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Watches on the Screen: White House Down

Watches on the Screen: White House Down

Instead of highlight an all around delivered film ( as we have done previously ) in this version of Watches on the Screen we’re going to investigate a watch included in a film set for a mid year discharge. Also, the watch incidentally turns out to be a worn&wound favorite.

The Movie: White House Down (2013)

We are into the blockbuster summer activity film season as we move through June. White House Down is one of the mid ones to commence the activity and tension. In the film, Channing Tatum plays US Capitol Policeman Jon Cale who is after his fantasy occupation of a Secret Service specialist securing the President. Shockingly he is turned down for the work by the Secret Service yet at the same time wants to show his little girl the White House. During their visit, the White House complex is taken over by a furnished paramilitary gathering. Entertainer Jason Clarke is the head of the gathering, Stenz, who should now be stopped by Cale before mischief can come tho his little girl or the President.

If the plot sounds recognizable, well, it ought to; there have been a few movies to come before with comparable premises. The overall layout is that of a hero out of nowhere push into a danger against an antagonistic gathering. Think Die Hard, Under Siege, Air Force One, and Olympus has Fallen which, curiously, is likewise being delivered in 2013.

Despite the recognizable story, the film seems as though it could in any case be a pleasant summer film to beat the heat.

The Watch: Bulova Hack Watch

The watch picked for Channing Tatum’s character is the Bulova Hack Watch, which we have covered here on worn&wound a few times before:

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So obviously we are devotees of the watch, and why not? It’s got an incredible, exemplary military look to it and has a sensible 40mm size. For somebody searching for a moderate military motivated watch they could do a ton worse than the Bulova.

Bulova isn’t one of the brands that one frequently finds in movies ; as such it is extraordinary to see this specific watch on the character’s wrist. For somebody nearby law implementation a quartz powered watch is always a fine decision, as no one can really tell what will happen to them in the line of obligation. Albeit a mineral or sapphire gem would hold up better compared to the acrylic in the Hack Watch. The stills from the film do plainly shows that Channing wears the watch on the underside of his wrist which will give a touch of extra protection.

The film is out in the US and Canada June 28th; abroad in Europe will get the film somewhat later in the year. Conceal this one as a film that, if nothing else, it will be enjoyable to get a brief look at the Bulova in action.

by James Enloe

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by James Enloe