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Independent watches are a beautiful fascinating and genuinely uncommon sub-classification of watch types. Essentially…well, literally… there is just an hour hand. One tells the minutes by assessing the hour hands position between the hour markings. The final product is an absence of exactness, an absence of data and maybe a more human method of telling the time. All things considered, does one truly have to adjust their reality to the second?

Defakto is a little German brand that at present just makes courageous watches. They self production in Germany and utilize Swiss ETA 2824-2 programmed developments. They come in 6 flavors, all fundamentally the same as save a couple of corrective subtleties, however their new model, the INKOGNITO, stands separated by, all things considered, having even less going on. For this watch they eliminated the entirety of their logos, making a reversible model that is both perfect and grave. The PVD model, which I particularly like, stresses the strong yet limited math of the face markings and single enormous hour hand. The INKOGNITO is presently a preseries release of 20 pieces that goes for $895 dollars.


photos by DEFAKTO