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Why I Bought It: Kudoke Flieger Concept (KFC) | Quill & Pad

Why I Bought It: Kudoke Flieger Concept (KFC) | Quill & Pad

Until 2019, Kudoke was a moderately obscure, little, autonomous watch company situated in the town of Weifa in northern Germany among Dresden and the Czech boundary. Stefan Kudoke, proprietor and watchmaker, is very much perceived for his etching and skeletonizing abilities: his watches ordinarily have either an extravagantly engraved dial and skeletonized development or a skeletonized dial uncovering wheels, springs, and switches with perplexing engraving.

In 2019, Stefan Kudoke introduced the new Kudoke 1 and 2 watches during Baselworld. Taking care of the two watches, I imagined that they were totally different than the past skeletonized Kudoke watches I was acclimated with. Both the Kudoke 1 and 2 have straightforward, rich dials, the splendor laying in the completing and etching of the recently evolved development (made in participation with Habring2).

Apparently, I was in good company. In the August 2019 issue of GQ, Wes Lang, a contemporary American craftsman hailing from Los Angeles, composed an article on the Kudoke 1 , expressing, “Kudoke 1 addresses the apex of watch collecting.”

Then in November 2019, a couple group Stefan and Ev Kudoke were called to the platform at the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève’s honors service, regularly alluded to as the Oscars of watchmaking, to acknowledge the honor for the best watch in the Petite Aiguille class , which prizes watches costing somewhere in the range of 4,000 and 10,000 Swiss francs. Winning this honor presented to Kudoke some hotly anticipated exposure and has prompted more commercial success.

Unique piece Kudoke Flieger Concept (photograph politeness Kudoke/Peter Tung)

Visiting Kudoke: a discovery

During that Baselworld trip I had orchestrated a colder time of year visit with my two best watch companions, who are from Berlin and Prague separately. Toward the beginning of December 2019 we headed to Weifa, 90 minutes from the Czech capital. Kudoke includes a little workshop inside the family home that can accommodate three or four watchmakers. At the time we visited, Kudoke utilized one watchmaker from Korea.

After examining the new GPHG grant, Stefan exhibited his etching cycle for developments as we moved from one seat to another. At one of these seats, we saw a bizarre pilot’s watch with a skeletonized auxiliary seconds cutaway uncovering an intricately skeletonized manual winding Unitas development underneath.

I consider it an uncommon pilot’s watch since it’s anything but a conventional German flieger dependent on authentic models, but instead Kudoke’s translation of a flieger watch.

Cutaway little seconds dial of the interesting piece Kudoke Flieger Concept (photograph politeness Kudoke/Peter Tung)

Stefan Kudoke has a fondness for flieger watches, so he chose to make his own a flieger model in 2017. He needed to consolidate his customary skeleton work, yet not skeletonize the whole dial. So he planned the watch so a larger part of the dial had the run of the mill insignificant highlights of a flieger, however eliminated what might have been the auxiliary seconds subdial to uncover the extension and wheels of the movement.

While he was exceptionally satisfied with the outcome of the model, his emphasis was on the advancement of the Kudoke 1 and 2 at that point. Being a little privately-run company, need was given to the greater task. Looking back, it was the correct choice gratitude to the achievement that followed.

Due to absence of assets, the model flieger stayed only that and the venture was racked. Nonetheless, Stefan is as yet persuaded to make a Kudoke flieger in future.

Only used to be anything about this flieger at any point distributed – in Wristwatch Annual 2018 as a component of the Kudoke portfolio, where it is casually recorded as “Kurt.” As Ev Kudoke, who deals with most non-watchmaker obligations inside the family-run company, tongue in cheek reviews, Stefan needed to eternalize the flieger some place, which is the reason it tends to be seen there.

So this was a basically obscure erratic concept watch sitting in the Kudoke workshop, and my heart took off. However, . . .

Love from the outset sight

Kudoke’s model flieger was all consuming, instant adoration for me, anyway one of my companions on this outing had just examined the chance of procuring this watch with Ev, and I was past the point of no return in making my solicitation. Yet, I was glad that it was going to companion who might appreciate wearing the interesting flieger.

Unique piece Kudoke Flieger Concept (photograph civility Kudoke/Peter Tung)

Fast forward to mid-2020, and I got a public statement of another variety of the Kudoke 2 . I reacted to Ev, saying thanks to her for sharing the official statement and nonchalantly inquired as to whether my companion had gotten the concept flieger. Incredibly, she reacted that lamentably he had needed to pull out so it was as yet accessible. Is it true that i was intrigued? After a couple of Floss dance moves, I answered with an insistent all-cap YES!

Crown, drags, and case band of the remarkable piece Kudoke Flieger Concept (photograph graciousness Kudoke/Peter Tung)

Skeletonizing the Kudoke way

Before depicting the nitty gritty work on the development, I might want to reveal some insight into what propelled Stefan Kudoke to represent considerable authority in skeleton work and etching. He was first presented to skeletonized watches in quite a while mid twenties while working in Glashütte and was especially impacted by the extraordinary releases made by Kurt Schaffo for Glashütte Original. Stefan was interested by the filigreed designs and subtleties and started to show himself the specialty of hand-skeletonizing and engraving.

Two or three years of rehearsing and refining while as yet examining financial matters, Stefan chose to build up his own watch image. His first models were called Black Beauty and HS1. Later he grew more figural watches like the notable KudOktopus , which are more similar to little models inside the development with the emphasis on etching instead of building up an extraordinary development. Along these lines, Kudoke could combine his enthusiasm for unique plans with his handcraft to make small ticking bits of art.

Stefan Kudoke etching at his bench

On my Kudoke Flieger Concept, Kudoke originally sawed out all the parts from the Unitas development redundant for the soundness of the development. This is a careful undertaking accomplished with a smaller than normal watchmaker’s saw. It is additionally a laborious assignment since the cutting is done in equal straight lines as opposed to bended shapes.

Today most of sketetonized development components are removed by a machine. A machine-skeletonized development has adjusted edges since the processing shaper has round shape. At the point when you see sharp, straight edges, it was likely done either by a watchmaker or expert who prepared the corners by hand after the machine pattern was completed.

In hand-sketetonizing, subsequent to sawing out the development plate and extensions hints of the sawing cutting edge are perceptible. To eliminate these follows, the entire development is recorded. Documenting additionally helps fit as a fiddle of the extensions and development plate.

Back of the one of a kind piece Kudoke Flieger Concept (photograph kindness Kudoke/Peter Tung)

Kudoke needed to give this flieger a globule shot completion as a respect to verifiable World War II pilot’s watches, so the hardened steel case got a dab impacted treatment. Furthermore, the metal development plate and extensions were additionally dot impacted. After that the development components were electroplated with dark rhodium.

All the screws were thermally warmed to a beautiful dark blue color.

Finally, Kudoke carefully assembled a twofold sunlight based completion on the crown and wrench wheels. He additionally revised a portion of the completing on the development, so I accepted the open door to customize it with a “50” engraved on the fastener wheel out of appreciation for my 50th birthday celebration in 2020.

He hand-engraved the blue “50” on the fastener wheel, which included thermally warming the wheel to an ideal blue tone prior to applying the twofold sun oriented finish.

Lume shot of the interesting piece Kudoke Flieger Concept (photograph graciousness Kudoke/Peter Tung)

My flieger has huge wrist presence yet doesn’t gauge much because of the skeletonized development. The vintage-style painted numbers and hands are graced with a solid blue-conditioned Super-LumiNova, and the skeletonized auxiliary seconds dial gives my flieger the particular Kudoke feel.

I got the Kudoke Flieger Concept from Stefan and Ev Kudoke over lunch at their #1 steakhouse in Dresden. Because of the COVID-19 closures and travel limitations, that in itself required a ton of karma and perseverance.

During lunch, Stefan disclosed to me that he has not abandoned the possibility of a making another Kudoke flieger later on, yet with an alternate plan and maybe as a component of the Caliber 1 arrangement. I’m sure that it will come to fruition.

Stefan Kudoke likewise does completely tweaked watches, which you can discover more about by visiting .

Quick Facts Kudoke Flieger Concept

Case: 42 x 10.5 mm, hardened steel

Development: manual winding adjusted ETA Unitas type, 17 gems, 2.5 Hz/18,000 vph, 46 hours power hold, development measurements 36.6 x 4.5 mm, skeletonized

Capacities: hours, minutes, seconds

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