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Tutima Saxon One Lady: Edgy Elegance With A Cushion-Shaped Twist | Quill & Pad

Tutima Saxon One Lady: Edgy Elegance With A Cushion-Shaped Twist | Quill & Pad

Creating a successful ladies’ watch isn’t simple: a ladies’ watch must have elegance that transcends time and in a perfect world a distinct plan separating it from its peers.

However, nothing excessively ludicrous. To be successful, a women’s watch should both appeal to the brand’s current clients and attract new ones. So, it is a high wire balancing act, however an essential one to master as women address a steadily increasing market segment.

For Tutima, the response to this condition is the Saxon One Lady , which includes a distinctive cushion-formed case with an intricate design.

Tutima Saxon One Lady with diamond bezel

With its round bezel and an inclined lash/bracelet attachment, the Saxon One Lady offers multiple surfaces at various points and with contrasts augmented by exchanging cleaned and glossy silk completed surfaces that maximize the play of light.

This is likewise carried over onto the mother-of-pearl dial that adds a variety of unobtrusive color tones to the light show.

To quartz or not to quartz

When men talk about watches, the lone alternative for the movement normally seems to be mechanical.

Tutima Saxon One Lady automatic on the wrist

Women for the most part approach this in an unexpected way. While some have a significant passion for mechanical movements, women frequently will in general place more emphasis on the general plan than the sum of its parts, and are by and large more open to the advantages that a quartz movement offers.

So Tutima offers the Saxon One Lady with both automatic and quartz movements. At 34 mm, the quartz rendition is two millimeters smaller than its mechanical kin and lacks a second hand, which makes its battery-fueled nature more subtle. Not to mention bringing down the retail price by about half.

Automatic movement noticeable through the presentation back of the Tutima Saxon One Lady

For admirers of mechanical movements, the powerful automatic caliber with its engaging oscillating load with the Tutima logo in a gold seal is gladly shown through the sapphire crystal case back.

Putting Tutima’s Saxon One Lady through its paces

Tutima planned both the Saxon One Lady and Saxon One Lady S (as the quartz adaptation is called) to be ordinary companions. While they have an elegance that goes as effectively with pants similarly as with night wear, they are likewise not scared of more playful undertakings and highlight screw-down crowns, sapphire crystals, and an impressive 100 meters’ worth of water resistance.

Tutima Saxon One Lady in 18-karat gold, a unique piece

While Tutima doesn’t (yet?) offer the Saxon One Lady in precious metal – except for a custom 18-karat gold piece bound for the Middle East, which I got an opportunity to see during an excursion to Tutima’s factory in Glashütte in the summer of 2019 – one can select to have the bezel set with splendid cut diamonds. The excellence of this watch is that the diamonds do add something, yet that the watch truly doesn’t need it.

This says a great deal regarding the force of the plan, which I property mainly to the unique cushion-molded case. Its tallness is additionally on par, coming in at 10.7 mm for the automatic and 9 mm for the quartz rendition, giving the watch a touch of “body” without making it larger than usual, in this way finding the perfect balance between being a games watch and a more exquisite creation.

Tutima Saxon One Lady

Both models are accessible on either a stainless steel bracelet with H-formed connections or an assortment of cowhide straps.

It’s difficult to support one over the other: the bracelet adds character, while the calfskin lashes add elegance. The last additionally profits by the mother-of-pearl dial as the color of the lash seems to draw out the color in this regular material.

Despite that, Tutima has kept the number of varieties accessible for the Saxon One Lady generally limited, so it’s not difficult to pick the one you like best, permitting you to get it out of the shop and onto your wrist with minimum dilemma.

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Quick Facts Tutima Saxon One Lady

Case: 36 x 10.7 mm, stainless steel

Movement: automatic Caliber 340 (ETA base), 42-hour power hold

Functions: hours, minutes, seconds; date

Price: from €2,600 in stainless steel with crocodile skin tie up to €4,900 for the stainless steel rendition with diamond bezel and stainless steel bracelet

Quick Facts Tutima Saxon One Lady S

Case: 34 x 9 mm, stainless steel

Movement: quartz Caliber T140

Functions: hours, minutes; date

Price: from €1,100 in stainless steel with a cowhide lash up to €2,950 for the stainless steel variant with diamond bezel and stainless steel bracelet

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