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Urwerk Vs. MB&F: How Do They Square Up? - Reprise | Quill & Pad

Urwerk Vs. MB&F: How Do They Square Up? – Reprise | Quill & Pad

Urwerk and MB&F are two stalwarts of contemporary watchmaking with, hastily in any event, much in common. Here I’ll share what I believe are the critical likenesses and contrasts between these two leaders of current watchmaking.

Urwerk UR-T8 (left) and MB&F HM6 Alien Nation

Urwerk versus MB&F: raison d’être

Despite their common “futuristic” visual likenesses, the essential raison d’être of Urwerk and MB&F are not simply generally extraordinary; they are 180 degrees opposed.

Urwerk: Felix Baumgartner, Urwerk fellow benefactor and head expert, is a third-age watchmaker continuing in the strides of his dad and granddad. For Baumgartner, Urwerk’s space-age plans and uncommon signs are a method of breaking out of the requirements forced by customary haute horlogerie.

Urwerk UR-1001 Zeit Device from 2011

For Baumgartner and Urwerk fellow benefactor and boss planner Martin Frei , Urwerk is a stage for getting away from an earlier time while staying connected at the roots. Urwerk basically centers around developing new complications; the brand’s vanguard plans play a necessary, however supporting, part to the mechanics.

MB&F: MB&F originator Maximilian Büsser isn’t attempting to break out of the limitations of haute horlogerie; with MB&F he has purposely decided to make his dynamic sculptures within the requirements of haute horlogerie. For the MB&F Horological Machines , configuration comes first, and the watchmaking serves – frequently incredibly – the design.

MB&F HM3 Star Cruiser and Sidewinder

Superlative and imaginative horology is made in support of the workmanship as opposed to the other way around. MB&F makes mechanical items that tell the time, not to tell the time.

Conclusion: While Urwerk battles to break out of the imperatives of haute horlogerie, MB&F intentionally decides to make its mechanical workmanship inside the requirements of haute horlogerie.

Urwerk versus MB&F: history

Urwerk commends its 20th anniversary in 2017, having been established by brothers Felix and Thomas Baumgarter and craftsman companion Martin Frei in 1997 (Thomas left in 2004 because of medical problems). The youthful brand rejected by until 2003, when the dispatch of the UR-103 pulled in the consideration of then Harry Winston Rare Timepieces CEO Maximilian Büsser, which prompted the 2005 introduction of the generally acclaimed Harry Winston Opus 5 and Targa-bested Urwerk UR-103.03.

With the smooth UR-103.03, Urwerk had an eye-getting model that helped the brand benefit from the critical international exposure produced by making a Harry Winston Opus.

Urwerk UR-103.03 from 2005

Over the most recent decade or thereabouts, Felix Baumgartner has flexed his horological qualifications – consistently with staggeringly all around styled peculiar cases and dials – over a wide scope of horological interests including a straight sign ( UR-CC1 ), a uber complication ( UR-1001 ), and an electro-mechanical crossover ( EMC ) just as the brand’s signature satellite signs ( UR-105, UR-110, and UR-210 ).

MB&F celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2015, having been established by Maximilian Büsser (Maximilian Büsser & Friends) in 2005 after he left Harry Winston to build up the sorts of watches he appreciated making the most displayed on the wild Opus arrangement he had designed while at Harry Winston, which made energizing horology in a joint effort with others.

MB&F Horological Machine No.1 from 2006

MB&F has a make way in that it is a stage for Büsser’s intense and inventive imagination. While his entire vocation had been spent working in haute horlogerie, Büsser was not a watchmaker – and similar to Urwerk’s Frei, has the upside of not knowing such a lot of that it obstructs plan. The alternatives are more various when you don’t know what’s expected to be impossible.

While configuration drove, MB&F pays attention to its watchmaking amazingly as the brand needs to be (and is) thought about a suitable alternative for genuine watches collectors. Not exclusively are all of MB&F’s developments hand-completed as far as possible, the development (and case) architecture persistently stretches the actual boundaries of manufacturing capabilities.

And on account of the LM Perpetual , which was created as a team with Irish watchmaker Stephen McDonnell, this methodology has upset the renowned complication.

Urwerk versus MB&F: design

One outstanding closeness about MB&F and Urwerk is that while the case shapes (aside from MB&F’s Legacy Machines) are normally completely, or even broadly, extraordinary between assortments in the two brands, even an easygoing eyewitness is probably going to have the option to effectively recognize new watches with the relating brand.

Uwerk: The plans are largely motivated by impacts from Frei and Baumgartner’s adolescents, including Sputnik, American cars of the 1960s and ’70s, and space trip with an exceptional put on neatness and coherence (particularly when driving).

Urwerk EMC2

Asymmetry features unmistakably in Urwerk’s plans as does the journey for showing time and different signs in bizarre and various manners. I believe Urwerk’s watches to be first very good quality watches with intriguing signs and complications and second (however not by a long shot) featuring case and dial plans that many consider to be contemporary art.

MB&F: As with Frei and Baumgartner at Urwerk, Büsser’s motivations additionally come from his childhood and incorporate supercars, shuttle, and, all the more as of late, milder, more organic structures. While MB&F puts to a lesser extent a premium on intelligibility – recollect, these are objects that tell the time, not to tell the time – than Urwerk, Büsser is very much aware of the significance of telling the time and doesn’t forfeit lucidness without much deliberation.

MB&F HM7 Aquapod Ti Blue in profile

I believe MB&F’s watches to be active sculptures first and premier, with fascinating horological signs and complications as an auxiliary (however not by a wide margin) consideration.

I ought to likewise stretch that both Urwerk and MB&F plan and create both case and development architecture concurrently. These pieces are too complex to even consider moving toward their creation measures separately.

Urwerk versus MB&F: future

Interestingly, there are no plans that I’m mindful of by either Urwerk or MB&F to build brand turnover or piece of the pie, each for marginally extraordinary, however fundamentally comparative, reasons.

Urwerk: Felix Baumgartner considers himself to be a watchmaker as opposed to a brand administrator and has no interest in developing Urwerk to a size where he is all day overseeing staff with brief period to think. Baumgartner is comfortable with the size Urwerk is currently, which is creating around 200 watches every year. The brand will in general draw out a completely new watch and development at regular intervals, so there is less pressure of continually being in the information with something new.

Urwerk UR-105 CT with flip up cover

I hope to see an energizing new advancement from Urwerk in 2018 and am anticipating the upcoming coordinated effort of Urwerk and Greubel Forsey under the support of the Time Eon Foundation .

MB&F: Maximilian Büsser has no interest in developing MB&F past the Urwerk-like size of around 200 watches each year. However, the purpose behind Büsser’s hesitance to develop is that he feels that any larger and the human measurement he appreciates is probably going to be lost; he would then be bound to need to work with individuals he would incline toward not to.

MB&F LM2 in platinium

However, while I don’t see Büsser developing MB&F, I think he is a lot of an entrepreneur not to extend otherly, and we may see him open up new roads of imagination (and commerce) like the MB&F M.A.D.Galleries . Also, we make certain to see additional bewildering Machines from MB&F in 2018.

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* This article was first distributed on December 5, 2017 at Urwerk Vs. MB&F: How Do They Square Up?

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