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The Quest For My Ultimate Fountain Pen Part 3: The Luxury Brand Period - Reprise | Quill & Pad

The Quest For My Ultimate Fountain Pen Part 3: The Luxury Brand Period – Reprise | Quill & Pad

After acquiring a Delta Dolce Vita Oversized at the finish of my Italian period (see The Quest For My Ultimate Fountain Pen Part 2: The Italian Period ), I was an exceptionally glad man. The pen served me quite well, and I was enamored with the looks just as the composing experience that it provided.

As common, however, while I wasn’t searching for a substitution, it happened anyway.

Pen meets clock

When you like a specific item classification, interest in it stays in any event, when you are content with what you have.

That is the reason, while I needed a lot to no end pen-wise, I stayed in contact with goings-on in the realm of wellspring pens and was consistently anxious to visit dealers at whatever point the chance introduced itself.

Once while going in the United States, I did exactly that, and one specific shop ended up being nothing not exactly a room loaded with treasures. Truth be told, all the pens present were either exceptionally restrictive or part of a restricted edition.

This was not the spot you would anticipate a deal, yet that is the thing that happened: it was there that I saw a Cartier Clock Pen, new in box with papers.

Cartier Clock Pen

This pen was essential for a pined for restricted release, and those oppotunities don’t come around that regularly. Individuals who realize me likewise realize that I have a shaky area for the French maison and usually, I can be found with a Cartier watch on my wrist.

Engraved nib of the Cartier Clock Pen

When it comes to composing instruments, Cartier’s set of experiences is broad, no doubt. It has kept a practice of creating pens with clocks for over a century. To get familiar with this, I strongly recommend François Chaille’s book Cartier, Creative Writing , which the follows the whole history of Cartier pens.

The proprietor of the store made me an offer I was unable to won’t, and the Cartier Clock Pen returned home with me despite the fact that I didn’t need another composing instrument. The Dolce Vita was all the while serving me well, and I didn’t anticipate that this great looking Cartier should be a superior writer.

Cartier Clock Pen

However, I have a practice to consistently ink and evaluate every one of my pens at any rate once. This is the thing that they are made for, so this is the thing that you ought to do.

I was surprised by the composing experience of the Clock Pen. The pen is very substantial yet even and fitted with an extremely smooth-composing nib. It worked out that the heavier barrel, with a more modest breadth than the Dolce Vita curiously large, turned out better for me, so I had another every day writer.

When old is the new new

Once once more, everything was acceptable. The Clock Pen end up being a great every day companion with the special reward of that magnificent, Cartier-styled little clock in the cap.

Time passed and it was drawing near to Christmas when a little bundle was conveyed to my doorstep. It contained a note from an exceptionally dear companion, wishing me Merry Christmas and declaring that he had discovered me the ideal Christmas gift.

He wasn’t lying since when I managed the air pocket envelop a comfortable box by red with enhancing gold embellishments arose. After opening, I wound up gazing at a vintage 1980s Cartier wellspring pen.

The 1980s addressed a significant time for Cartier, denoting the progress from a company comprising three world-well known shops to a genuine cosmopolitan brand with an exceptionally solid, worldwide setup. Pens were a conspicuous piece of this development, and from 1981 to 1984 the item supervisor answerable for this was as a matter of fact Philippe Léopold-Metzger, CEO of Piaget from 2000 until 2017.

The pen in the case before me was called Pasha, a model Cartier would later re-try to make more current in style. The decision of this model was no occurrence on the grounds that a critical piece of my profound fondness for Cartier is centered around the Pasha.

Blue sapphire cabochon in the cap of the Cartier Pasha pen

This wellspring pen highlighted a profoundly notched body finished off with a vault set blue sapphire cabochon referring to the crown on the Pasha watch. Where the clasp is appended to the cap, two rings in various gold tones are entwined, much the same as the celebrated Trinity ring via Cartier.

In contrast, the nib is fairly little and plain. In any case, don’t let looks fool you! The composing experience was not normal for whatever else that I had encountered previously – like genuine spread smooth composition with a great deal of control in light of the fact that your fingers are near the nib, and since the nib is so little they are likewise near the paper.

This pushed the Clock Pen back to its unique situation as an object of excellence, one that is just once in a while utilized, making the Pasha my go-to pen.

Another Louis?!

Several times now I felt that my mission for a definitive wellspring pen had discovered an end, yet directly at that point another pen introduced itself, outperforming what I previously thought was perfection.

These occasions regularly happened by some coincidence, thus it was with my last – or maybe more precisely, latest – pen. I was visiting a companion and saw a glass holding huge, thick chambers on one of his shelves. Two or three them had enamel stripes, while another was canvassed in earthy colored croc calfskin; gold groups enlivened every one of them. At the point when I asked what they were, he disclosed to me they were wellspring pens.

Of course I expected to find out additional, and he showed them to me. At the point when he unscrewed the cap of one of them, the barrel went from exceptionally thick to unobtrusively thin with a pleasantly estimated nib joined to it. It looked unordinary, however it wrote in a superb manner!

This apparently peculiar combination offered control to the fingers, while the huge finish of the barrel put a decent weight where the pen rests between the fingers. I was overwhelmed by this experience, however scarcely needing another pen.

What’s in a name?

Some time passed, yet the involvement in that pen still consumed in my memory.

But there was likewise aversion, and a piece of it was the way that this was an item not made by Louis Cartier’s firm, yet by another extremely celebrated and exceptionally French Louis: Louis Vuitton.

Louis Vuitton Cargo wellspring pen

I have an affection/scorn relationship with Louis Vuitton.

I have seen the most shocking specially crafted packs and cowhide merchandise produced using its exemplary Epi and Taurillon calfskin. Lamentably, these don’t shout LOUIS VUITTON the manner in which numerous individuals might want, which is the reason the Monogram assortment rules, ideally with the logos in a wide cluster of intense tones so they can’t be missed.

Combined with a visit to the leader store on Paris’ Champs-Élysées, which is outwardly shocking, however at the time just reinforced my sensations of distance toward the brand: unbelievable design and extraordinary items, yet principally clouded by a crowd of vacationers anxious to purchase anything with the pined for logo on it. Or then again so it appeared to me.

But then I visited Louis Vuitton’s Cabinet d’écriture, a spring up store devoted to its writing material, pens, and inks as a component of its shop at Plâce Saint-Germain des Prés; this was an extremely private spot that gave knowledge into the rich history of Louis Vuitton when it went to these items.

This was the spirit that I likewise felt in the Louis Vuitton Cargo pen my companion showed me.

Louis Vuitton Cargo wellspring pen

Not following the majority, however an undeniably more close to home insight – one that is maybe not imparted to everybody, except has a more profound importance inside ourselves.

This likewise wrapped everything up on the Cargo wellspring pen for me. In any case, I was unable to get one at Louis Vuitton on the grounds that the green form that I needed had been suspended. So I needed to chase one down. The Internet genuinely made it much simpler to do this, yet it actually took some time before I had the option to get one.

Louis Vuitton Cargo wellspring pen

Even with each one of those other grand pens, there isn’t anything that composes very like a Cargo.

Louis Vuitton never appeared to have made the pen for this, coincidentally. The couple of Louis Vuitton sales reps that I experienced who really knew the pen (a couple of stores at any point sold them) everything considered me that the pen was basically intended to utilize exclusively to sign significant agreements and other formal documents.

Louis Vuitton Cargo wellspring pen

But under those sensational looks lies a pen that wouldn’t care for anything better compared to compose many a page, purging significantly more than one convertor and many an inkwell. A pen with striking soundness and prevalent control, and to me the best composition – and looking – pen that I have ever used.

Will there be another demonstration as I continued looking for a definitive wellspring pen? I question it since the Cargo serves me so well and I even have other incredible pens to return to.

From through and through: Cartier Clock Pen, Cartier Pasha pen, Louis Vuitton Cargo pen

However, one thing I gained from this mission is that you can never say never . . .

This article was first distributed on February 4, 2017 at The Quest For My Ultimate Fountain Pen Part 3: The Luxury Brand Period .

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