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'Time Piece’ Short Film Featuring Philippe Dufour And Vianny Halter: If You Only Watch One Short Film On Independent Watchmaking, Watch This One - Reprise | Quill & Pad

'Time Piece’ Short Film Featuring Philippe Dufour And Vianny Halter: If You Only Watch One Short Film On Independent Watchmaking, Watch This One – Reprise | Quill & Pad

In 2006, the girl of a London-based watch authority companion of mine, Max Hellicar, got keen on her dad’s watches, especially those by free watchmakers.

Max’s daughter’s name was Kat Mansoor, and at the time she was embarking to become a narrative movie chief. She and a couple of companions had helped to establish a film creation company called Animal Monday and they had just had some achievement in several their narratives commissioned for television.

Kat felt that a film on autonomous watchmakers may be fascinating and inquired as to whether he realized a couple of she could converse with. Max answered, “No, however I know somebody who does,” and he called me.

I cheerfully orchestrated Kat and the remainder of the Animal Monday group − Will Hood (sound) and Adam Lavis (proofreader) − to put in a couple of days in Switzerland meeting however many free watchmakers as I could coordinate. The Animal Monday group at that point returned to the UK to consider what they had learnt.

A few months after the fact, Kat reached me to say that they believed that a short film including Philippe Dufour and Vianney Halter may be fascinating and began work on a content that we ricocheted to and fro a couple times.

Sunrise in Le Sentier from the film ‘Time Piece’

Money, cash, money

As they had no assets to back the narrative − accommodation, food and hardware rental are for the most part costly in Switzerland − they had chosen to apply for an award from the British Film Institute, which gives around £6,000 to one promising narrative task every year out of many submissions.

It sounded to me like there was as much possibility of this film being made as winning the lottery.

Bear as a main priority that this brave film creation company comprised of what appeared to me to essentially be three children playing with an extravagant camera. I was truly just assisting on the grounds that Kat was the girl of a companion, not on the grounds that I was expecting much in the method of a film.

And on the off chance that you have at any point perused a film content, you’ll know it’s nothing inside and out. Since a very remarkable movie is visual, it’s for all intents and purposes difficult to envision what the chief has at the top of the priority list from perusing an unpleasant synopsis.

Philippe Dufour from the film ‘Time Piece’

A few months later

But: who could have imagined! A couple of months after the fact I got notice that the British Film Council had chosen Animal Monday’s proposed ten-minute narrative on two autonomous watchmakers that no one had known about inside a short rundown of ten.

And then it was reported that it had made it into the top three!

Now, while from the outset I thought being taken from a rundown of hundreds into the best three was incredible information, it before long went to the possibility that the honor may be a remorseless award as it would support the diversion company’s expectation that it may really win. Which would make the fall significantly harder in the event that they didn’t.

I’m by and large hopeful naturally, yet couldn’t shake the idea, “What are the chances?”

Philippe Dufour at his seat from the film ‘Timepiece’

And the champ is . . . .

What were the odds? Indeed, pretty high, really, as Animal Monday won the award and the arranging started. One of the states of the award was that they work with a cinematographer, and Robin Fox came strongly recommended. A cinematographer makes that big-screen look.

So the work started: the accessibility of Vianney Halter and Philippe Dufour was affirmed, rental hardware (lighting, camera gear, focal points, channels, blasts, and so on) coordinated, flights and accommodation booked.

Fingers crossed for the climate, and the five days of shooting started. I had no clue about how much work was associated with making a short narrative or how pre-arranged every scene is.

Then it was all finished and the months passed by as untold long stretches of altering and making the music took place.

Bear at the top of the priority list that regardless of the work that went into the association and shooting, I wasn’t anticipating anything exceptional. To me these were little youngsters learning their specialty and beginning, not prepared experts. I was anticipating a pleasant film, a decent film, however not an incredible film.

Then months after the fact, a call

Then I got a call from my companion Max. He had recently seen an early cut of the film and thought it was incredible. I felt it was uplifting news that things were approaching the end and I was anticipating seeing the film, however as his girl was liable for the film, I pondered internally that normally he would think it was extraordinary. That’s not actually an impartial review.

Vianney Halter from the film ‘Time Piece’

Time Piece

A few weeks after the fact I got a DVD and watched it on a huge screen TV with great sound.

I was blown away.

As was every other person who I showed it to also, regardless of whether they knew the slightest bit about watchmaking or not.

So, fine people, right away, I present you Time Piece.

If watching on a PC or little screen, I recommend freeing it up to full screen, at that point sit back and enjoy.

You may likewise appreciate Why Philippe Dufour Matters. What’s more, It’s Not A Secret.

* This article was first distributed July 2, 2014 at ‘Time Piece’: If You Only Watch One Film On Independent Watchmaking, Watch This One .

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