Ward C11 Makaira Pro 500

We don’t attempt to shroud the way that we are fanatics of the Christopher Ward brand here at w&w. We’ve explored a couple and will in general make reference to them in aides to a great extent. Basically, they are moderate and all around planned watches…Exactly what we like to discuss. Yet, one thing we infrequently say about the brand is that their new deliveries are awfully special. They normally are unmistakable minor departure from known styles and vocabularies that prevail by being first rate. What’s more, that’s fine, extraordinary even…Well, sometimes they feel free to accomplish something sudden, the C9 hop hour , for instance, and now the C11 Makaira Pro 500 .

This is a peculiar watch. It’s a jumper dependent on their C11 current pilot case and dial plan, which we looked into the chrono form of here. Truth be told, it keeps up a portion of the obvious “aviator” language, similar to the huge roman blade hands and larger than usual 3, 6 and 9 numerals. The significant plan contrasts are in the subtleties of the dial, the hex screws on the body (they are level on the other model) and obviously, the pivoting interior bezel. Inside, the watch is donning a Selitta SW200-1 programmed development, which is by all accounts the staple auto of the brand. On the dial, they supplanted the huge rectangular hour markers with little pill shapes, making a more unpretentious and numeral centered dial. They’ve likewise obviously supplanted the 12 with a more inauspicious 0. By and large, still very pilot in inclination. The inward bezel at that point adds a touch of something different.

Rather than passed time, the inner bezel here is a “countdown” bezel.  So, you may see that the numbers are basically running the inverse from what you commonly see on a jump bezel, however the final product is about the equivalent. Have 35 minutes of air? (or then again 35 minutes left in your Monday early daytime meeting) at that point adjust 35 to the moment hand and watch it tally down to the 0 triangle, basic as that. The inner bezel is constrained by the huge crown at 2, which could possibly be screw-down (it doesn’t say on the C Ward site at this point). Outwardly, this is the detail that most extraordinarily recognizes the watch from a pilot, which infrequently have bezels or optional crowns. The larger than usual crown configuration additionally adds a mechanical feel, which means the nautical yearnings of the watch.

While the look is a distinct takeoff from run of the mill jumpers, and all the more significantly somewhat of a stunner from the genuinely moderate brand, I think they actually played it somewhat protected. An exceptionally domed gem would have been a welcome expansion that might have given the plan somewhat more of a submarine quality. Likewise, C. Ward still can’t seem to deliver bronze watch, and this seems like it might have been an ideal chance. In any case, it’s still a cool and novel 500m jumper offering, and a pleasant starting to a renewal of their jumpers, which have continued as before for at some point.  Currently, the C11 Makaira Pro 500 is accessible for Pre-Order (dispatching in October) for $685.00.

By Zach Weiss