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w&w Instagram Round-Up #12

w&w Instagram Round-Up #12” target=”_blank”>Instagram to keep awake to date on what we’re up to, what watches we’re taking a gander at and to be qualified for future giveaways. We additionally appreciate your support!

In no specific order:

tokyovintagewatchcollector and an amazing Seiko 6105

kots_ya and the straightforward, cool Luch One-Hander

stephenpurdon and an Oris jump watch

jtmainspring and a Bertucci field watch, in green

brewsandbarbells with a C Ward C8 on a Graphite NYC NATO

billguy_nyc and a vintage O&W diver

rivy_ and the new Maranez Bangla

btint and new Seiko chronograph

9nicolai and a vintage Omega

edasque and a vintage Heuer stopwatch