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Why I Gave It: A Pair Of Élégantes By F.P. Journe | Quill & Pad

Why I Gave It: A Pair Of Élégantes By F.P. Journe | Quill & Pad

In a previous article, I portrayed the convoluted process engaged with choosing a reasonable gift for MrsGaryG. On the event of that article, an important “birthaversary,” it brought about giving her a watch she’d appreciated for some time, the Petit Skull from Fiona Krüger .

But the Skull wasn’t the first piece I’d given MrsG; in fact, when she was as of late found out if she was a “watch authority,” she couldn’t remember a solitary watch in her possession that she’d really paid for herself. What’s more, yet, her portion of the safe deposit box is by all accounts filled with an assortment of watches!

I’ll come back later to how, and why, this possibly might have happened, yet for now how about we focus on two watches that I’ve happily added to MrsG’s assortment: a pair of Élégantes from F.P. Journe .

élégantes from F.P. Journe in titanium (left) and red gold

In the beginning

Well, perhaps it wasn’t exactly the start, yet it was the quite a while in the past season of Christmas, 2015 that MrsG’s first Élégante, the red gold form, advanced into our family. It seems like yesterday that Journe presented the first references of his women’s watch, yet that had been considerably before, in January of 2014, and MrsG had the option to truly investigate both the dressy gold rendition and the more utilitarian titanium/elastic encased pieces before she opted for the former.

A few discussions with my friends at F.P. Journe’s New York shop, and the watch was on its way.

F.P. Journe Élégante in red gold

Why she adored the F.P. Journe Élégante – and why I gave it

As you may envision, there’s a considerable overlap between why she cherished the watch once she had it close by and why I figured it would make an extraordinary gift.

First and foremost, there’s the matter of winding the watch – or all the more specifically, not winding it.

No winding vital: battery cover and circuit board, F.P. Journe Élégante

It’s just about a platitude that ladies don’t care to wind and set their watches. Be that as it may, there is often at any rate a bit of truth behind each banality, and for MrsG the demonstration of pulling out a watch crown and turning it around to wind her watch is similar to a few minutes of torture.

Happily for her, Mr. Journe’s vision of “what ladies need” incorporates a considerable battery behind the striped plate you find in the photo above. It powers a quartz development whose processor sits underneath the little heart on the circuit board saving power by utilizing a patented two-rotor engine to drive the principle hands separately from the little seconds.

On the wrist: if she keeps it on constantly, it will run for a very long time without another battery

If worn constantly, the watch would run for a very long time between battery changes. In any case, if you know this watch, you realize that there’s more: the little aperture at 4 o’clock uncovers a sensor that stops the development of the watch’s hands when it is not, at this point on the wrist, returning them to the currently right time (by spinning them either forward or in reverse, whichever is nearer) when the watch is placed back on the wrist.

F.P. Journe Élégante with development sensor obvious at 4 o’clock

MrsG likes that feature, and I likewise thought it was staggeringly precarious from a specialized perspective. The two of us love to see the hands returning wonderfully to the current time, and I love both the resourcefulness needed to consider such a system and this present reality benefit that outcomes: left unworn, the watch would function for a shocking 18 years before the battery should be replaced.

Anyone can make a quartz watch, yet just F.P. Journe was adequately shrewd to make an electromechanical timekeeper that its proprietor needs to keep an eye on perhaps three or multiple times during her lifetime of ownership.

Beauty and function: F.P. Journe Élégante

And it’s beautiful! The gold rendition is particularly, will I say, exquisite with its dark sapphire precious stone dial, gold hands, and differentiating dial encompasses; and the unmistakable, reserved Journe tortue case is quickly recognizable.

Its excellence is additionally practical, with different features including a brisk delivery elastic strap that in numerous lights looks more like silk yet that wears like iron and has “FPJ” waffling on the opposite to get a touch of air to the wearer’s wrist.

Reverse of F.P. Journe Élégante in titanium with snappy delivery elastic strap

Finally, the Élégante is a genuine independent timepiece: for those like MrsG and myself who have had the privilege to meet and know the main figures on the non mainstream watch scene, there’s genuine happiness in claiming one of their looks for oneself, and particularly for MrsG’s situation one that isn’t simply a reused men’s watch however a plan that was apparently imagined with her in mind.

Act II

As much as MrsG adored her first Élégante, after some time she turned into somewhat uncomfortable wearing it at her work as a veterinarian. Furthermore, when as of late at our neighborhood Journe seller we went over a titanium piece with its blue elastic bezel and case sides, iridescent white dial, and effectively discernible little seconds, she recollected for what reason she’d nearly opted for that rendition in the first place.

F.P. Journe Élégante in titanium

With this gift, I abused one of the cardinal standards of giving: MrsG specifically said, “Don’t accepting this watch for me!” However, as I’d just picked it up the week prior to her giving me that order, I figured I’d face the challenge and follow through with the gift. What’s more, presently we’re both happy that I did.

Crisp and brilliant: F.P. Journe Élégante in titanium and blue rubber

While the gold rendition is very readable, there’s nothing very like a white, radiant dial with dim, blued hands to guarantee that you’re generally ready to get a definite fix on the time.

Do you read me? Brilliant radiant dial, F.P. Journe Élégante in titanium

Does it sound good to possess a similar watch in two different case and dial tones? It’s truly not so unordinary: for example, there are folks out there who try claiming pieces like the Patek Philippe Reference 5070 chronograph or A. Lange & Söhne 1815 chronograph altogether of the different metals.

To MrsG, claiming two different Élégantes bodes well as the adjustments in tone and shading between her two pieces are emotional to the point that they appear to be completely different on the wrist. For the day, there’s the carefully crisp titanium, white, and blue.

Work before pleasure: spotlight on the titanium F.P. Journe Élégante

And when night moves around, the titanium watch can return into the safe, and its red gold modify inner self is prepared to play.

Queen of the evening: time for the red gold variant of F.P. Journe’s Élégante

So, for what reason do I give them?

Who doesn’t care for offering gifts to their spouse? I suppose that there are some out there who don’t, yet I’m positively not among them.

But why watches when there are such countless different things on the planet and MrsG didn’t begin as a watch fanatic? I’ll confess that there’s at any rate a touch of it that has to do with reveling my own craving to purchase increasingly more watches.

Over time, however, it’s become substantially more about having imparted interests and experiences to my wife, and building shared friendships along with her with the wacky authorities and inspiring makers who populate our little community.

It’s wonderful having MrsG as part of the group, and I wouldn’t need it some other way.

Hers and his: MrsGaryG’s Élégante and the creator’s Tourbillon Souverain by F.P. Journe

Is the Élégante directly for you?

MrsG appears to be very persuaded that this is a watch for her – times two – yet would it be advisable for you to go on the chase, either for yourself or for a friend or family member? I’d say yes if the prospective wearer:

  • Has an affinity for independent watchmaking and is searching for a fairly open section point.
  • Enjoys the functional keenness (and coming about practical benefits) of the Élégante’s specialized features.
  • Would love to contemplate the appearance of this piece as it beats from under her cuff.

On the other hand, there might be better decisions if the potential owner:

  • Has an exacting repugnance for electromechanical watches, regardless of how they are dressed up.
  • Prefers even more a unisex or even manly look in wristwear (in which case the later 48 mm titanium rendition of the Élégante may really appeal).
  • Is a lover of standard brands from major manufactures.

As consistently, I’ll anticipate your contemplations in the comments area, both on these watches from F.P. Journe and on the topic of gift-giving more broadly!

Parting shot: F.P. Journe Élégante in titanium and blue rubber

For more information, please visit .

Quick Facts F.P. Journe Élégante 40 mm in titanium

Case: 40 x 35 x 7.35 mm; titanium flat Tortue case enriched with cloisonné elastic supplements and two lines of precious stones

Dial and hands: brilliant sapphire precious stone dial place with external dial screwed steel components; blued steel hands

Development: electromechanical Caliber 1210 with patented two-rotor engine, committed processor, and low-consumption features; backup after 35 minutes still with restart and programmed time-setting when watch is put back on

Self-sufficiency: 8 to 10 years in every day use; 18 years in reserve

Functions: hours, minutes, little seconds

Price: starting at CHF 10,600

Production years: 2014 onward

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