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Watch Mods: Luxury Watch Modding

Watch Mods: Luxury Watch Modding

I’ve consistently considered watch modding as somewhat of a twofold edged sword.  Its great to see a remarkable, frequently unique interpretation of a watch, yet its additionally somewhat agonizing to see an entirely decent Seiko get torn open.  Frankly, a piece of me thinks it was fine the way it was.  But at the day’s end, with most watch mods, you’re managing watches that cost under $200 or even $100, so no biggie, right?  But what about modding a watch esteemed at 20, 30 or multiple times that?  Does altering a top of the line extravagance watch detract from its natural worth, or improve it?  To discover, lets investigate some extravagance watch mods and the companies that make them.

If scrutinizing top of the line watch mod locales reveals to you a certain something, its that individuals REALLY need Rolex to make an all dark model.  Do I fault them, actually no, not really.  Take a glance at this Military Stealth Explorer II by Pro Hunter .  My assertion, this is a drop dead beautiful watch.  This is a mod of the current Rolex Explorer II that features matte DLC coating all through the case and bezel, and keeping in mind that it keeps up the dial and hands of the stock Explorer II, the dial has been endorsed with an orange PROHUNTER.  I locate the orange NATO it comes on to be the ideal accessory.  Is it ostentatious?  Yes, however when you’re wearing a watch restricted to 100 units that sells for $18,500, you should go all the way.  There is likewise a rendition on a DLC metal wristband accessible for $21,700, yet I truly love the appearance of the orange NATO to match the orange hands and logos.

Another illustration of the super covertness passed out Rolex is this Daytona by Black-Out Concept .  Again, this mod features dark DLC coating all through the case, with changed dial and bezel to feature high-differentiate white content/subdials on black.  I happen to truly like this look, and I can see what someone looking like for a more forceful, strategic Rolex could consider this to be their best option.  Unfortunately, Black-Out Concept doesn’t provide evaluating on their site, yet we can accept dependent on the expense of different watches on this rundown, that it’s an incredibly, high number.

Branching out from the universe of all dark DLC, look at the Stealth – MK III by Project X Designs . Restricted to 28 pieces, this mod depends on the Stainless Steel Rolex Submariner Ceramic Date, and features a matte satin case and wristband and matte dark plated bezel markings on top of the first cleaned earthenware internal bezel.  The first crown monitor has been eliminated and fixed drag bars have been installed.  A green Stealth logo has been applied to the dial, which watches impeccably with the military green NATO that the watch comes on.  This model is accessible today for what creases like a reasonable $13,600 when compared to the models we’ve as of now reviewed.

To polish our rundown off, lets end with a bang.  Here is the most top of the line piece on our rundown, an all dark Patek Philippe Nautilus Chrono by Bamford Watch Department .  There are almost no subtleties recorded about this piece, including the main snippet of information, its price.  What we do know is that another unique Patek Philippe Nautilus Chrono sells for more than $40,000, so I would envision a mod will run you altogether more.  The image of the piece doesn’t persuade it has a matte completion, yet its absolutely all black!

I could continue forever discovering instances of these top of the line pieces coated in dark DLC and sold for a few times their unique retail price.  And who is to say that the markup isn’t appropriate?  I’m sure it takes an exceptionally talented individual a considerable measure of time and exertion to play out these modifications.  As I’ve referenced, I additionally happen to truly like the vibe of a large number of these watches.  There’s unquestionably no scrutinizing the excellence of the Rolex Explorer II.

But there is something that appears to be extremely off about these watches.  Could it be that there isn’t an excess of imagination put into slapping a steel case with matte dark DLC?  Maybe.  And should it abandon saying that in the event that you truly need a boss all dark Rolex you should simply get a tribute and mod it for a small portion of the price?  I mean, how regularly can you truly wear a covertness dark watch into the office?

For me, what these watches all truly leave to be wanted is the feeling of imagination and creativity that you find in the DIY watch modding world.  With the vast majority of the mods by the companies recorded above, there’s nothing especially innovative or remarkable about their creations.  And, dissimilar to a considerable lot of the mods we’ve examined on the site already , none of them generally modify the personality of the watches they are based on.  I guess that bodes well, as the general purpose of a dark out Rolex is that you have recently that, a Rolex.  Not some anonymous secret brand that looks amazing.

At the day’s end, as delightful, boss and desire commendable as they might be, these watches are actually about accomplishing a look and status, rather than something genuinely unique.