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Watch Modding Piece by Piece

Watch Modding Piece by Piece

Modding a watch can be addictive. In the event that you are an inventive sort, finding the perfect parts to create your own personal wonderful watch can be an intriguing journey. 

As we’ve canvassed previously , the Seiko SKX007/009 plunge watch has the most reseller’s exchange items accessible for modification. However, what’s fun is looking at the universe of watch specialists and little companies that produce quite certain parts for unmistakable watches.

Suppa Parts

Let’s take the Citizen BJ8050-08E, nicknamed the “Ecozilla.” This tank-like sun based controlled plunge watch has an exclusive tie and carry connection that bodes well from a utilitarian angle, yet restricts collectors’ capacity to utilize lashes with standard width closes. In comes Suppa Parts, a co-brand of Stevral/Raven/Benarus, which makes a connector to fit the Ecozilla and its programmed partner the NH6930-09F (the “Autozilla”), so they can utilize standard 24 mm lashes. This opens up promising circumstances for Zilla darlings to utilize any cowhide, steel or nylon groups to get their uncompromising jumpers onto their wrists. $70 in addition to transportation for a brushed or impacted finish.

The last I checked Suppa Parts is offering its own Casio G-Shock tie connector, which permits certain G-Shock models to utilize one-piece, go through Zulu lashes for a definitive strategic arrangement. Area Comm and additionally offer their $15 forms, which are archetypes to the Suppa rendition, which is made of treated steel and go for $35 in addition to shipping.

Admittedly, I have claimed an Ecozilla and Casio GW6900 just to attempt these adapters.

Murphy Bezels

But the stretch out of my affection to attempt unmistakable parts made for quite certain watches doesn’t end there. My most loved post-retail mod item is the Murphy Bezel. Dave Murphy of Murphy Manufacturing is a watch sweetheart who produces channel valves for photographic and x-beam preparing machines. He created three styles of bezels for the Vostok Amphibia and Seiko SKX007/009. His coin-edge and smooth bezels don’t tighten however are impeccably machined and look unimaginable. Costs range from $36-43 and sell out rapidly. Email Dave to get on his initial warning rundown for stock replenishment.


How did Dave get into the matter of selling complete bezels?

“Everything I make, I previously made in light of the fact that I needed one. I made the VO1010 style bezels almost five years prior in light of the fact that I was doing a watch mod on a Vostok of mine,” he said. “The [Seiko bezel] came one day when I saw that a SKX007 bezel supplement would fit appropriately over the Vostok gem. I utilized my VO1010 drawings as a beginning stage, and reconsidered the drawings to acknowledge the supplement. Once more, since I needed one for my own.”

Andy Stockley Screws

Now, getting much more explicit, is a person in England who makes hand-turned custom screws for the Seiko “Tuna” plunge observe family. This Seiko watch has a cover that covers the base watchcase to shield it from thumps. Andy Stockley, an individual from the Seiko and Citizen Watch Forum, sells custom screws that safe the cover to the case. He offers an assortment of completions in for screws utilizing Allen keys, Torx torques and conventional Phillip-head screwdrivers. They sell for $25 for a set a four.

Andy disclosed to worn&wound that he was searching for swap screws for a mod undertaking on a vintage Tuna yet couldn’t discover appropriate ones so he chose to attempt to make his own.

“I had a companion in the designing stockpile business source me some treated steel Allens in the correct string size, however they had too extraordinary a head breadth and the mechanical completion was, let’s put it along these lines, not reasonable for use on a watch where they would be seen,” he said. “I had nothing else, so I catapulted my electric drill to the seat and began to try different things with knocking some people’s socks off down to breadth and making a more alluring head shape and finish.”

A commercial craftsman by calling, Andy has discovered incredible fulfillment is making a required item from one of his #1 watch models.

“Thankfully, the discussion individuals have continued enjoying the screws I make and I’ve met countless extraordinary individuals in the Seiko leisure activity. Offering these screws has been an extraordinary method to be engaged with, and ideally to contribute a little to, this splendid hobby,” he said.


Other exclusive claim to fame tasks incorporate a few eBay sellers.

WJean28 is a Canada-based vender who offers reseller’s exchange elastic lashes and metal bracelets for Seiko jumpers. His Super Oyster is a mainstream add-on to the SKX007.

Jmk500 (Jonathan “Swedefreak” Koch, otherwise known as Mr. Seiko) has some expertise in precious stones and other Seiko parts. His Bubble Boy is high-domed mineral gem for collectible Seiko jump watches that adds a breathtaking vintage look.

Twente(o) in Australia sells a wide-combination of spring bars. He sells uncommon spring bars for Seiko jump watches that utilization a more extensive measurement tip (1.1 mm) yet utilize a more slender distance across cylinder to fit most reseller’s exchange ties not made for Seiko’s fatter spring bars.


This article is only a brief look into the universe of folks who make extraordinary things for clique most loved watches. Be that as it may, every one of these sellers here are individuals who I have actually managed in my watch modding ventures. As far as I can tell, every one of these merchants has offered a top notch post-retail item a reasonable price.

Have fun investigating and be cautious, you could possibly wind up purchasing a watch just to get an uncommon part for it. At the hour of distribution, I’ve previously requested a Murphy bezel for an undertaking I don’t even have the base watch for.

by Li Wang