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Xicorr Circle Review

Xicorr Circle Review

Xicorr watches is another brand based out of Poland. Like G. Gerlach, who we evaluated as of late, Xicorr is centered around assembling locally in Poland, having intriguing plans and reasonable costs. While Gerlach makes watches dependent on exemplary plans and subjects, Xicorr goes for an altogether novel look. It’s uncommon to discover watches, particularly in this value range, that start ground up with their plans. Case, dial, hands, etc… were completely made explicitly for the watch. That’s not simply to say that the parts aren’t “off-the-shelf” (they are completely made in Poland), they are additionally totally different.

The first watch by Xicorr, which we’re exploring today, is the Circle . It’s a cutting edge sport watch with an unmistakable look that you wont find somewhere else. At the point when asked, the planner of the watch, Adam, revealed to me that the plan began with utilizing a standard size screw as a practical focus point. This motivated the jargon of circles utilized all through and, obviously the name. The Circle features a sapphire gem, a Seagull TY2130 programmed development and sticker price of 290 EUR or about $386.

Case: St Steel Movement: Seagull TY2130 Dial: White Lume: Yes Lens: Sapphire Strap: Leather and Silicon Water Res.: 100M Dimensions: 42 x 50mm Thickness: 12.5 mm Lug Width: 22 mm Crown: 6 x 4 mm Warranty: long term Price: $386


The steel instance of the Xicorr Circle is basic with intriguing subtleties, making it striking and mechanical. Estimating 42 x 50 x 12.5mm, it’s medium measured and proportional. Given the plan of the watch, had it been bigger, it would have been domineering, more modest and it would have lost effect. The overall shape is clear; the middle is round and hollow with straight sides and straight drags. From the side, the case development shows up really intriguing. The bezel and case back, the two of which have delicate inclines, reflect each other giving the case such a “saucer” shape. The hauls at that point have an odd enunciated shape that is adjusted toward each path. In spite of the fact that somewhat incoherent, they look great and underline the fundamental segment of the case.

The star of the plan is actually the 6mm wide bezel. For one thing, it’s exceptionally wide, giving the watch some required mass. Second, it’s studded with 12 M1,6 hex head screws, each positioned is a little space. The screws appear to not exclusively be tasteful, yet additionally secure the case together. What I especially like about this is that the screws add enhancement while expanding the nerd, modern suggestions of the watch. It likewise serves to grow the dial, as the screws are lined up with the hours, along these lines making them a record of their own.

At 3.5 is a little, strangely molded push-pull crown. It’s an adjusted tightening plan such a looks like a mushroom. It has spaces cut into the side for hold, however generally speaking I discovered it genuinely hard to get a handle on. Once maneuvered into position, it’s adequately simple to turn, it’s only difficult to pull out in any case. To the extent the plan goes, it’s intriguing however somewhat out of the blue. I would have expected something with screw-like details.

The case back is an impression of the front of the watch, complete with screws, however no showcase. The primary 6mm are actually equivalent to the bezel, with a slight slant and 12 tightens spaces. The middle is then a scratched plan with different insight regarding the watch. The plan here is cunning, using the “circle” logo, where the vast majority of the subtleties are with a curiously large “c”.

Overall, the case is exceptionally solid and professional. There is no genuine completing at all, yet every line and edge is fresh. The screw detail is a particularly pleasant touch that adds surface and complexity to the plan, just as a remarkable aesthetic.

Dial and Hands

Hit or miss, the dial of the Circle is interesting, with a basic realistic style. The hour list comprises of roundabout applied markers with cleaned edges and dark fill. At 3, 6 and 9, the circles are bigger and at 12, the circle becomes a more extended opening shape. In the middle of the hours are dark lines for the minutes/seconds. The markers all sit on a spotless white surface, making them stick out. The applied markers are especially pleasant and have an unexpected presence in comparison to a commonplace printed dark circle would. The cleaned edges likewise gleam a piece and add some texture.

Writing is restricted on the dial, just comprising of a little Xicorr logo, “automatic” and “made in Poland”. The Xicorr logo, which is strangely positioned somewhere in the range of nine and ten, features an applied X accompanied by printed text. While having a lot phrasing on a dial is extremely irritating, having too little can be somewhat off-kilter. The size and arrangement of the content makes huge open spaces of white that vibe unfilled. Separating the space a piece is a date window at 3.5 (in-accordance with the crown) that is a little circle with a steel edge. I was happy to see that the language of the markers was proceeded in the plan of the window, however I wish it was somewhat further away from the list as it feels a packed close to it.

The hands of the Circle are fun and extraordinary. The moment is a long space shape with dark filling and a cleaned edge, while the hour hand is a dark circle that is broadened away from the middle by you cleaned swaggers. Two hands are about a similar length, however look altogether different, so there isn’t disarray when taking a gander at the watch. The second hand is a flimsy cleaned stay with a little circle and a hint of dark fill towards the very tip. The hands work effectively of proceeding with the proper language of the dial, while not getting so odd as to be incoherent or unattractive.

The lume on the Circle is, nothing unexpected, extraordinary and fascinating. The entirety of the dark filled territories, this incorporates the markers and hands, are really lumed. At the point when charged or charging, they become a medium to dull green tone. This makes for an abnormal impact when you are outside and the watch gets some immediate daylight, as they abruptly look nearly turquoise in shading. As you would expect, dark lume isn’t the most grounded, however it isn’t awful all things considered. It never gets splendid, yet it endures a fair while in obscurity. When sparkling, the watch likewise is exceptionally cool looking, taking on somewhat of an alternate character. Unexpectedly you just see a progression of coasting circles and slots.

The dial territory is tiny, estimating just 30mm in distance across, so the bezel attempts to extend it to the edge of the watch, offsetting the extents. I really wound up viewing at the screws on the bezel as much as the markings on the dial. Together, they make for an appealing dial that blends obvious realistic and intense mechanical components. Despite the fact that initially it probably won’t appear to be a game watch, the roughness of the bezel in addition to the readability of the dial bodes well in that context.

Straps and Wearability

The Xicorr Circle comes with two 22mm lashes, one cowhide and the other silicon. The cowhide tie is thick dark calfskin of nice quality with intriguing sewing. Along the edge are two columns of string, white outwardly, dark within. This makes for an energetic look that plays off of the rough components of the watch while drawing out the white dial. As an alternative, the calfskin is embellishing and bold.

The silicon, be that as it may, is a smidgen more intriguing as I would like to think. It’s thick and dim with a delicate and lovely surface. The plan of the lash is genuinely basic, however it a few formed shapes that make it more refined than a straightforward section. The medium dark shading functions admirably with the steel and white dial, sitting elsewhere on the dark white range. As a watch with a particularly “modern” edge, the elastic simply appears to be suitable. The materiality of the elastic likewise plays off of the modern components for the situation plan. All things considered, the elastic sticks a piece to the skin, so it is periodically uncomfortable.

On the table, there are a great deal of bizarre things going on with the Circle that probably won’t bode well, yet once on the wrist, everything comes together. The size is just about awesome. It’s solid and manly, while adequately slim to not feel cumbersome. Given the extents of the bezel to the carries, it sits on top of the wrist, wearing more like a lugless plan. I truly loved the size on my 7″ wrist, and I trust it would function admirably on wrists bigger and smaller.

Though unusual, the looks are perfect and charming. The screw-studded case has a ton of essence. However while sticking out, doesn’t feel showy or tasteless. The nonpartisan shadings make coordinating the watch to garments genuinely simple. I especially enjoyed the manner in which it looks with grays and blurred blues. All things considered, the distinct current tasteful is somewhat bizarre and likely wont work on everybody, except you presumably definitely know whether this is something you can pull off.


The Xicorr Circle conveys very well on execution and positively scores focuses for innovativeness. It’s a troublesome plan that wont appeal to everybody as it is current and doesn’t allude to realized watch styles, yet is effective at what it’s going for. Style a side, the case is incredible and a feature of the watch. I could see this case being utilized as a mark of the brand for quite a while as it’s fun and extraordinary, yet tough and manly. The dial, while fascinating, is somewhat less fruitful because of some off-kilter design, however is by the by well made.

For the value, the Circle offers a great deal as far as inventiveness and construct quality. The Seagull development inside may cause stop for a few, yet we would say has run well. Seagull and other Chinese made mechanical developments are becoming considerably more common at this value point, so this appears to be really reasonable. Thinking about the case, dial, hands, etc… are novel plans and made in Poland, and the watch features a sapphire gem, under $400 is a decent value.

By Zach Weiss