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You Are There: 2018 November Geneva Watch Auctions And Grand Prix d’Horlogerie De Genève | Quill & Pad

You Are There: 2018 November Geneva Watch Auctions And Grand Prix d’Horlogerie De Genève | Quill & Pad

As our ordinary perusers know at this point, a portion of my watch buddies and I have made it a normal practice to journey to Geneva for every year’s November watch sell off end of the week, do some offering, and maybe get back with a fortune or two.

Treasure chasing: a Vacheron Constantin triple schedule sold at the Phillips Geneva sell off, November 2018

For me, the current year’s outing was significantly more unique than on past events as I was profoundly respected to serve alongside Quill & Pad supervisor in-boss Elizabeth Doerr on the jury of the “Oscars of watchmaking ,” the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève (or all the more just, GPHG).

The result was an eight-day stretch loaded up with watches, companions, and fun; and you’re thusly welcome to follow along essentially for a review on the occasions of the week.

Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève 2018: casting a ballot day

After a Sunday appearance and supper with companions, Monday was the day on which the GPHG jury met to consider on the 12 classes of designated watches and to choose the champs of a few exceptional honors (see Complete List Of Prize Winners In The 2018 Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève ).

The 2018 GPHG jury on democratic day, with the creator at focus back (photograph civility Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève)

It helped a considerable amount that I definitely knew a large number of the individuals from the current year’s jury, and I immediately felt comfortable with different members and wound up intrigued by the jury individuals’ degree of readiness. The discussions at the tables as we considered the gatherings of watches were energetic however considerate, and I changed my going-taking into account how to rank the watches in a classification more than once during the day dependent on the contributions of my colleagues.

On show: a presentation of the creator’s Carpe Diem clock and the competing plans from understudies at HEAD Geneva

One component of the diversion for me was that at the Geneva Musée d’Art et d’Histoire , where we met and at which the finalist watches were in plain view, there were two different displays in which I was straightforwardly involved.

The previously was a room where my Carpe Diem clock from the 2017 Only Watch sell off was in plain view alongside the entirety of the proposition that the understudies from Geneva’s HEAD configuration school had submitted during the challenge that chose the clock configuration really executed by Agenhor.

The second was a bunch of montages of the month to month finalists in the 2018 Watch Photo Awards; I was satisfied to have had two of my entries chose, including the picture of my Patek Philippe Reference 5170P seen at the left edge of the photograph below.

Watch Photo Awards finalists in plain view at the Geneva Musée d’Art et d’Histoire, Geneva November 2018

As the difficult day found some conclusion, I felt sure that we’d worked things out completely and trusted that the consequences of the mysterious balloting supported my confidence!

Into the Swiss open country and back again

Tuesday gave a chance to drive out to the Val-de-Travers, around an hour and a half from Geneva, for a little while with an old friend.

Always a treat: preparing to ring the doorbell at Kari Voutilainen’s atelier

There’s very little that I can uncover right now about my encounter with Kari Voutilainen other than to request that you stay tuned for a couple of months for the consequences of one little undertaking that his group is taking on to change a watch you’ve seen here before.

And, obviously, you can never educate when some underlying insights concerning dream watches imparted to a talented free watchmaker like Voutilainen will bring about a future “Why I Bought It,” however time will tell.

Back in Geneva for Wednesday, I got together with the first of my California watch buddies to show up and we made a beeline for Patek Philippe’s Geneva salon to get a hotly anticipated piece: a Reference 3940P with a super uncommon blue dial and 2018 inception date, made as a component of Patek Philippe’s Vintage Collection program had practical experience in assembling little quantities of watches from ended references utilizing new-old-stock cases and developments and never-seen dial and hand combinations.

I’d committed to purchasing this piece completely a year prior however had postponed taking conveyance until I stirred up the nerve to offer another most loved watch to raise the required funds.

More detail in a future “Why I Bought It”: Patek Philippe Reference 3940P blue dial “Vintage”

We likewise started our arrangement of visits to the sale sneak peaks, looking at captivating watches like the Patek Philippe split-seconds chronograph Reference 1436 from 1947 at Phillips that at last sold at CHF 372,500 including purchaser’s premium.

Patek Philippe Reference 1436 at Phillips Geneva, November 2018

A genuine feature of Thursday was an encounter with Christian Selmoni, style and legacy chief at Vacheron Constantin. While there, we had the chance to appreciate treasures including pocket watches made for American industrialist James Ward Packard and King Fouad I of Egypt (see Give Me Five! Vacheron Constantin’s 5 Most Complicated Pocket Watches Ever ).

Vacheron Constantin legacy: pocket watches made for James Ward Packard (frontal area) and King Fouad I of Egypt

We were likewise treated to a look at a splendid new watch loaded with cosmic complications, Vacheron Constantin’s exceptional Les Cabinotiers Grand Complication Phoenix.

Feeling great: Vacheron Constantin’s exceptional Grand Complication Phoenix with ceaseless schedule, condition of time, and dawn and dusk indications

Show day: GPHG 2018 and somewhat of a detour

Friday night was the large one: the honors introduction during the current year’s Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève .

Along the path to the show, however, there were more sale reviews to join in and a snappy gathering with two of my extremely most loved characters in the watch world, Tim and Bart Grönefeld. You can anticipate a “Why I Bought It” toward the beginning of January 2019 on the Grönefeld 1941 Remontoire they brought for me that day, however until further notice here’s the upbeat scene just after the formal handoff.

Horological Brothers and companion: getting a 1941 Remontoire from Bart (left) and Tim Grönefeld

I’ve recently thought here on my perspectives on the jury’s generally welcomed determinations for the 2018 Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève ; what will truly remain with me from the night are the associations I had with the candidates and champs and the human scenes that worked out all through the evening.

It was an honor to accompany amazing watch teacher Antoine Simonin (who instructed, among numerous others, the Grönefeld siblings at WOSTEP) in introducing the Chronometry grant to Pierre Jacques of De Bethune for the delightful (and chronometrically precise) DB25 Starry Varius Tourbillon .

Give that man a hand: Pierre Jacques (left) of De Bethune acknowledges the 2018 GPHG Chronometry grant from the creator (right) and Antoine Simonin (photograph graciousness Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève)

It’s consistently enjoyable to see our Elizabeth Doerr up in front of an audience at the GPHG function, and this year she and our companion William Rohr were in fine structure as they introduced the Innovation grant to Krayon for the Everywhere .

Elizabeth Doerr (right) and William Rohr (focus) having a great time at the 2018 GPHG as host Edouard Baer looks on

Each year, the primary year understudy at l’Ecole d’Horlogerie de Genève who has accomplished the best grades gets an honor during the GPHG service. Furthermore, the exceptionally unique touch for the 2018 version was that the honor was co-introduced by 97-year-old Georges Dubois, my neighbor in the crowd who got a similar differentiation 75 years ago.

Dubois enchanted the group with his comments, and at the end gave champ Christopher Lanz a magnificent blessing by guaranteeing him (as heard through the concurrent interpretation), “Your decision of this calling will bring you extraordinary happiness!”

Watchmaking past and future: Georges Dubois and Christopher Lanz, top Geneva watchmaking understudies of 1943 and 2018 respectively

If you were in the room, you’ll probably always remember Aurel Bacs’ recovery style presentation of the Special Jury Prize to Jean-Claude Biver: a practically meandering starting that prompted a staccato, quickening rhythm of words (Omega . . . Blancpain . . . Blast . . . Huge . . . Enormous detonation . . . ) that based upon itself with expanding power until Bacs called Biver to the stage in the midst of an eager overwhelming applause from the crowd.

Just as wonderful was simply the profoundly passionate acknowledgment discourse by Biver himself, in which he discussed the questions that have driven him all through his vocation and offered profound thanks to his better half and his team.

I’ll always remember it: Jean-Claude Biver (highlighted at left with hand to confront) during Aurel Bacs’ animating presentation of the Special Jury Prize at the 2018 GPHG

On to the auctions

As the end of the week drew closer, my buddies and I turned our consideration vigorously to the different sell-offs, looking at many extra watches face to face and jotting notes in anticipation of select bids.

A top pick of mine at Christie’s was a “pre-reference” Model 10 from Patek Philippe made in 1909 with dial and case back engravings in English as opposed to French and a genuine presence on the wrist. It ultimately sold well over its assessed range at CHF 81,250.

Object of want: Patek Philippe Model 10 at Christie’s Geneva, November 2018

At Phillips, I appreciated heavenly watches including a perfect Patek Philippe Reference brief rehashing ceaseless schedule in platinum that turned into the top parcel of that bartering at a little more than 1,000,000 Swiss francs.

Million-dollar child: Patek Philippe Reference 3974P at Phillips Geneva, 2018

And while condition, extraordinariness, and the names Patek Philippe and Rolex on the dial keep on driving uncommon costs at closeout, a portion of the lesser known references and less flawless models from those two creators performed close or at the bottoms of their reaches while some free watches shone.

For model, a minty Vianney Halter Classic went for 50% over its high gauge at an exceptionally solid CHF 37,500; and an awesome however not great (in my view) F.P. Journe Souscription Tourbillon Souverain dramatically increased its high gauge to come in at CHF 468,500, a lot to the joy of the dear companion situated to my correct that night who was wearing his own mint-condition Souscription piece (see 8 Rare Timepieces By Independent Watchmakers Featuring In The Phillips November 2018 Geneva Auction for additional on these two).

Big night for F.P. Journe: Souscription Tourbillon Souverain at Phillips’s November 2018 Geneva auction

I offer on, however didn’t win, the flawless Vacheron Constantin Reference 4240L at Phillips appeared in the main photograph in this article yet continued through to the end in my quest for a triple schedule from the brand and was compensated with a success by means of truant offer for a Reference 4560 on a coordinating gold arm band at Tuesday’s Sotheby’s event.

Coming soon to the “Why I Bought It” arrangement: Vacheron Constantin Reference 4560 from 1952

For some such seven days in length inundation may seem like watch over-burden, however I’ll admit that I’m now thinking ahead to one year from now. Kindly don’t hesitate to share your own closeout wins and misfortunes in the comments beneath. What’s more, until sometime later, glad hunting!

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