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Tissot Luxury Automatic Powermatic 80 Review

Tissot Luxury Automatic Powermatic 80 Review

Tissot is a brand that barely needs any presentation. They’ve existed for a very long time and are accessible around the world. They have huge promotion crusades, renowned brand ministers and pretty much all the other things you’d anticipate from a huge watch brand. What’s more, huge they genuinely are, as they are important for the super Swatch gathering. Be that as it may, notwithstanding their scale, their legacy and their Swiss Made accreditations, they figure out how to keep costs in the open reach. What’s more, for their most essential line, yet for some exceptionally fascinating mechanical watches including chronographs, COSC grade developments and today’s theme, a 80-hour power reserve.

Among the freshest of Tissot’s line are a couple of arrangement of watches that wear the moniker “Powermatic 80” on their dial, which shows the presence of a 80-hour power save development, explicitly the new and selective ETA C07.111. I’ll dive into it in more detail later, however for the individuals who are new to reasonable mechanical developments, a 80-hour power save is a wonderful and novel element for Tissot to remember for their watches. Common developments from ETA, Selitta, Miyota, Seiko, etc… have power holds in the ballpark of 40 hours, as do some very good quality in house types from luxury brands. There are likewise marks out there with a lot bigger force holds, for example, IWC who have a 7-day save, Panerai who have a 8-day and Vacheron Constantin who have an incredible 14-day development. Also, you can envision the costs of those watches.

Now, Tissot has watches under $1,000 dollars with twofold the force save of the normal sub $5,000 watch. And keeping in mind that that is interesting to us watch aficionados, it’s somewhat odd as an element for a mass-market watch. Why? All things considered, leading most normal purchasers, who don’t read geeky watch online journals, wont realize that 80 hours is unique. Without an all around educated salesman, they wont comprehend that to accomplish more force hold the development needs to have a huge number of changes that, on account of the C07, add up to more noteworthy efficiency.  Secondly, it’s a sober minded element with no visual component. There are no catches to push, no hands to watch move, no ringers or whistles, simply a more drawn out enduring development. All in all, it’s difficult to flaunt. As Tissot says in their own bulletin, you can take it off on Friday and it will in any case deal with Monday, inferring that this your conventional office-watch. While that is a brilliant deals point, is it enough?  

So, unmistakably watches with this development should likewise succeed stylishly, and if the appearance of the new Luxury line is any pointer of the heading that Tissot will be taking, at that point I figure they will do fine and dandy. Current, smooth and refined are on the whole words that come to mind when you first see the new steel dial Luxury Automatic on an arm band. It’s a monochromatic dress watch with inconspicuous however attractive subtleties and a couple of shocks that make it truly champion. The Luxury Automatic goes for $895 ($850 on a cowhide tie) making it an extraordinary incentive for a Swiss Made watch with a 80-hour development; so let’s investigate.  


Tissot Luxury Automatic Powermatic 80 Review

Case Stainless Steel Movement ETA C07.111 Dial Silver/Steel Lume N/A Lens Sapphire Strap Bracelet Water Resistance 50M Dimensions 41 x 48mm Thickness 9.75mm Lug Width 22mm Crown 6 Warranty Yes Price $895


The Luxury Automatic has a particularly fascinating case plan that isn’t very like anything I’ve seen previously. It’s all tempered steel and measures 41 x 48 x 9.75mm, making it on the huge size for a dress watch as far as breadth, yet very dainty. From the top, the case has a basic plan with a dainty cleaned bezel circling the dial and short, however proper precise drags that give the watch a hint of manliness. Quickly, the completing sticks out. The bezel has a spotless clean, and the top surface of the hauls are brushed. The external edge of the carries have a slight chamfer, which is then cleaned, and the sides of the drags are brushed once more. The cleaned edge adds a trace of controlled flicker that addresses the Luxury name and ties the hauls and bezel together.

Running at the edge of the case is an extremely special detail as a finished metal surface. The steel, which has a glossy silk sheen, has been stepped to make a woven example. I’ve never seen a case with a surface this way, and I need to say it’s a smart method to make the sides of the case seriously intriguing, giving the general plan a complete inclination. You can tell the case additionally has a more complicated development to it than ordinary. The bezel and case back flare out marginally past the side, which is an applied piece, and the hauls have all the earmarks of being connected in yet an alternate manner.

On the correct side at 3 is a little push-pull crown that measures around 6 x 2.75mm. It’s finished at the edge making it simple to get a handle on for turning, however the slenderness makes it somewhat hard to pullout to set the time. On the level side is a cleaned “T” in a scratched matte zone, which is top notch. Flipping the watch over you can investigate the showcase case back, which is essentially cleaned steel. Along the steel are different subtleties introduced in a clear way. Normally, the feature here is the development, which can be seen through the huge gap.  

All-taking all things together the case alone, between the quality completing the process of, finishing and construct, makes the watch an advantageous plan. Its extraordinary utilization of example blended in with completing gives it a class befitting of a dress watch, while additionally making it immersing enough to be worn consistently. The watch additionally includes a sapphire gem, which is normal at this cost, however it happens to likewise be exceptionally against intelligent, which is acceptable to see (or not see, as the case may be).


The dial of the Luxury Automatic isn’t printed to such an extent as constructed. It’s a progression of metal plates, countenances and markers that come together to make a dial with a ton of profundity and surface. It’s somewhat interesting to depict, however apparently the fundamental essence of the dial is matte silver with a marginally impacted completion. On top of this is a level ring with a hazier steel shading that has outspread brushing. The external edge of the ring has a long chamfer that makes a second surface on the ring that mirrors light differently.

Penetrating the ring from the external edge is a progression of steel markers that address the hour file. Every marker at that point has a chamfer as an afterthought nearer to the edge with a comparative impact as the chamfer on the ring. At that point, on the external edge is a printed list of little dark lines for the minutes and “Swiss Made” in little letters. At 3, right within the ring, is an outlined date window with dark content on white that incorporates into the dial. Finally, there is a touch of text in the middle region, which is imprinted in dark.  

The hands of the Luxury are straightforward cleaned steel sticks with a slight shape. What I truly like about this dial is that it’s monochromatic and uses surface and reflection to be discernible and make a one of a kind look. Each point of the dial is marginally unique, reflecting tones and items from the room. The hands are decipherable, on the grounds that in being completely cleaned they seem hazier and contrast the matte surface below.

The profundity and design of the applied dial components give it a generally speaking compositional tasteful that is refined and manly just as having a feeling of development. This isn’t a watch that is intended to be fun a lively, to such an extent as genuine and good, which is something I can appreciate in a dress watch. As a complete bundle, the dial and case are plainly implied for one another, with style that are genuinely complimentary. The completing and finishing of the case is repeated in the layer of the dial.


As we’ve made doubtlessly understood, the genuine champion component of this watch is the new Powermatic 80 or ETA C07.111 development inside, however the case and dial are effective all alone. Ordinarily, when you have a watch with better than expected force save the extra life expectancy is because of different barrels, which are the holders of origins. For instance, the Vacheron Constantin 14-Day Tourbillon has 4 barrels that are utilized to store the 250 hours of likely energy. Be that as it may, this isn’t the situation with the C07. Or maybe it acquires its extra saves through efficiency.

The C07 is truth be told an intensely altered ETA 2824-2 development, which we are largely acquainted with. Furthermore, similar to the 2824-2 it’s a hand-winding, hacking automatic with date, yet 2 less gems for a sum of 23. The solitary perceptible significant distinction is that the recurrence of the development has been diminished from 28,800 to 21,600 bph, which decreases the general energy utilization of the development. You will see the impact of this in the breadth of the seconds hand, as the perfection will be outwardly decreased. The hand will currently tick 6 times each second as opposed to 8.  

Other alterations remember decreased erosion for the escapement, which was accomplished using “a superior manufactured material”. Just as making more force stockpiling inside the origin by diminishing the barrel-arbor’s core.  The arbor is basically the axel on which the fountainhead winds. It’s intelligent that by lessening the breadth of this component, the spring can be extended further, accordingly expanding holds. Past that they guarantee that the exactness of the watch has been expanded by the utilization of another equilibrium that has been directed in a “innovative manner”. Lamentably, particulars on that are inaccessible. (picture on right from

All said and done, you currently have an automatic with a 80-hour power hold for under $1,000, or COSC grade for simply finished. In spite of the fact that exactness specs are not accessible right now, in my time went through with the watch, it gave no indication of incorrectness that was distinguishable by eye. The force hold was indeed very long, as the watch continued running for a couple of days off of my wrist. 80 hours is a little more than 3 days, clearly, which permits you to turn in different watches without agonizing over loss of time.

Visually, the C07 is very much like a base 2824-2. The design is for the most part the equivalent, with the lone quick contrast being the shortfall of the fine guideline screw. The development is genuinely undecorated save a wave design that is on a couple of the plates inside and the rotor. That being said, it’s still enjoyable to have the option to see it through the case back, regardless of whether it is missing blued screws and Cotes De Geneve.

Straps and Wearability

The Luxury Automatic comes mounted on a 22mm steel arm band that tightens to 20mm at the catch. It has an exemplary connection plan, suggestive of an Oyster wristband, with a brushed completed and the expansion of a cleaned line running down the focal point of each connection. The blend of completions helps connect it to the case and dial plan. Since this is a dress watch, Tissot went with a butterfly fasten, which has the advantage of making a consistent arm band. It’s not as a safe as a commonplace crease over fasten, however doesn’t feel like it will open up coincidentally all things considered. The nature of the wristband is excellent, as you would anticipate. It’s comfortable and functions admirably with the plan of the watch. Despite the fact that for $850 the watch is accessible on calfskin, I think the extra 45 dollars is great, as just on an arm band will the full-steel stylish truly come across.

On the wrist, the Luxury Automatic is a comfortable and eye-getting watch. The 41mm wears somewhat huge for an average dress watch, however is by and by a charming size to wear. I’d love to see a 38mm form as well, yet as a fair compromise for wrist sizes, 41mm works. The 9.75mm tallness ensures the watch is quite flush, effectively sneaking by a shirtsleeve. The watch has a great deal of quality and can stand out, yet is at last held and downplayed. The reflections that come off of the case and dial do add somewhat of an improving component, however in a way that is attractive, similar to a silver tie-bar, and not gaudy.  

The monochromatic all-steel configuration allows the watch to work with any clothing, as it is essentially lackluster. In that capacity, it can light up a dull dark suit, or look charmingly delicate with a naval force blue. I do think the styling while on a wristband is genuinely formal, so in the event that you need to receive all the more day by day wear in return, having spare dark and earthy colored calfskin lashes would be shrewd.  


There are numerous things about the Luxury Automatic to be energized for. The development for begins, however not prone to dazzle the un-started, is particularly cool for the two its cost and capacity. Having a 80-hour power save is something you will probably appreciate, however subtlely. What’s more, having the option to get it for $895 is astonishing. I couldn’t want anything more than to see future emphasess with power save pointers too. Indeed, this will give the watch an additional hand and dial to gaze, yet it is likewise an extremely pragmatic option that most watches with bigger than normal force holds have.

Apart from the development, the Luxury Automatic likewise has an exceptionally extraordinary and energizing plan that misrepresents its sub $1,000 sticker price. The getting done with, finishing and layering are on the whole special, appealing and extraordinarily professional. All that comes together to become an advanced and attractive dress watch with its own character. The all-steel configuration additionally makes it an adaptable watch that will look great with any formal or office safe clothing. In this way, in the event that you are on the lookout for a dress watch, I think there is a solid case to be made for the Luxury Automatic. There are additionally numerous varieties accessible, incorporating ones with dark dials, chronometer grade developments and even precious stones on the dial (not some tea, but rather the cost is still very acceptable). There is even a women form with a 33mm case that actually includes the Powermatic 80 development, which is exceptionally cool as generally very frequently women’s watches appear to be just about the aesthetics.